Hi, I’m Amy.

I’m a shamanic practitioner, and I help people work together with the spirits of the land they live on to create more vibrant and abundant surroundings for themselves, in benefit of the earth.

The problems of the world can feel a bit large these days, often making us feel small. I ask myself, how can I make an impact? Do the little things that I do even make a difference?

In short, YES.



The earth is the one thing we all have in common and we can have a profound impact on the natural world by working with what we already have, where we already live. We are surrounded by an incredible number of unseen forces who are waiting to work with us.

They will tell us how we can improve the earth right where we live, all we have to do is ask. And when we start working together with the spirits of the land, magic begins to happen.

Old, stagnant energy is cleared out, grandmother and grandfather trees take their places in protecting your home, gardens flourish, wildlife returns, and the ecosystem can be restored. Even on a tiny patch of earth in the city or on an apartment balcony.

The spirits are not just aware of our presence and actions, but are waiting for us to join them in healing the balance between people and the earth.

We can do it. And it matters.


I grew up on a farm in rural northern California and, like most of my friends, was happy to move away from that lifestyle the second I turned 18. I wanted to live in town (even a small town) where there was more to see and do but the call of the natural world continued. I majored in Plant Science but after a few years and a few internships working in the rice and tomato fields, didn’t really see a career path that seemed appealing to me.

I left college and got a job, and ultimately ended up working in hospitality sales and marketing. For 15 years. It was a great career that allowed me all the trappings of contemporary life: a house in the suburbs, a nice car, vacations with friends.

But I wasn’t happy. It wasn’t what I wanted. I wanted a piece of property to work with. We looked and looked but couldn’t find what we wanted in our budget. We thought about building on my parent’s property – and for three years helped them work their land, including starting a lavender farm. But we never found a way to make it work without keeping our jobs in the city, which meant there was never enough time for the farm and they ultimately decided to sell it and move out of state.

Through all of these years however, I gardened. From plastic window boxes on my apartment balcony, to a much too shady suburban backyard. I felt the need to have my hands in the dirt and watch my plants grow.

It was in this shady backyard that I had my first up-close-and-personal experience with a hawk. And then another one in a park while out for a walk. There was one brought into the vet’s office as I was receiving bad news about our dog’s health and then suddenly – they were everywhere I went and everywhere I looked!

It was far too many hawks to be a coincidence so I set out to figure out what it all meant – not quite realizing that I was awakening to a spiritual journey.

As the journey continued, meditation became a regular part of my practice and I suddenly began to feel the pull towards “pine trees and water”. It was time for us to move, but I didn’t know where. I thought it might be in Colorado, where we would have family nearby. I kept my eyes and ears open, not quite sure what I was looking for.

Suddenly, one morning only two months later, I saw it. A job posting for the exact job I currently had, but for the lodges in Glacier National Park. Montana. A place I had never even visited. I knew this was no coincidence either.

The pieces fell into place far too easily, and only three months later, through endless tears and gripping anxiety, we had quit our jobs, sold our house, and moved to a state we’d never seen where we didn’t know a soul. And it was the best thing that’s ever happened to us.

I’ve continued my love of gardening in Montana, getting a plot in the community garden lottery in our first summer here and studying for my Permaculture Design Certificate. But the path to home (and property) ownership has not been easy.

Three and a half years (and three rental homes) passed before we found our perfect piece of property and built a house. And I now have more or less of a blank slate to begin working with the land here.

I have already learned so much from the spirits of the land here, and I’m looking forward to creating a beautiful oasis alongside the trees and animals and energies present and sharing my stories with those of you who are on a similar journey.

Join me.

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