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Hearing Songs in Dreams

I wake up with a song in my head. Every single day. EVERY single day. I can usually pinpoint where it came from the day before: playing in my car when I got home from work, overheard it on a TV commercial. I really never thought much about it and assumed it happened to everyone. …

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What do you do if your guides tell you there is a spirit attached to you?

Receiving Guidance in a Dream

  *I always dream in italics. I dreamt of a bookstore / spiritual store with lots of people milling around. As I was looking at some Native American items someone behind me said “What happened to you?” I said “nothing big, just lots of little things” She asked me to sit down and said that …

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My first dream about a mountain lion.

Mountain Lion Dream

I dream about mountain lion a few times a year. This time, I dreamt I was in a parking garage and looked into the bed of a pickup truck.  When I did, I saw a mountain lion that appeared to be dead.  It immediately jumped up and looked back at me.  I was frightened and …

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