Restorative Healing Session with the Spirits of the Land

The spirit world that exists on a particular piece of land can be incredibly complex, with layers of energies happening in a multitude dimensions and times. When there is an energetic issue, trauma, or a dark spirit running amok, it can have far reaching implications and is often felt by the human and animal inhabitants of a place.

During these sessions, I tune into the energies present, peel back the layers to see what’s happening and work with my helping spirits to clean up and restore the delicate energetic balance on the land.

Often times, the issue is affecting a much larger area than just your home or property, so collaborating with the spirits to do this healing work can improve the vibration of your entire neighborhood.

Some of the issues encountered in these sessions include removing dark or low vibe spirits, making energetic changes to the land to improve energy flow, closing problematic portals, cleaning up residual energy or trauma, and working in ceremony with the ancestors of the land to resolve old contracts or curses.

All of this work is done with permission and in partnership with my guides and the Spirits of the Land.

The Spirits of the Land where you live request and arrange these sessions by telling you directly, showing you my website in a search result, or making you increasingly aware that there is an energetic issue that needs to be resolved.

I have a specific guide who is the head of a kind of “complaint department” in spirit. When there is an imbalance that needs to be resolved, the spirits can bring their issue to his attention and then they will work to get your attention to book a session. They find a way to connect you to me.

Although the work we do is primarily for the land itself, anyone who lives on the property will likely feel a significant improvement to the energy there after the work is complete and you may be given additional instructions to help maintain the energy there moving forward.

I have three of these healing sessions available each month. They are done remotely and you do not need to be available. The day and time you book is just a placeholder for the month the healing will be done. Once I complete the healing, I will provide you a full report of the work done.

Cost: $300

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