Property Reading with the Spirits of Your Land

No matter where you live, whether your rent or own, there is land beneath you and spirits around you whose job it is to help care for the area. Learn more about who shares the land where you live.

A reading for the land is very similar to one for yourself. I will ask to meet the keeper of the land, any ancestors present, grandmother or grandfather trees, and ask what messages they have for you.

I’ll also do an energetic scan of the property, looking for any issues that need healing. Hurt, pain, or trauma that is lingering on the land can stick to the area energetically, and gunk it up, interrupting the natural flow of energy.

Your land spirits will also provide homework for you to keep your property in harmony and energetically balanced going forward – it might be a crystal grid, a ceremony, or a specific offering.

Learn more about these readings here.

These readings are done remotely. You select a time for me to do the reading and I will provide a full report in writing within 72 hours of the designated appointment. You do not need to be available during the time selected.

Cost: $125

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What clients say about their readings:

I recently entered under contract to purchase my very first home after years of searching (the market is kind of insane in my area). I understand that buying a house is an everyday occurrence. However, I am a habitual nester — I’ve dreamed of owning my own home since I was 5 years old,​ obsessively ​playing with my Fisher Price house. Home is everything to me​ — a sacred space, a restorative sanctuary, a welcoming space for friends and family.​

After Amy’s property spirit reading, I not only felt reassured that I’d made the right decision but also ​felt ​more in tune with the keepers of this tiny speck of land that I will soon inhabit. They know I’m coming and are making preparations themselves! I yearn to breathe some life into the property and ​found Amy’s reading incredibly helpful in knowing what the land needs to keep the good energy channels flowing so we can prosper together.
 – Lacy

Without knowing the history of the land, Amy picked up on things there is no way she would have known. Her reading of my property was so personal and right-on, and validated every reason I was drawn to it in the first place. The report is clear and concise, and I have a list of things to do to keep the spirits happy. The work Amy does is fascinating and incredibly useful.

 – Katie

Many thanks to you Amy for satisfying my curiosity and elucidating the reasons behind my concerns with my recently purchased home and land. Your property reading put all of the puzzle pieces together and gave me the tools to communicate with the spirits of the land…I learned so much from you!

Your healing work has allowed my dogs to confidently venture into my backyard. I will continue to follow your recommendations to maintain the balance and harmony of my property. Your insight is amazing and very much appreciated!

 – Kim