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We don't talk much in our culture about what happens when we die, which means we have a whole lot of stuck, confused spirits who don't know how to get to the other side. Click through to read all about what actually happens when we die, and how we can help get spirits to the other side.

What Happens When We Die

In our culture, we grow up being taught that nobody knows what happens when we die. Which also means we have a real problem with dead people who don’t actually know how to get where they need to be once they no longer have their bodies, which means they’re still here in the land of …

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Sometimes people book a haunted AirBnB on purpose and want to experience ghosts. But when I booked a house for a retreat, the last thing I wanted was pesky spirits. But that's what we got. Click through to read about our experience and how we cleared them out. #ghosts #energywork

Removing Spirits from a House

Okay, look… I know there are people that book haunted Airbnb’s on purpose. They have no interest in removing spirits from a house. And in the right setting, it might even be a little fun. But when you’re hoping for a warm, welcoming, relaxing retreat environment for a group of people to enjoy as a …

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Haunted Houses and Unfriendly Land

Is My House Haunted?

After last week’s encounter with Daniel Boone, I wasn’t really sure where to go next. Do I keep working through the list of Kentucky properties that were suggested to me? Is this whole project really about my own ancestral healing and education? I wasn’t really sure so I decided to wait and see where I …

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