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Sometimes people book a haunted AirBnB on purpose and want to experience ghosts. But when I booked a house for a retreat, the last thing I wanted was pesky spirits. But that's what we got. Click through to read about our experience and how we cleared them out. #ghosts #energywork

Removing Spirits from a House

Okay, look… I know there are people that book haunted Airbnb’s on purpose. They have no interest in removing spirits from a house. And in the right setting, it might even be a little fun. But when you’re hoping for a warm, welcoming, relaxing retreat environment for a group of people to enjoy as a …

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Haunted Houses and Unfriendly Land

Is My House Haunted?

After last week’s encounter with Daniel Boone, I wasn’t really sure where to go next. Do I keep working through the list of Kentucky properties that were suggested to me? Is this whole project really about my own ancestral healing and education? I wasn’t really sure so I decided to wait and see where I …

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Fall | Autumn | Equinox | How to welcome the fall equinox.

How to Welcome the Fall Equinox

Happy Fall everyone! Can we all agree that fall is one of the best seasons of the year? I mean, I strive to love all of the seasons the same and not play favorites, but after a hotter and smokier summer that I would have liked, the fresh air and crisp colors in the trees …

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