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How I Learned I Was an Earth Grid Keeper

This wasn't something I talked about to anyone for a long time. Because it’s not the kind of thing you take a class for, pass the test and then get a certificate so that you can then say for certain…I am a Grid Keeper. And it's certainly not anything my friends or family had ever heard of.

Let's be honest…it wasn't something I'd ever heard of either. My guides told me about it.
And that led me to Google.

But when I googled that phrase, I ended up 27 search pages deep with only vague references or mentions to grid keepers, grids, ley lines, vortexes and cities of light but nobody was just breaking it down for me. 

You either seem to KNOW what the heck a grid keeper is, or you don’t.

So I slowly started piecing it all together on my own.

And it was slow going. Like, two years of my life slow.

My guides started showing me grid lines all over the valley where we live. They took me to a vortex in meditation (that took me a ridiculously long time to realize was a place I could actually visit in my town).

They began giving me symbols and asking me to place them in specific locations in order to balance the energy flow. And showing me how I could move energy stored in the earth into the grids.

But they were big on images and short on words. 

As I now understand it, grid keepers are like individual crystals tuning the earth's frequencies and adjusting the energy flow in certain areas.

And the more I've shared this story, the more people I've found who have had similar experiences. The tasks or instructions from your guides might be different, but if you're being called to work with the healing energies of the earth, you just want to know you're not alone. And you want to know you're not actually crazy before you mention it to someone else.

You're not.

I share my stories here to remove some of the mystery and fear you might be feeling. 

This is a safe place for us to remember together what we already know.

We've done this before. And we're being called to do it again.

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