My name is Amy and I believe in the healing power of the earth.

Although much of my childhood was spent working in the astral realms, not walking in the woods. 

I had very unusual dreams compared to most of my friends and talked in my sleep in a language nobody could understand.

I was going to school during the day here in my human body and teaching classes at night in my spirit body.

And yep, it was exhausting. I used to fall asleep in my daytime classes all the time!

My guides tell me now that I was doing my astral work while waiting for linear time to pass. For my body here on earth to grow up and for me to be on the right timeline to do the work I'm doing now. 

All I knew at the time was that I never really felt like I was in the right timeline or at the right age. I didn't quite fit in anywhere and I wasn't sure where to find the other people like me.

But I was certain that I had a purpose for being embodied on the earth at this time.

I knew there was more to life on earth than what we were being taught. 

I just didn't know what to do about it.

So as the years passed, I accepted the roles I thought I needed to play. I went to college, worked my way up the ladder in corporate jobs, got married and bought a house in the suburbs.

It never felt right.

And then in 2008, a series of strange encounters with hawks sent me off on a spiritual journey of healing and discovery that ultimately led to my husband and I both quitting our jobs, selling our home, and moving to Montana, where we'd never been and didn't know a soul. 

Shortly after moving, the pine trees in my neighborhood started speaking to me and teaching me how to work with their energy.

Before long, the knowledge that had been locked away for my work in the dreamtime started flowing to me when I was awake.

I started meeting the Spirits of the Land who taught me to work with grids and portals and timelines and more.

And I began to understand how our human bodies are inherently intertwined with the energies of the earth. 

That although our home may be somewhere in the stars, we are embodied here on earth in this lifetime to learn and heal and grow alongside Gaia. A beautiful, sentient being that is our mirror.

As I began my earth-side education, I started sharing my stories online, thinking of it as a personal journal to record my experiences. But then something surprising started to happen.

People were finding my stories and writing me to say that they were having them too.

For the first time, I didn't feel so alone on this journey. I was finding my soul family.

If you're here, you're part of that extended family too. And I'm so happy we've been reunited!

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