Montana Portals

When we found and purchased the five acres we now live on in the fall of 2016, it was clear it had been waiting for us. Nestled up against the Swan Mountain Range outside of Kalispell, Montana – it didn't make sense that it had been on the market for as long as it had been at the price it was listed for.

Now it all seems clear.

Although there was very little energetic energy here after the entire area was logged decades ago, the spirits of the land slowly started to return as we began to build our house and then, about a year and a half after moving in, I was asked to open a portal.

Shortly after that, I was shown six more that also needed to be opened, calibrated, and connected. And was asked to be the Portal Keeper here, which I agreed to and continue to do.

I shared the entire story here.

As I have continued to work with the land, the portals, and the energies that use them, I have begun to learn their unique vibration. And they've asked that I share this information publicly for others who wish to work with them.

Each portal has its own frequency and will align or call to individual people who also connect with that frequency. You may be asked to visit and work with one or more of them in meditation or perhaps even in person.

They each have a different color and connect with a different chakra of the earth. When they were first opened, each was claimed by a different group of energies, but their intent was to connect them, open them up to be used by other high-vibration beings, and then share them.

As time has gone by additional doorways, structures, beacons, and protective webs have appeared or been built on the land here by a variety of beings in other dimensions. I'm not always included in the details or planning and have been told that they do this work here because the work I have done has made it safe for them to do so.

All of these experiences happen outside of space and time and there is much we can learn and experience by working with these portals. It is likely you will reconnect with your personal star family who will help you to remember your mission here on Earth.

Depending on how you journey here, you may meet one of the many guardians on the land who will help guide you to where you need to be. Please use these portals with the utmost intention, integrity and respect.

It is an honor to share them with you.

Portal #1 – Yellow

Yellow Portal | Montana Portals

When this portal first opened, it was claimed by the Pleiadians. But they want to make it clear that it doesn't “belong” to them. This portal is their gift and all are welcome to travel and collect wisdom here.

Guided meditation with this portal.

Portal #2 – Red

Red Portal | Montana Portals

This is a very interactive portal and I'm often asked to use the vibration of this portal to do timeline work with a group of beings who call themselves the 9th Collective. Multiple people have experienced a connection to Orion in this portal.

Meditation and activation with the red portal.

Portal #3 – Green

Green Portal | Montana Portals

This portal is primarily tended by the elementals and earth spirits. It's an incredibly busy portal routinely used by many different beings.

Portal #4 – Blue

Blue Portal | Montana Portals

The Blue Portal is a bit of a climb to reach and tells me that it is “on high”. It's tended by the angelic beings who say that you can use it to visit higher dimensions. They ask that you come in peace.

Portal #5 – Purple

Purple Portal | Montana Portals

This vibration at this portal is very different than most of the others. It's tended by the green men / bigfoot / trolls. They want us to know that it's very quiet in this portal and they don't want a lot of traffic. Beings are welcome to visit if they are quiet observers.

Portal #6 – Orange

Orange Portal | Montana Portals

The Orange Portal is tended by the Brotherhood of the Light. They say that intentions must be completely pure to use this portal and it is to be used for the highest level work only. This portal can feel friendly and light or eerie and foreboding from one visit to the next. You'll feel if this is an energy you're connected to work with, or not, at any given time.

Portal #7 – White

White Portal | Montana Portals

The large rock sits on top of the White Portal which is connected to God / Source / Universal Consciousness. All wisdom is available in this portal including the Akashic Records or Library of Knowledge. The energy of all of the other portals connect into this one and a beacon of light shines up into the universe from this spot. If you do visit this land in person, this portal loves to be honored and for offerings to be shared.

I always love to hear about your experiences with these portals. Feel free to message me at [email protected].

If you're interested in learning more about opening, closing and tending portals, I've written an e-book that you can find here.

If you're interested in visiting in person, please see the Airbnb listing here.