Energy Portals: A Guide to Working with Earth’s Energetic Gateways

Up until late last year, I really hadn't worked much with energy portals.

But there was a spot on my property that had been making itself known to me since we moved here a year and a half ago.

But I couldn’t figure out why.

It would show itself to me in my meditations.

I could feel energy present when I stood there.

But I couldn’t get any information about it. Sometimes I would go stand out there and say…WHAT?!


Then, in mid-December, I was sitting on the couch, watching TV, not thinking about anything, when I suddenly had a vision of my spiritual friend Amar and I teaching something together.

Uhh, that was weird.

So I texted her to tell her and what she texted back was even weirder.

She’d seen the exact same thing in a dream the night before, but hadn’t told me about it. Okayyyyyyy.

So, what were we supposed to do about it?!

Over the next few days, we found out. Kind of.

We each started channeling the information coming to us and then comparing notes. It was the same. Or we each had the missing pieces from the other person’s details.

Nothing like this had ever happened to either of us before.

She happened to be in the middle of packing up the loft in Sacramento that she’d lived in for 10 years, without a plan of what she was going to do next. And it was suddenly becoming very clear. She was being sent here to Montana….but why?

Suddenly, the spot on the property began calling out to me again. Now it really wanted my attention. And it was ready to talk.

“Find a large amethyst and bring it here”, it told me.

I did as I was told.

“There’s a portal that needs to be opened here”, it told me.

Holy cow. A portal?! Here?!?!

“Yes. And the two of you are going to open it and work with it.”

Over the next two weeks, the details began to trickle in. I was to teach Amar what I know about working with the spirits of the land and she was to teach me what she knows about sound healing. And we needed to do this work together, on my property.

In a matter of three weeks, Amar sold 90% of her belongings, packed the rest into an RV she bought for $2000 on Craigslist and headed for Montana, not sure how long she was staying or what would happen next.

The information I had received was that she was to come here, initially as a calm and quiet place to rest after a few crazy months. But then we had a job to do.

I kept asking for more details and my guides finally said, “It will make sense when it makes sense”.

Very funny.

So, while Amar was still packing up her loft back in California, I went out to this spot on the land on the winter solstice to do a small ceremony. I took a candle and my little singing bowl and collected the amethyst that I had left out there the week before.

As soon as I stood in that spot where I had been feeling something energetically for the past year and a half, I felt woozy.

Something was up.

I lit the candle.

Closed my eyes.

And called my guides to join me.

Then, I took a deep breath and suddenly received the message.

It was time to open the portal. Now.

“Wait, aren’t Amar and I supposed to do this together?”

“Nope. It’s your job to open it first. Do it now.”

“Uhh…is that safe? Am I going to be overrun with spirits with an open portal? I’m not sure I know what I’m doing.”

“It’s safe. Just do it.”

Everything after that just flowed.

I reached my hands to the sky, allowed the universal energy to flow down into me and then knelt on the ground to send it into the earth.

I followed the instructions I was given to open the portal.

And then suddenly, I was inside of it.


It was a golden yellow color and other beings were just kind of floating past and around me.

My guide then had me merge with the portal and informed me that each portal has a gatekeeper and I am in charge of this one. I get to decide what comes and goes in this space, my home.

And then, just as quickly as it had begun, it ended.

I was back on the land, standing under the tall trees, wondering what exactly had just happened.

Somehow, I didn’t feel comfortable just walking away and leaving it there. Open.

So I recited Sandra Walter’s Gatekeeper Decree, asked a bit of my higher self to stay behind and keep an eye on things and concluded the ceremony.

I was instructed to return before dark to collect the candle after it burned out and recite the decree one more time, which I did.

I knew that everything was about to change…I just didn’t know how.

After the solstice, things got quiet over the holidays.

I walked out there every few days and could definitely feel the energy, but there were no requests.

No new instructions.

Amar and I were both getting the message that the spirits were just waiting for her to finish up her preparations to come to Montana and didn’t want to distract us in the meanwhile.

Two weeks passed.

And then, one afternoon in the first week of January, I felt a bit odd.

I couldn’t quite put my finger on it and tried to continue on with whatever work I was doing.

Suddenly, I got very dizzy.

I couldn’t walk a few feet without feeling like I was going to fall down.

Was this vertigo?

I decided to lay down in bed.

And immediately fell asleep.

When I woke up, I felt a bit better. Until I tried to stand up.

Nope, still there.

Laying down was fine, standing up….not so much.

I drank a bunch of water.

Used my essential oils.

Grounded my energy.

Nothing was working.

I finally decided to take a salt bath with oils and that seemed to do the trick.

While in the bath, I received another download.

The portal was calibrating my energy to its energy in advance of the eclipse that was happening the next day, and the work we would soon be doing.

I informed it that it didn’t need to be quite so dramatic. I did have other things to do in life and I didn’t appreciate being knocked out for an entire afternoon.

It apologized.

But it was a clear sign of what was to come. I needed to be purified and my vibration needed to be lifted to do this work.

This was only the first of the physical effects.

And the naps. So many naps.

A few days later, Amar left California and our adventure together was about to begin.

She arrived after three days of driving a 30+ year old RV through inclement weather, so we didn't want to rush right into energy work.

For a couple of days, we rested.

We stopped by a local crystal shop, although we weren't sure what we were looking for.

But Amar figured it out pretty quickly.


Seven pieces.

Kyanite is one of two minerals on the planet that neither accumulates nor retains negative energy, so it never needs to be cleansed.

We didn't know that at the time.

Or how exactly we were going to use them. But they definitely wanted to be involved in our work so we brought them home and waited for our instructions.

After a few days, we walked out to the area on the property where the portal is located.

Amar was overwhelmed.

“It's SO BIG….and yellow!” she said when she first saw it. “Can you see it??”


“But I can definitely feel it…”

We stood there for a few minutes, but the energy was intense.

Much more intense than the last time I had visited only a few days before.

It was spinning wildly and we started feeling loopy pretty quickly.

We decided to continue along the trail to head back to the house, but we didn't get far before we were hit with another wall of spinning energy.


“Is there another portal here?”

“Sure feels like it.”

This one was smaller and even more chaotic.

By now, we weren't feeling so hot.

We were dizzy and nauseous and quickly headed back to the house to get some distance from the energy.

On the way back to the house, Amar detected a “door”.

I asked my guides what it was for.

“Why don't you open it and find out.” they said, in a silly way.

Very funny.

I wasn't about to mess with a door, on top of the portals, so we left it alone.

We got back to the house and both had to lie down and take a nap.

Once we felt a bit better, we decided to channel some information about what was going on.

Amar felt like the kyanite needed to be hung from the trees, which was the message I received as well.

The portal energy needed to be calibrated.

It was spinning wildly (as we had experienced) and we were told that it needed to be balanced before it could function properly.

The kyanite would align and balance the energy.

Once that was complete, we were to sit inside the portal with our own individual pieces of kyanite and ask that our energy be aligned with the frequency of the portal.

We completed this work over two days.

First, we hung the kyanite.

We wrapped each stone in a small, clear plastic bag to protect it from the weather, tied a piece of yarn to each bag and hung them from trees around the portal area.

We could feel the energy shift and settle down almost immediately.

Returning to the house, we knew things were about to get interesting.

But that night was truly incredible.

There was a full-on spirit party happening at the portal.

It was like everyone suddenly knew it was safe to come out now.

And they did.

Ancestors and elementals and entities from other worlds.

They were all there.

We actually sat outside on the patio, all bundled up, enjoying the party from a distance.

While sitting outside, a very specific spirit made himself known.

I wasn't able to get his name, but Amar felt like it started with an H.

Hwakala, we later learned.

However, we both could tell exactly what he looked like.

He was a very old native spirit wearing just a loin cloth. He had a very large staff and his aura was a very distinct color.


He revealed himself to us as the protector of the portal and asked if I would allow him access on the property to perform his duties.

I agreed.

He returned to his post and the party continued late into the night.

The next morning, the energy on the land was calm.

But it felt really good.

Happy, even.

We had done a good thing, but our work was just getting started.

In the previous day's channeling, I had been told that there were a total of seven portals on the land here that connect with the seven chakras of the earth.

I have to be honest. I had no idea what that meant.

However, we were told that we were to switch all seven of them on to activate other portals in other locations.

It was my job to locate these portals and open them.

Once that was done and they were all functioning properly, we could open the door we'd found.

I was told that the large yellow portal is very ancient and will allow the wisdom of the Living Library to flow into the earth.

We were also warned that there were entities who will want this information who don't have the best intentions.

The portals need to be maintained.

They must continue to function properly.

Our new friend Hwakala must be allowed to keep the property secure.

Then we were told that there is a stone needed to anchor the energy in each portal.

Amar had these stones and knew right away which ones we needed and what portals they connected with.

And strangely, I realized I already knew where each of the portals were located.

However, it was mid-January.

There wasn’t too much snow on the ground but it was definitely frozen.

Digging the stones into the ground wasn’t really an option but we weren’t sure how to place them so I could find them again in the spring and bury them then.

We finally decided to put them into mason jars and just set them inside the middle of each portal.

There wasn’t much fanfare or ceremony involved, but we could definitely feel the energy shift after placing the stones.

That evening, Amar was told that she needed to channel some additional information.

In that session, she was told that she needed to expand her belief just a bit more.

Which is funny, really.

She is incredibly connected to the upper realms: the heavens, ascended masters and the like.

And she was very forcefully told….that’s not all there is.

It was time for her to start believing in beings from other planets and other dimensions.

When she told me this I kind of laughed.

Wait, you don’t believe in those things?!?

I guess we hadn’t discussed it before.

As it turned out, there was a reason her guides needed her to believe.

And that was going to be clear very soon.

She was also told in this channeling that it was important that we draw a map of the portals on the property.


The message was very insistent. And had been repeated to us multiple times.

This confused me.

What the heck are spirits going to do with a paper map?

Am I supposed to print a stack and leave them at the door to the portal?

I didn’t think so.

We decided to wait a little longer before making the map.

In the meanwhile, Amar was supposed to do a healing session with me to help further connect and calibrate my energy to the portals.

We only did half of the healing work because there was so much energy it would have overwhelmed me all at once.

As it was, I napped most of the afternoon afterwards.

We decided we could finish the healing work the next day.

But even the first healing seemed to open the floodgates.

“My people” all started showing up.

Not just the human ancestors, but many from other realms.

Ahhh….so this is why we needed to believe.

It started getting really busy here on the land.

Everyone was respecting our boundaries and staying out of the house, but it was like a convention on my front patio.

Every time I looked outside, there were more and more arriving.

It looked like the waiting room on Beetlejuice.

So many entities.




For the map.

The following day, we did the second half of the healing, and then decided that it was time to draw the map.

I planned to print out a Google map overview of the land and just draw the portal locations on it.

But I wanted to take a shower first.

And while I was in the shower, it suddenly hit me.

I understood the map.

It wasn’t something to be drawn on paper.

Each portal was “claimed” by a different group.

And they wanted to share how to access each portal with each other.

It was like the United Nations.

They were all negotiating some kind of interstellar agreement and wanted me to write down the instructions.

Umm, sure. Okaaaaaaaay…

I quickly finished my shower and explained the process to Amar who said:

Umm, sure. Okaaaaaaaay…

Just kidding.

Kind of.

So we headed outside with a notebook and pen, a container full of birdseed for offerings, and no clue how this was going to work.

We walked out to the large, yellow portal, shared the offering and waited.

Pen in hand.

But then, I was given a series of symbols and was told that they were the “key” to unlock the door.

This portal is connected to the Pleiadians and the message was that the portal is their gift. All are welcome to travel this portal and collect its wisdom.

I wrote it down.

We walked to the second portal. This one is smaller and red.

I stood and waited again before being given another set of symbols or keys.

It was claimed by both the Pleiadians and the Arcturians and had a celebratory feeling.

At the third, green portal we were told that this is the busiest portal on the property.

It's cared for by the elementals and earth spirits and they asked that it be treated with care.

It's very fragile but already being used by many beings.

We were starting to get the hang of how this was going to work now.

Each group was giving instructions on the use of their portal, along with the access keys to the other groups.

How cool is that?!

The fourth, blue portal is tricky to get to. I had to scramble up a steep incline. With snow on the ground.

So I suppose it shouldn't have been a surprise that the “highest” portal on the property belongs to the angelic beings.

In fact, they said that it was “on high” and could be used to visit higher dimensions and heaven.

They asked that others come only in peace.

The other three portals are on the opposite side of the property from the first four.

Behind our house is the purple portal and it was claimed by the green men, bigfoot and trolls.

They said that this was a quiet portal. They don't want a lot of traffic here, but will welcome other beings, so long as they are quiet observers.

I realized that in the year and a half we've lived here, this is a portion of the property I haven't visited much. It always felt like it wanted to be left alone.

Now I know why!

While I was collecting this information at the purple portal, I started getting a weird vibe. Like, a mountain lion was watching me kind of vibe.

I looked up in the trees and turned in a circle looking very closely. But I didn't see anything.

I've always been told that mountain lions will see us much more often that we will ever see them. And I got a little spooked.

I climbed out from this portal location and headed to the next one, but now Amar was nervous too. She wanted me to hurry up and I was a little uneasy about closing my eyes and tuning into spirit when a mountain lion might be watching me.

So I worked quickly at the sixth portal, the orange one.

Large, white shiny beings stepped forward. Different than angels but I couldn't quite get what they were since I was moving quickly.

They did say that only those with pure intentions would be able to use this portal. It is for the highest level work only.

I made my notes, scattered the birdseed offering, and scrambled back up to the road.

No mountain lion sightings. Whew.

The seventh and final portal is right in front of my house. In fact, we dragged a large rock right on top of it last summer.

I didn't know it was a portal at the time, but I did ask the rock for permission to move it and I remember it being VERY happy that I had put it on display in that location.

Now it all makes sense!

This is the white portal and is connected to God / Universe / Source energy.

I was told that all wisdom is available to us here and this is where you can access the Akashic Records / Library of Knowledge.

We later learned that this rock in this portal is the “key” and can be used to activate and deactivate all of the portals present here.

I've had to go to some trouble to keep this rock clear and the energy flowing as our record snowfall the past month keeps burying it.

When we finished documenting the “map”, I realized that the information wasn't really for us at all.

While they wanted us to write it down, it was really for the use of all of the beings involved.

We humans can use the portals to travel or learn, if we'd like.

As we came back to the house, the next step in the process immediately popped into our heads. There was someone else we needed to speak with.

A friend of Amar's who we knew could tell us what we were supposed to do next.

We immediately sent her a text but it took us a few days to catch up with her, but when we did, we knew why.

She had already received a download with our next set of instructions.

There were literally thousands of spirits “stuck” on the land and in the general area around our property.

Stuck in the trauma of the damage of the land over generations.

I know the entire area was logged at some point and I have spent the last two years that we've owned the property inviting the spirits to return.

This piece of land has been one of the most spiritually “quiet” places I've ever experienced.

But not peaceful, quiet.

More like, everything is absent and missing from the land quiet.

A little eerie.

I'm not sure what else may have occurred prior to the logging, but spirits of all kinds have withdrawn from this area and it's taken some effort to even speak with them, let alone convince them that I'm a trustworthy human.

So now we had two things we needed to do.

First, there were a whole lot of spirits who needed help to cross over, which took a few days to accomplish.

I first called out to any spirit that could hear me to come closer.

Then, we (along with our helping spirits) opened an ENORMOUS door, asked them to get in line and move on into the light.

Most went willingly, but there were SO many that it took days.

And some needed extra coaxing and encouragement.

I should note that we had some very specific protective boundaries set for the house so there was no funny business in our living space.

Well, there wasn't at this point…

In the meanwhile, it was a little overwhelming to see and sense how many spirits were hanging around.

Once they'd transitioned, the energy was so much lighter and happier and we were able to focus on the remaining spirits.

The actual ancestors on the land.

For the next phase of work, we needed to significantly raise the vibration of the land.

Our friend explained that a high “love” vibration needed to be in place so that the energy here doesn't swallow us up.

The vibration of love is incredibly healing to us all.

Humans, spirits, Mother Earth.

She suggested that we use the Hawaiian prayer Ho’oponopono.

If you're not familiar with it, in its simplest form it means:

I'm sorry,
Please forgive me,
Thank you,
I love you.

It is a practice of forgiveness and reconciliation.

A cutting of cords forward and backward in time.

And then she told us that the chant needed to be repeated on the land for 24 hours.

I'm sorry, what?!

How would we do that?

“Teach the spirits to do it”, Laurel said.

TEACH them?!?

“Yes, gather them together, explain what you need them to do, teach them the chant and ask them to continue chanting for 24 hours”.

She explained that while we spend a lot of time asking spirits what to do, often times they are looking to us for answers as well.

We should ask them to help us with healing work like this.

She also suggested we put a recording of the prayer on a computer in the house and just leave it at it's lowest volume to reinforce the chanting spirits.

So that evening, Amar and I put the YouTube recording of the prayer on loop on an old computer and laid the paper map of portals on top of the keyboard.

She checked to make sure we'd finished crossing over the spirits while I gathered the ancestors together and explained what the plan was.

They all nodded in agreement and began to chant.

We sent reiki and love and enjoyed the intense happy vibes for a bit before heading to bed.

24 hours later, things were feeling realllllllly energetically good.

So good in fact, that we weren't ready for the chanting to stop.

We let it go on for two more days.

When I woke up on the third morning, there was a tall native man standing outside my bedroom door.

Not the same one from before.

When I woke up all the way and checked in with him, he thanked us for taking care of everyone on the land.

He is one of the keepers of the land and it has been his job to take care of everyone, but once the portals were open, it had become uncomfortable for all of the spirits who hadn't transitioned to stay.

“We are partners in this work here on the land”, he told me. “You on earth and us in spirit”.

He gave me some additional instructions on caring for the portals and then headed back into the trees.

It seemed like our initial work was complete.

Everything was peaceful and quiet on the land and we weren't receiving any additional instructions.

And then, in the middle of the night a few days later, Amar woke up to a spirit pulling the blankets off her while she was sleeping.


A giant storm had blown in that week.

The kind of winter storm you might expect would be normal in Montana.

And in some parts of Montana, it is.

But not here.

So when a huge storm with frigid temperatures, a foot of new snow and 50 MPH winds blew in, we took notice.

Or rather, took cover.

As the winds blew outside, the ancestors seemed nervous.

Hwakala, the protector guide, was walking the perimeter of the property, keeping watch.

But we didn't receive any information or instructions.

I slept just fine that night. Amar, not so much.

The next morning, the storm had passed, but the next step in our work had begun.

Amar said that she was certain someone had been in her room the night before.

She woke up to a tap on her shoulder, but nobody was there.

And she heard someone outside her window shout her name.

But she couldn't get a read on who it was or what they wanted.

We both tried to tune in during the day and I definitely sensed them.

It was a couple. A man and woman.

They were young and he was wearing sunglasses.

They looked like characters right out of West Side Story.

And they seemed like they were looking for some fun.

As soon as I turned the lights off to go to bed that night, there they were… standing in the corner of my bedroom.

I couldn't quite figure out what their deal was, but I wasn't too concerned about them because we had some pretty serious energetic security in place.

So I sent them outside.

But they came back. And were back standing in the corner of my bedroom when I woke up.

I asked Amar if she could see them.


She thought they looked like I'd punished them and made them stand in the corner.

Yeah, well…I'd told them to beat it.

So they knew they shouldn't be there.

But we still couldn't figure out who they were or what they wanted.

When we went to bed that night, they weren't in my room.

I thought maybe they'd finally moved on.


They'd moved onto Amar's room.

And pulled the blankets off of her in the middle of the night.

And shouted in her face.

Uhh, yeah…..these were ghosts.

Suddenly, she realized there were ghosts EVERYwhere. The property was covered.

After all the work we'd done to clean things up, somehow, we'd gotten overrun.

She worked with her guides through most of the night to reopen the door and start crossing them over.

If we'd thought there had been a lot to deal with before, it was so much worse now.

It was the middle of the night, I was asleep and Amar wasn't totally sure what she was dealing with.

So she shut down all of the portals, put a protective cloak on the property and went to bed.

I had a full day of appointments and meetings the next day, so other than comparing notes and realizing that we had a problem, I couldn't help to figure it out right at the moment.

So Amar sat down to get some more details.

The first problem?

There was a hole in the large yellow portal.

The storm had disturbed the kyanite grid, which lowered the protective energy around the portal.

That allowed a whole bunch of lower vibration entities to pour out of the portal and onto the land here.

She left the cloak on and the portals closed down until we could work on it together.

This was another lesson for us in portal-keeping.

Apparently we couldn't just be told about what could go wrong, we needed to experience it and resolve it for ourselves.

So we know what it feels like.

We were told that when we were back together, she could remove the cloak and then we would need to joint channel the rest of the information.

Joint channel?

What the heck does that mean? How do we even do that?!

We didn't know. But we sat down together, each with a notebook and pen.

Amar said that we needed to check in with the protector spirit, Hwakala.

I found him, head down, kind of shuffling around outside the yellow portal.

He was very upset and felt like he'd let us down.

He was supposed to be in charge and this had happened on his watch.

I let him know that it was okay but that we needed him to tell us what he needed to keep the portals and the property here safe.

Because we couldn't have this happen again.

“More protectors”, he said.

Each piece of kyanite around the yellow portal needed it's own protector. And every portal needed protectors.

“Okay, do I need to call in the protectors or can you?”, I asked him.

“I can do it”, he said. “I just need your permission”.

I checked back in to see what Amar was getting since she was scribbling in her notebook as fast as I was.

“What did you find out?” , I asked.

“He needs more protectors”, she said.

Uhh, okay. Did we just joint channel that?!

Apparently so.

So we tuned back in and let Hwakala know that he was in charge of security and could call in as many protectors as he needed to keep everything safe and functioning.

And BAM!

An army assembled.

They spread out and took their stations.

A ring of protectors appeared around the perimeter of the property, arms linked.

And two GIANT protectors appeared on either side of the driveway with battle axes that they lowered over the entrance to the land.

We let Hwakala know what was expected of him and his security team and he accepted the responsibility.

Then, we were told that these portals would need weekly maintenance to ensure that they continue to function properly.

Which makes sense.

If we can get that overrun that quickly with one small hole, you can imagine how unmanaged portals become a real problem on a piece of land over a long period of time.

We were also told that we needed to write a step-by-step instruction manual for working with portals.

So that's in the works.

And you'll be able to learn how do this work if you're being called to do it or have a problem that needs some help.

As it became clear that our time together in Montana was coming to a close, Amar was beginning to wonder how long her road trip was going to be.

This project began in California in January, but how long would it continue?

I checked in with my guides to see if they could share any insight.

They said that each of the seven portals belongs to a different person and they each have a pair in another location.

In other words, the big yellow portal is “mine” to care for, but there is another one it is connected to somewhere else in the country, or perhaps the world.

Amar is to hold the collective energy on her physical journey to each location.

We have to continue to work together, and as a group, with those who are also connected to this work.

Maybe that's you??

But, as per usual, we don't ever get allllllll of the details up front. Dang it.

Furthermore, we were both told on more than one occasion that week that it was time to make a choice to truly be in service to our spiritual work and trust that our needs will be met.

*deep breaths*

They've also begged us to write this story.

Nearly 6,000 words on these portals in this post, plus another 5,000 word instruction manual.

So, as we got down to our last few days together, the last few items on our checklist from spirit fell into place.

In fact, we finished them only a few hours before Amar hit the road for her next leg of the trip.

We still had to open the door we’d found on our initial walk of the property.

And Amar had been told that she needed to send a beacon, or signal when all of our work together on the property was complete.

A signal to who?

We weren’t sure.

But probably everyone who was supposed to see it was going to see it.

So, we sat down in quiet meditation together and in a matter of moments it was complete.

The dimensional doorway opened.

And each portal linked up to the main portal in front of the house and a column of light shot up into the sky.

A beacon.

It was beautiful.

And we were both overwhelmed with emotion.

Our work was done. For now.

And it was time to part ways.

For now.

Our work together will continue, but we get the impression that it will begin to build on itself.

Learning how to do the portal work is only the first step in learning how to work with the energies of the earth.

Want to learn to work with portals yourself? Get our step-by-step guidebook on working with the earth's energetic gateways.

Portals are a normal part of the earth's energy system. My guides taught me how to open and care for them. Click to read the story of how I found and opened seven portals on my property.