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Energetically Working with Mountains

I've written on a few occasions about working energetically with mountains, or rather, one mountain in particular. But after I posted on Instagram earlier this week about another mountain that I connected with, I received a lot of questions about how exactly I do this and I realized that more than once I have said….well, it's kind of hard to explain!

I started energetically working with mountains after a mountain showed me how to do it, which makes it kind of strange to explain with words. So I decided to sit down and ask for more information and details on the process from my guides since there seems to be lots of you drawn to mountains (I understand!) and interested in working with their energy.

The first thing to appear to me was my mountain, Columbia Mountain, who I was so happy to see but who informed me that our work together was done. After two years of learning with this beautiful mountain, most of which included me saying….I don't understand….what are you trying to show me?!?!….as our work began with her repeatedly showing me grids and symbols with no other details….I have apparently learned what is needed from her and it's time for her to leave me as a guide. I actually needed a moment to have a little cry before we parted ways.

Then, I asked to speak to the highest being of the mountain spirits to learn how to connect and work with mountains. By the way – this is something I recently learned from Lizzie Rae Rose about how she creates flower essences. If you want to speak to a specific flower (or tree or mountain, in this case), you can speak directly to them. But if you're asking a more general question like…what does the essence of this flower help support…then you want to talk to the “highest being” of that species. Otherwise, it's like asking me or you what it's like being human – we'd each give a very different response! So, I figured that was a good approach for asking about general mountain energy.

When I asked for that spirit to join me, a little wisp of air appeared. Not a big, strong, muscled spirit like I expected.

However, this spirit had plenty to share about connecting with mountains. I channeled three notebook pages worth of information so I'll try to outline it in a logical way for you here.

First, I was told that we need to understand that mountains are very old and large with deep energy.

Their energy moves even slower than that of trees or plants so we need to be a little patient at our communication. Not all of them like to be disturbed or want to interact with us humans so we should always ask permission before setting foot on a mountain.

Stand at the base of the mountain (in reality or in meditation), ground and protect your energy, and then wait until you receive permission. Permission from a mountain will feel more like a knowing than hearing an answer. Likely a warmness in your heart.

I asked about the idea that not all mountain spirits are friendly and was told that there are mountain spirits and then there are all kinds of different spirits who live in or on a mountain. These are very different things and this is why grounding and protecting your energy is so important before beginning work. Not all spirits are worth interacting with.

You should always be prepared with an offering for the spirit of the mountain when visiting a mountain. I received a lot of information about offerings and asked why this was so important. Offerings are apparently very important to mountains specifically (I've repeatedly been told to make offerings at Columbia Mountain). The spirit said that often mountains need encouragement to work with humans. They are generous beings but prefer reciprocal relationships.

So what kind of offerings are appropriate?

Flowers, crystals, cornmeal, and tobacco were all suggested. Crystals specifically can help tune energy on a mountain. You can also collect flowers on the mountain and then offer them in a special way (however you feel called). They specifically said not to offer seeds.

However – a word of caution here: Please be conscious of where you are in the world when doing this. Although the mountain spirit may be fine with all of these offerings, if you're in a National Park or protected area, at least here in the US, it is illegal to take or leave anything in a park. That includes picking flowers. Please follow the rules set forth by whatever location you are visiting.

So what can you offer in a protected area? Your prayers. They are incredibly powerful and much appreciated by the spirits.

What kind of work should you expect to do with mountains?

Earth-based work, of course! Mountains receive, hold and balance huge amounts of energy that pour onto the earth every day and are happy for some human help with this work. Our human bodies are able to translate this energy (which I've written about before) but this time I asked a few more details about what that means.

The spirit said that our body chemistry can process the energy – we're like a yin to the mountain's yang. The energy needs to be held by the mountain so it's not just zipping all over the planet bonking into everything it touches, completely out of control and unusable. So the mountains can pull it down and hold the potential of this energy. Then, we can consciously absorb this energy. It will enter our blood stream and become usable for us. And understanding chemistry is where I hop off this train. LOL

What is this energy that's coming to earth?

The spirit shared with me that these are specific ascension codes that are coming to earth, like keys to unlock our DNA. Each one of us will have to use the key to unlock the codes ourselves. I said – but what if someone doesn't have a mountain nearby to work with? The spirit said: Everyone knows a mountain. Go to one in person or find one in your mind.

But how do we actually do it?

This is where it gets tricky for me to explain. In my case, once I have permission and greet the mountain, I kind of spontaneously grow as large as the mountain. I asked why this happens and was told that it is so we can see that we are all one. We may be different and have different skills, but we are all equal and we need to understand that. It helps when we are the same size as the mountain to feel like we are equals.

So, once I am as large as the mountain, I lay my hands on the mountain and absorb this energy, the codes. It will run through your body, then you can focus on grounding it back into the earth, through your feet or by turning and placing your hands on the ground. (By the way, this all happens in a journey in my mind, whether I am present at the mountain or not).

When we are absorbing and grounding this energy, I'm told that we become like tuning forks. We're emitting a healing tune out into the universe that is sensed over a great distance. When we shift to grounding the energy into the earth, the tone changes, and you are sending that energy deep into the earth and affecting many organisms, elementals, earth spirits, and the earth itself.

It's also a kind of signal call that helps link our energy to others around the globe doing the same work. We're creating a healing grid and the more people that are doing this, the faster the earth can make the shift into the next dimension. I was told that this work is how we (humans and every sentient thing, which is everything), is healed so that we can make the shift.

So now what?

The mountain spirit was pretty insistent with me at the end of this meeting. He said that it's time for us to consciously live as one now. We cannot pretend that each of our actions are too small to matter anymore. Every action we take is a big one so we need to choose carefully. He then asked me to share this information with others.

I have to be honest, it took me a little time than normal to come back to myself after this journey. I was intensely thirsty and a little loopy from all of the information. After the mountain spirit departed, I checked in with my guides to see if there was any “clean up” work we needed to do, which is usually the case after land healings or readings that I do, but they said instead that the mountain had offered me a very special healing and that my energy was glowing.

So, if you're feeling called to work with a mountain, don't be nervous. They are full of immense healing for us all and the work may actually be necessary to heal ourselves and the earth who has endured so much for generations. I'd love to hear about your experiences with mountains – leave a comment or send me a note!

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