Can Land Hold a Curse?

Last week I wrote about how trees can help heal a piece of land after a trauma has happened there, based on a question I asked my guides about a Netflix documentary I recently watched. Well, apparently this is now my second (of two) posts based on my TV watching! Well, actually not even my TV watching as this question came about after hearing about a particular show.

It's called The Curse of Oak Island. Have you heard of it?

It's about a little island off the coast of Nova Scotia, Canada where a pirate in the 1700's may have buried his treasure. Or it may be the final resting place of the holy grail. Or be hiding Marie Antoinette's jewels, or manuscripts proving that Francis Bacon was the author of William Shakespeare's works. Who knows. But you get the idea. And any number of people have been digging on this island since the early 1800's looking for the secrets held by this island.

Legend says that seven men must die before the treasure will be revealed. This is the curse the island holds.

This show is currently in its fifth season and I had never heard of it before a couple of months ago. When I heard the story, my feeling was that the land was complicit in the curse in some way, but perhaps it didn't have a choice. I actually tried to watch the show twice but almost immediately fell asleep both times – I was definitely getting the message to keep my distance and not get sucked in.

I was curious to know more, but didn't think it was a good idea to connect with the land itself. I decided to ask my guides what they could share with me about the property and the curse.

They said that it is the spirits within and upon the land that are cursed, or rather, entranced. Not the land itself. Greedy people placed the curse on this land and they understood how to do it and how it would work.

The spirits present are continuing to follow their orders as instructed.

I asked about breaking the curse and was told that it could be broken, but not by the people living and working there. Everyone who has participated in the treasure hunt has added to the spell, making it even stronger over the centuries. Paying it additional attention only adds to the negative energy present (and is likely why I wasn't even able to watch an episode from afar). My guides shared that the land is being damaged by the treasure hunting and so it, and the spirits there are not able to do their work.

Love is needed to release the spell.

I asked if there was anything I could or should do to help and was told that I could if I wanted to, but it would only really serve as a learning opportunity for me. I cannot break this curse on my own and I would have to be careful not to give any additional energy to the spell.

In order to shift the energy there, very intense love energy will be needed to balance the negative energy it has attracted for so long. Furthermore, the television show has only attracted even more of this negative energy, making the job even more difficult. However, the energy of love is so much stronger, so fewer people are needed to hold this vibration to help tip the scales.

In the end, I decided to wish the property well and keep my distance. As healers of any kind, sometimes the most important question to ask ourselves when confronted with an issue that needs healing is “Is this my job to do?”. My guides were clear that it wasn't my job, although I could use it as practice if I wished. That being said, it is clear to me that land, or at least the spirits of a particular place absolutely can be entranced or cursed. I'm guessing this lesson will come back to me at some point in the future on land that it will be my job to work on.

So, what are your thoughts on this? Have you watched this show or encountered land holding a curse? What did you experience? I'd love to hear from you.

Can Land Hold a Curse?