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Transfer Energy to the Earth’s Grid

If you've been following along with my stories for any length of time, you've probably read my post about being a grid keeper. I'm still learning more about what that means – mostly when the mountain in my town gets insistent about me doing something. Lately it's been to transfer energy to the earth's grid.

But the short answer is that I'm somehow able (with my humanness) to tune or transfer bits and pieces of the earth's energy to help keep the energy balanced in my particular area. As far as I can tell, there are people doing different versions of this work all over the world.

I've been living right next to a large mountain that, along with my guides, has been teaching me about this work for the past year and a half. However, in my preparations to move (only about 20 miles away), I checked in with the mountain to see if I had learned or done everything that was needed while I've lived here and not only was there more for me to do, I received a big download on information on why I was doing it.


There has been a lot of information floating around online that the earth is receiving huge blasts of energy lately – different people have different theories – and many people are feeling it (including me) but the general thought is that the earth is receiving upgraded light codes for our collective benefit / ascension.

Are you still with me?? Because, trust me…I know how this sounds.

Anyhow, we had a huge electrical storm a couple of weeks ago and I stood at my back window and watched the lightning hit the mountain again and again. Which is a little odd for our area, we don't get a ton of cloud to ground lightning around here. But other than enjoying a cool storm, I didn't think much about it.

Then, last week, I sat down to do a property reading on my own property and was immediately told….NO, not today.

Uhh, okay…Why not?

Because you need to check in with the mountain today.

Right now?? I'd really like to check in with my property instead.

No, you do that later, and you do this now.

(That's about as insistent as I let things get in my world, so off I went to check in with the mountain).

As soon as I shifted my attention, my three main guides showed up: A Bigfoot who said: this is my mountain, Archangel Michael who said: you're going to need me (that usually makes me nervous), and a Dragon who informed me that it's her job to protect the energy on the mountain. They are not only my main guides, but the keepers of the mountain and I was told that we are all linked (which was new information for me).

Initially, I received a message that the energy between this mountain and the one on the other side of the river is flexible, like a portal (they've mentioned this spot to me before). It is a place to arrive and depart (dimensions I assume). I'm guessing I'll learn more about this in the future.

But then we got down to business.

This mountain is in an important location and regulates its own energy. It is receiving these energetic light codes for humanity, but it can only store the raw data. It needs a translator who can more or less unlock the information and share it with the grid to make it available to people.

I am able to translate this energy.

I wasn't quite sure how I was supposed to do that initially, but my guides had me lay my hands on the mountain, at which point I saw myself as large as the mountain, in order to receive the upload. When I had received the information, I turned around and placed my hands on the valley floor, and let the information flow out of me and into the surrounding community's grid.

They also asked that I help to activate energy all the way down the mountain range since it was really only active in the mountain at the very tip of the range. I was kind of doing the work energetically while giving my guides the side-eye trying to figure out what the heck I was doing but they eventually said “YOU DID IT!!” and seemed very excited.

It was very empowering work (and exhausting too, I had to take a nap afterwards).

Apparently, with all of the energy and information coming to the earth right now, I should be receiving and uploading codes like this monthly to ensure it is transferred from the mountain to the grid.

I was told that the ancestors in this area knew about how important the mountain was in regulating energy for the earth and worked with it and thanked it on a regular basis. In fact, they are still there, doing the work and told me that I've done the work before (in a past life? between lives? I'm not sure…)

But the work happening in spirit is not enough. People currently here on earth need to be doing the same work to help balance and translate this energy to make it available for all of us.

When I was done with the work, the mountain expressed its gratitude and my guides suggested that I give my thanks to it for the important work it's doing by scattering flower petals and being in ceremony on the mountain, which I did earlier this week.

In fact, I tried to write this post earlier in the week and was told nope! Not until you finish your work with the mountain.

Okay, okay….I'll do it.

So, are you hearing the call to do similar work in your area? It seems to me like the energy codes need to be translated all over the world. I'm not sure that it's always a mountain that is storing the energy, but try meditating on any important geographic features in your area and see if you hear a similar request.

Which is the reason for sharing this story (at the risk that you may think I've finally fallen off the deep end). To encourage others who may be nervous about listening to the message that the work needs to be done for the benefit of balancing the energy in each of our communities.

So, let's do it together. Tell me about your experiences to transfer energy to the earth's grid.

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