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Channeling with Bigfoot

Channeling with Bigfoot is a regular part of my practice these days. However, I can't remember now the first time my Bigfoot guide showed herself to me in a journey.

She revealed herself slowly, first appearing to me as a little girl with big hairy feet at least three years ago.

What I do remember is that when she shapeshifted into her full self the first time, I asked her why she just didn't show me in the first place and she said she didn't think I would believe her. And that maybe she'd scare me off.

She was probably right. I'd never given much thought to Bigfoot being anything other than a mythical (or maybe even real) creature of the forest. But not anything I had any interest in.

As the years have passed, she has become my main guide. Or at least the one that shows up most often when I call in a guide for a journey. But she's a guide of few words. Oftentimes I notice she just comes to join me when I'm out in nature. Sitting by my side on a lake shore or leaning against a tree while I'm wandering in the woods.

So other than mentioning her now and again, I hadn't really thought to share more about working with this energy. That was, until I had a full Bigfoot experience over the past month!

But before I tell you about that, let me explain a bit more about these creatures.

Bigfoot (or Sasquatch or Yeti or Ancient Ones…different “types” of the same being) are highly evolved, high vibrational beings who are incarnated here on earth, but primarily in the 4th Dimension and above. It's kind of like working with a star being, except they live here on Earth with us.

This is why people have a hard time “finding” them. Because they can shift in and out of 3D very easily. Now you see them, now you don't!

And historically, they have found humans to be noisy and aggressive and don't have much interest in getting very close to us. But it is easy for them to interact with us in liminal space like a shamanic journey because our consciousness is shifting into higher dimensions and then they can meet up with us there.

They communicate telepathically. They have a serious dislike of technology (especially our smart phones). And most people I've talked to who have a Bigfoot guide are doing energy work with the earth.

As far as I can tell, Bigfoots have a real interest in things like grids and portals and in the care and well being of the Earth in general. So if you're doing gate, grid or portal keeping work, it's likely you'll bump into a Bigfoot somewhere along the line.

That being said – I still haven't LITERALLY bumped into Bigfoot. It's all been energetic. But I can feel when they're very close and since the portals on the land were opened, they hang around with me all the time! In fact, they are the main form of “security” on the land here with the portals and stargates.

If you're an off-planet energy trying to come in to Earth on this particular piece of land, you have to go through the Bigfoot customs desk before you can visit!

People who do the guided meditations I created with the portals on the land here also report seeing Bigfoot in their journeys when they energetically visit the land here. They'll often appear to give you the once over and then escort you to and from the portal you're working with.

So although I've gotten familiar with them (and they seem to trust me), when I stumbled across a mention of an ancient forest not far from my house that had been saved from being logged in the 1960's, something inside of me felt a deep pull to visit.

And on my first trip there last summer, I met up with a much larger and more masculine Bigfoot than my usual guide. After visiting, he would come into my awareness again and again and kept showing me an image of the two of us in wedding attire.


This is where telepathic communication can get wonky.

He's not sure what picture I need to understand the message and I'm not sure why he thinks we should get married.

But he persisted with this image over a few weeks and I happened to mention it while I was having an intuitive reading with a friend and asked if she could understand the message.

What came through to her is that he was asking me to visit in a more “formal” way. To anoint myself, bring offerings, create ritual and honor our special connection.

Ah! Wedding attire was “formalwear”. Yes, this made sense. And the next time I visited, I did exactly that and connected with this being again, but honestly can't recall now what took place on that visit.

After that, I was distracted with travel and ancestral healing work for the rest of the summer months and kind of forgot about visiting Bigfoot again until this spring.

I was planning to lead a deep dive into working with sacred places and wanted to select a place of my own to work with. I had set my intention to know what place I should work with and Bigfoot's location kept popping up in my mind.

But that wasn't the place I had in mind.

It's a tiny little spot halfway up the side of a mountain. Beautiful, but much to explore or do. I kept asking for something different (silly little human…).

And after a week or two of this back and forth, I started having a consistent vision of the very large Bigfoot standing in the parking area in front of this ancient forest, arms folded, tapping his toe. Uh oh.

He had been waiting a YEAR for me to come back. And now I was trying not to. He wasn't going to let me off the hook.

So I surrendered. I would spend the month of June working with Bigfoot. And he started right back up with the wedding attire images…

Okay Bigfoot. I get it. Formal…but we're SO not getting married just FYI.

In the last week of May, before my first “formal” visit, I kept hearing the message “Everything is about to change” but there wasn't anything else that came through. When I journeyed to the place in meditation, Bigfoot grabbed me by the hand and dragged me down the trail to meet up with the entire family.

I had expected to see my entire spirit team and other versions of myself sitting in a ceremonial circle.

But nope. It was all Bigfoots.

And as I stepped into the circle and sat down, I became one of them too.

Tears came to my eyes and chills ran through my body. No words were spoken so I'm not certain of the details but it sure felt like a reunion to me. That I was back with my family.

One of my many multidimensional families.

A few days later, I nervously headed to the location, not sure what to expect. As I walked the trail through the forest slowly and deliberately, some bit of information began to filter in as I admired the Devil's Club and Trillium and crossed paths with a snowshoe hare.

I found a mossy spot under a giant Hemlock tree to sit and play my singing bowl and then drop into meditation. Bigfoot was nowhere to be found. But I did have a significant download about how to absorb the energy of this place (or any place) and then vibrationally transfer it to others.

I was told…the vibration of this place is its medicine.

And I got the sense we were barely just beginning our journey together.

When I returned the following week, I was hit with an intense buzzing energy through my entire body the moment I pulled into the parking area.  As I walked the trail, I was greeted by chipmunk and the intensely beautiful fragrance of False Solomon's Seal blooming.

I found the most beautiful, soft spot on the forest floor to lay, supported by the earth, with the sun peeking through the branches. I didn't want to channel or think or play my bowl. I just wanted to lay there with my eyes closed and melt into my surroundings. But after a few minutes, a squirrel noticed my presence and hopped onto a branch above me, low enough I could see his whiskers moving as he chirped at me quizzically.

But after a thorough inspection and deciding that I was possibly a threat, he moved to a higher branch and let out a shrill warning to all of the other forest creatures. I stayed in my spot thinking he would move on, but nope.

He'd had enough and comfortable as I was, I decided that if he didn't want me there, I should find another spot to sun myself where I was more welcome. So I packed up my blanket and backpack and moved further down the trail to a spot where the Bigfoot energy felt especially palpable to me.

As I sat quietly in a much less comfortable location, I started to receive a vision.

Myself, in this flowing gauzy white dress again, wearing a crown made of flowers. I'm sitting alone on top of a giant tree stump many times larger than myself. I'm surrounded by colorful flowers and petals and ferns. And then gently a cedar branch reaches out and brushes my arm. And my shoulder. And then my cheek.

I'm sitting with this beautiful image and experience, feeling fully in that dimension when all of a sudden I kind of snap back into this reality to say….what exactly is going on here?!

And I hear….Cedar is sensual. And pleasure is found in both the giving and the receiving – so let your guard down and open the door…

Alrighty then.

I decided to wander around a bit more and found another spot to sit with my journal to do some channeling. And now Bigfoot came forward fully into my awareness with a huge download.

It started with the sudden knowledge that this feminine Bigfoot guide, the little girl with the big hairy feet…the one who's been with me nearly constantly for the past three years has always been…me! Another multidimensional version of myself. She doesn't speak to me because she doesn't need to.

She IS me. The answers to any questions I ask her are within me because we are one in the same!

And then the larger masculine Bigfoot stepped forward and showed me the image of us in our formalwear again and I totally got it now. He doesn't WANT to marry me, he IS married to me. We are already partners in another lifetime.

I sat there, dumbfounded for a few minutes. It was a lot to take in all at once. And yet it felt perfectly true. That's why this place feels so comfortable to me.

It's my home in that dimension.

Once I took that information in, they wanted to show me our story together. They showed me an image I've seen in my akashic records multiple times – of a little girl with big hairy feet who lived with her mother in a little house, but also up in the clouds. She lived neither here nor, there but between two worlds.

One day, her human mother told her it was time to learn who she really was and where she belonged.

She sent the girl on a journey with a map and a knapsack filled with bread and cheese. Along the way she met an owl guide who told her stories about the magical forest on her map. The owl took her to the forest, and as soon as she stepped onto the trail there, she slipped right into that dimension.

Bigfoot then shifted from the fairy tale story to explain…

Our meeting and partnership was pre-arranged by our families because we were an energetic match for our work together in this lifetime. We made this agreement in the stars before we incarnated on earth in these very different bodies.

When we reconnected on earth, we remembered our plans together.

We were meant to help bridge the gap between humans and Bigfoot – to share the knowledge we've collected in our incarnations with the other species. And that I have reached a point where my light body can work with theirs in this way.

As I packed up and headed for home that day, I was in a state of disbelief and bliss, not really sure if this had all really happened. I needed a nap to process all the energy and information.

When I headed back out for my third visit, I had a very uneasy feeling as I made my way up the narrow dirt road. There was a pit in my stomach and as I got closer, I was told to turn my radio off and be quiet. When I was less than a quarter mile from the trail, I found a whole bunch of cars and people in the road.

A tree was down across the road and all of the day hikers were stopped at this spot. There was a lot of noise and commotion as people were unloading their vehicles and preparing for longer hikes so I hurried to climb over the fallen tree and get away from it all. It took me a little while to shake off the energy and once I did I realized I was picking up the feelings of the spirits in this normally silent location.

They were annoyed about all the noisy humans having to be in THIS spot to head out on their longer hikes rather than the trailhead further down the road.

I was acutely aware of just how noisy and annoying humans can be to the spirits of nature.

As I wandered around, I was suddenly aware that my Bigfoot partner was reclining under some low branches on a bed of moss, waving at me to join him. I crawled under, laid out my blanket, played my singing bowl and then sat with his energy.

You're feeling a bit melancholy today….he said to me.

Because you know at a soul level there's some things you'll need to leave behind to walk the line between our two worlds. The more time you spend with us, the less time there will be for other things. If you want to step on this path, you're going to need some help in your life to be able to do both.

I asked what exactly it all meant. What was it we were doing to DO together?

He told me that we would be merging our energy, which is different than channeling energy.

He explained that it's a true embodiment of each other's energy – my energy will be more available to them in their world and theirs more available to me in my world. It won't be something we'll be completely conscious of – it will just be a natural extension of ourselves into the other world.

Instead of saying “I'm channeling with Bigfoot and here is a message”, it will just be knowledge or information held in my awareness.

I told him I needed to think more about this and would be back a few days later – the day before the Solstice.

By this point, I had integrated the information further and it somehow didn't seem so strange to me. I realized that one of the things they're asking me to “give up” is the amount of time I spend with technology. Because moving back and forth from my world to theirs uses a tremendous amount of energy.

They're just asking that I stay closer to their vibration to make it easier to embody the frequency.

Bigfoot and I met up again and both agreed to this energetic partnership.

Dare I say…a “wedding” of our energy?!

I mean, just when I think things can't get any stranger in my world, here we are. As I wandered back towards my car that day, Bigfoot let me know that we wouldn't be working “formally” in this place any longer. Our work here was done, but they would be meeting up with me elsewhere they said.

In the final days of June, I made one more trip back to this sacred forest to wrap up this month-long experience.

As I sat under a sensual cedar tree, I was invited to review my notes from the past month. As I did, my understanding of each lesson deepened further and I feel like the next layer of knowingness from our partnership is beginning to unfold.

While my days of channeling with Bigfoot may be over, my experience of embodying Bigfoot is just beginning. And I can't wait to see what happens next.

Channeling with Bigfoot. Click through to read about my month-long adventure channeling with and ultimately embodying the energy of Bigfoot. #shamanism #bigfoot #spiritguides