Nature Therapy: How to Work with Nature for Healing & Manifestation

Let me give you a little look “behind the curtain” of what I’ve been getting an education in from spirit the last few months. Nature therapy.

More specifically, how to work with the frequency and vibration of nature for healing and manifestation.

In October I hosted a retreat here in Montana for the Earth Tenders Academy.

During our time together, I had planned for us to do two property readings and healings – one for a business, and one for a home.

At the business – a well-known bar and restaurant a few miles from my home – I saw something in my mind’s eye that I’d never seen when I tuned into the energy there.

It looked like a kind of electrical power plant, a base with a glass ball on top and electricity shooting out in every direction.

Except it wasn’t currently functioning and needed to be powered back up.

It actually exists in another dimension, or frequency, but in the same physical location as the business.

I thought that might cause a problem for the business, but was told that was not the case.

The two can coexist just fine.

So we followed the instructions we were given during the reading and turned it back on.

But I had no idea the education I was about to receive from spirit over the next month about vibration and frequency after our short encounter with this “machine”.

As it turns out, this device belongs to Nikola Tesla. Or the being who is/was embodied as Nikola Tesla.

Many people who have worked with him in spirit believe his higher self is an ascended master.

But the Tesla version of himself is still very busy working in the 5th Dimension to build a free, safe, environmentally friendly energy source for the world. Which is what we tripped across (certainly not by accident) during our reading.

And after doing a little research, I realized that the way he conceived his electric system working in the 1800’s is really similar to how our human energy bodies interact with the energy of the earth.

He perfectly understood the power of nature therapy and how to harness it for our benefit.

Let me explain.

You’ve likely heard the saying “everything is energy”.

But what does that really mean??

It means that absolutely everything in the universe is made up of vibrating atoms of energy.

Solid matter doesn’t exist.

Which is the basis of quantum physics.

And if there’s one thing in my life I didn’t think I’d ever be explaining, it would be quantum physics, but yet here we are.


Everything is made of atoms – you, me, trees, rocks, your couch, your computer …EVERYTHING produces, emits and transmits a vibration at a specific frequency.

As a result, we each have our own electromagnetic fields. Or what we may more commonly call our energy body.

And so does the earth.

It’s referred to as the Schumann Resonance.

A very gentle pulse of 7.83 Hz is created by electrical storms, or more specifically, lightning. The lightning strikes create electromagnetic energy that’s held between the surface of the earth and the atmosphere.

Our bodies naturally resonate with this frequency. When you feel called to put your hands on the trunk of a tree, or the earth itself, that’s what you’re naturally attempting to do.

Recalibrate your frequency to the frequency of the planet.

It’s why you feel so good outside in nature.

Yep. Nature therapy is isn't woo woo. It's straight up science.

And Tesla's power system collected energy from the ambient environment and pulled it down into the earth to then be used as energy. Just like we do to ground when we ground ourselves.

If you’ve listened to any of my meditations where I talk about moving at the speed of nature and how important it is to sloooooooooow down, this is the frequency I’m helping you to resonate with.


Because as it turns out, the earth’s frequency is the same frequency as the Alpha waves in our brains that are present during relaxation and meditation.

You can think of the earth’s frequency as the gateway drug to deeper states of consciousness and creativity.

And the reason we’re able to feel it is because of resonance.

That’s a word that gets tossed around a lot in spiritual circles. Whether or not we “resonate” with another person or a thing.

We’re simply saying that something feels energetically good to us, or it doesn’t. But it's actually a matter of our energy fields interacting with and affecting each other.

And whether we like it or not, our electromagnetic field is going to find resonance with any other electromagnetic field in our proximity.

So when you’re in the vicinity of a sick person, whose vibration is lower, both of your energy fields attempt to find a “harmonious” middle ground. That means your vibration gets pulled down and theirs gets pulled up, until you find a resonant place somewhere in the middle.

Your body really is like a sensitive antennae, picking up frequencies in your environment.

And if you spend a significant amount of time around low vibe people or in toxic environments, you’re only going to be able to get your vibration so high, because your energy field is going to be constantly trying to match that of your surroundings.

We’re also surrounded by man-made electromagnetic frequencies much stronger than the gentle earth vibration, like our smart phones and wifi, that overpower the softer Schumann Resonance.

They literally pull us out of balance with our natural frequency.

And if we stay out of alignment long enough, our frequency will drop to a vibration low enough to get sick.

That’s why it’s so important for us to understand how this all works. So we can overcome some of the issues inherent in our current environment.

When we vibrate with the resonance of the earth, its natural healing energies are available to us.

I made a short video that explains exactly how the earth raises our vibration and helps with the ascension process we're all experiencing.

Here are a few of the highlights:

If you imagine the entire universe like a radio dial, there are an infinite number of stations (or possibilities) that we can tune into.

Our own vibration is the dial.

When you change your vibration, you change the station. And on each station, you'll find a variety of other things and people that match your vibration. Like that new job you want. Or a romantic partner. Or perfectly restored health.

There are many ways to shift your vibration to a different frequency, but my favorite one is to use nature.

Because when you realign your vibration with the Schumann Resonance, aka the heartbeat of the earth, your energy body seeks to find resonance with that vibration, which just so happens to create Alpha waves in your brain.

The typical way we reach Alpha states is through meditation, prayer or deep relaxation.

In fact, a study of healers using various techniques over a decade showed that their brainwave activity during healing work was nearly identical to the earth's frequency.

The earth is vibrating at the frequency of healing for the human body.

The vibration of nature is equal to our balanced, natural, healthy state.

Pretty incredible, right?!

So how exactly do we accomplish this?

First of all, just shifting back into the vibration of nature can be pretty quick and easy, including just going outside for a few minutes, ideally without a smart phone in your hand or pocket.

If you find that you spend much of your day indoors, I would suggest doing a quick meditation a couple of times a day to realign your energy. Like, less than 5 minutes quick.

You'll be amazed at just how fast your vibration will shift by imagining yourself in nature. I made a short video meditation to help you learn how to do it.

Consider this your daily maintenance mode. You want to get your brain into that Alpha state and stay there as often as possible for as long as possible every day.

This will help you generally feel healthy and happy in your day to day life.

Because when you're in the Alpha brainwave state (aka attuned to the vibration of nature), you've downshifted from your busy “thinking” brain state that most of us function in all day long.

That thinking brain is busy retelling us old stories from our past or making up what might happen in the future. Rarely is it ever in the present moment.

And the present moment is where we need to be to create whatever it is we want to manifest in our lives.

As we continue to shift and ascend from the 3D reality we're accustomed to into the 5D reality that the earth is shifting to, it's getting easier to simply create or attract exactly what we want to experience.

When we accept that everything in the universe is energy, shift into an alpha brain state, and then use the vibration of love and joy and gratitude to attract the reality we want to experience, that's when the real magic happens.

The universe will respond to our vibration and we'll begin to magnetize the things to us that we want. We just have to start noticing them in our environment and take any action we're prompted to do to allow us to tune into that new station.

Honestly, this does take some practice.

I'd love to tell you that you can do it once and you're done.

But for most of us, we need to practice feeling our way into the vibration we desire. The one where we aren't sick or have all of the money we need or get that new house or car or job we want.

And no, it's not selfish to desire any of those things.

They are simply energy. Just like we are.

When your energy matches them, BAM! There they will be in your reality.

But right now, you may be at a different frequency that feels “normal” to you. So it's going to take some repetition and practice to make the shift. But I think it's a pretty enjoyable practice.

Because being aligned with that energy feels really, really good.

So I made a longer meditation to help you experience it. I would suggest that you start by doing it every day for a month and see what changes in your life.

And if you really want to go super deep into this topic and the science behind it all, I highly suggest watching Rewired on Gaia TV. Science appears to finally be catching up with what we've been doing in meditation all along.

The reality is that we tend to talk about nature as something separate or outside of ourselves. Once we're conscious of the fact that we ARE nature and our bodies are made up of the same energy that makes up a tree, it's a lot easier to imagine how we can share energy and communication and healing with each other.

When we step out of 3D and into 5D, we're creating on the quantum level, with everything else in our environment that's doing the same.

How to use nature therapy to shift your vibration for healing and manifestation. Click through to learn how it works and get two free meditations to experience the healing power of nature. #manifestation #naturetherapy #naturalhealing #vibration #meditation