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2019 in Review

Sometimes it really does take a village.

I go through periods of time where I need more or less healing work or guidance from others. But as I get deeper into my spiritual journey, I find there are so many talented people doing their own soul work that I just want to experience for myself.

And I found that to be more true than ever this year.

So I thought it would be a fun recap of the year to share with you the highlights of my year, along with the people I worked with in 2019 and tell you a little about how they helped me on my path.

If you feel called to work with any of them, I can wholeheartedly recommend their work.

So… here we go!

January & February

The year began like being shot out of a rocket. I was asked to open a portal on the land where I live on the winter solstice.

And then my friend Amar decided to come visit for a month and the two of us had quite the adventure when we were asked to open six more portals on the land. We ended up writing an e-book about how to work with portals based on our experiences during this time. You can read the entire story and get the guidebook here.

While she was here, she did a few healings with me that were incredibly powerful. I experienced my soul star chakra (over my head) opening up and support from my ancestors and guides to increase my vibration.

If you're at a crossroads, are looking for clarity on a situation, or are struggling with something in your life, book a healing session with her. She will spend half of the session doing a reading and answering your questions and the other half doing healing work. Book with her here.

BTW…she is traveling for the rest of the year, but will have sessions available in January.


I drove to Nevada to meet up with Amar for a week after she left the frozen north for the desert and through a series of funny events, we ended up at a campground in the middle of nowhere, on the edge of the Grand Canyon.

In meditation, we had a vision of a cave that wanted to work with us and the following day we managed to actually find it.

It was an incredible heart activation and if you'd like to work with the spirits of the land there and visit this place, you can read the whole story here.

I was also oddly assaulted by an angry cloud spirit in Southern Utah on that trip. You just can't make this stuff up.


Looking back through my notebook that I keep with all of my channeling notes, things were pretty quiet in April, although I did learn how to access the akashic records from this book.

While in the records the first time, I received the message that each thing I need will be laid on my path like breadcrumbs. I just need to keep my eyes and ears open and collect them as I appear. Each one will help me to grow and expand.

One of those breadcrumbs that kept popping up was Human Design. It was suddenly everywhere in my awareness so I decided to get a reading. I looked at a few people's websites but nothing resonated. Until I found Pilar Lesko.

She read my human design chart, which is connected to your astrological chart, but helps to explain why you behave like you do and how to thrive based on your own personal design.

And it was amazing. It was like I was finally given permission to be exactly who I was!

Which is a Manifesting Generator by the way. That means I move fast, trust my gut instinct to make decisions, and have to be doing multiple things at once or I will be miserable.

Pilar is fantastic, but I notice she's not doing readings anymore. She does have some other e-books and offerings though if you want to check out her work.


I took another trip back to Nevada for a second retreat with Amar where my grandfather turned up as a guide to say that I would be beginning some ancestral healing work.

And oh man…he was not kidding.

I wrote about how to work with ancestor spirits and it wasn't long after that when it became clear what I was being asked to do. To learn even more about ancestral healing, I also read Daniel Foor's book Ancestral Medicine.


Things started really heating up in June (well…not the weather…it pretty much rained for the entire month of June here).

On the new moon, my friend (and amazing chiropractor) Tammy and I decided to check out the new Salt Box in Whitefish and experience sitting in a salt filled room while my other friend Velvet played her singing bowls.

It was one of the most unique experiences I've had and for the first 15 minutes or so, I wasn't really sure I liked it. And then I slipped into one of the deepest meditations I've experienced. I also promptly got sick a day or so later and it felt like the combination of salt and sound healing gave my system a seriously needed purge.

Also in June, I did an Instagram swap with Dawn Williams, a reiki master in Nova Scotia, Canada and while we were planning the details, she asked if I wanted to swap readings. I thought that sounded like a good idea, but didn't have any idea what I wanted her to focus on.

I decided, kind of spur of the moment, to ask her to take a look at my left hip that had been sore for, no joke, 20 years.

And in the matter of a week, a series of magical things happened to begin healing my hip.

Dawn does so much more than reiki – you can learn more about her work and book a session with her here.

I also saw a local Naturopath for a completely different reason at this same time who ended up giving me a prolozone shot which, along with the reiki, removed the pain for the first time in my adult life. If you're local to northwest Montana, I highly suggest seeing Dr. Katie Carter.

At the very end of June, I had my first session with Intuitive Business Healer Chynna Haas. My guides had been downloading the details of what was to become the Earth Tenders Academy to me for a month or two, but it was just pages of channeled bits of information in my notebook and I couldn't quite figure out how it was all supposed to come together.

While on a mind-numbing 12 hour drive back from Oregon, I suddenly heard that I needed to reach out to Chynna. And my guides were not wrong. Chynna not only works with your guides to help clarify your overall soul work in this lifetime, she can bring through “real world”, step-by-step details of how to bring a vision into the world.

During that session my guides were SUPER antsy for me to get this thing DONE! So I worked like crazy for the rest of the summer to launch the Earth Tenders Academy at the end of August.

Get yourself a session with Chynna ASAP if you have any questions at all about what to do with your life or how to do it. You'll walk away with not only clarity but a to-do list straight from spirit.


On the first eclipse in July I was planning out my trip to Utah to the Young Living Convention in a couple of weeks and remembered that a blog reader, Katrina, from Utah had reached out to me a few months earlier to chat and I told her I'd get in touch when I was visiting the area.

As I sent her a note to let her know my schedule, I heard a message in my head that there was something very specific we would need to do together. I had no idea the adventure that was about to unfold.

My mormon ancestors stepped forward and asked that I help them cut cords to the church. This was the ancestral healing work I had unknowingly been preparing for since May. You can read the whole story here.

While visiting Ogden, I got to know and work with Katrina and see her work with others firsthand. She is a talented shaman and I highly recommend her for any of your more “traditional” shamanic work. She literally JUST built a website, so go check her out here.


In August, I had my head down working on bringing the Earth Tenders Academy into the world. Most days, I carried stacks of books, essential oils and my laptop back to my little tiny trailer on the back of the property and wrote and channeled until it was done.

I was so excited to share it with you all and am so thankful to each of you who took the leap and said yes before it was even ready to go.


ETA launched and I started hosting weekly live calls for the first class. It was amazing to see all of the different experiences we each had working with the Spirits of the Land all over the world.

Chynna and I also started planning our first ever Intuitive Healer in Residence program where she would spend a month in Montana working in our community, offering readings and training to other healing arts professionals. It really stretched me out of my own comfort zone. I am really accustomed to doing so much of my work online, that it was a new experience to connect with so many healers in my own town.

I also published three blog posts that month on natural disasters, fear in spiritual work and a simple guide to ascension.

At some point in the second half of the year, Sarah Petruno also started offering her new moon healing sessions again and I always sign up. For $15, she does a remote reading and healing for everyone in the group and then sends you a report of what came through during the session. She is about to have a baby so no healing in December, but I'll bet they'll be back early next year. Be sure you're on her email list to get notified about future healings.


October was straight up crazy. Chynna arrived and so did some of the Earth Tenders who visited for a four day Earth Tenders Academy Retreat. We had an amazing weekend, even though our Airbnb turned out to be seriously haunted. But we had a magical day in Glacier National Park, and also did some property readings and healings on a local home and business.

The following weekend, Chynna and I drove the two hours to Missoula to meet up with Fenesa Dilworth, a genuinely magical soul, to do some healing work with the Clark Fork River (it's been one of the largest superfund cleanup sites in the country for about 20 years), and hosted a coffee meet-up with card readings and oils.

Fenesa is in the process of rebuilding her website, but is the most loving mentor and inspiration and a very talented intuitive artist. Follow her on Instagram here for all of her monthly circles, classes, readings and more.

We also had the opportunity to connect with so many others here in Flathead Valley, some of whom I've worked with and some I still need to work with!

Ty and Jess just opened Clachan Healing here in Kalispell last summer and so graciously hosted some of our events. Their wellness center hosts monthly men and women's circles, kundalini yoga and other events. Jess is a homeopath and Ty is a reiki practitioner, but as with most healers these days, their work is so much deeper than those labels. Check them out if you're local to Northwest Montana.

My friend and herbalist Kendra Eyman with Moon & Bee Apothecary started crafting monthly herbal shares this month and I immediately jumped on board. For $33/month she offers hand crafted teas, tinctures and other herbal remedies to stock your pantry with a different theme each month. She has local pickup locations and can ship your monthly share. She also makes the most decadent skin care products so check her work out here.


In November I took a deeeeeep breath (and some naps) and also visited my parents in Nebraska where the local nature spirits in their neighborhood stood outside their house on the sidewalk until I asked them what they needed. There was a little wooded area that they wanted some extra protection for and I gladly obliged.

I also booked a much needed massage with my favorite place in town. I've seriously never had anything but the best massages from every therapist at A Whole New You and would never go anywhere else.

One of the messages that came through in my reading with Chynna during October was to reach out to Amanda Meder to ask about mediumship. She agreed to a zoom chat where I thought she would refer me to someone else or a book I needed to read or something, but instead we had a full reading where my guides came through with some very specific instructions about my work.

If you're at all interested in developing your own spiritual gifts or learning mediumship, be sure to check out Amanda's monthly membership program. She's also got tons of e-books and online courses, and guided meditations, not to mention years of blog posts about living an intuitive life.


As the year winds down, and I look forward into 2020, I'm having one more reiki session with Dawn Williams this week and my guides are calling me into a very specific ceremony with them on the solstice.

I definitely feel like I'm right on the edge of a threshold that I'll be stepping over into the new year and can't wait to see what comes next and who I'll have the honor of working with next year!

Happy 2020 everyone – and thank you from the bottom of my heart for joining me on this journey.

My year in review, plus all the amazing healers I had the honor of working with in 2019!