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Facing Your Fears in Spiritual Work

Last week, something creepy happened to someone in my Earth Tenders Academy course.

A very specific house came to her in her dreams.

And it was one of those dreams that you just know isn't really a dream.

She shared the details of the dream in our Facebook group:

– The energy of the house felt dense with very active spirits
– It was in the process of “emptying” and she was helping to carry things out of it in her dream
– The house didn't want to be cleared, it was growing its energy and wanted to “consume” the inhabitants
– It had an older female “caretaker” in spirit
– And the whole vibe was very much like the Upside Down from the show “Stranger Things

By the time I saw the post an hour or so later, a few people had commented that it could be their house but nobody was completely sure.

My very first intuitive hit was that it was Christine's house.

Christine thought it was her house too.

Because she and her husband were in the process of moving out of a rental house that had a significant amount of spirit energy and was making them feel unwell.

But when I just casually asked spirit if that was the case, I was told no. In fact, I was told no for every single house that had been mentioned.

So I tuned into the energy myself.

And whoa.

The Upside Down feeling was a trip.

I could see rippling waves of dense energy and the house was appearing to me not quite in its current form. It actually felt like I was walking underwater.

I asked how someone would know this was their house and was told “the consuming feeling”.


It did NOT feel pleasant. In fact, I started getting a pain in my abdomen while I was tuned into the energy there.

I decided that I should sit down and formally journey to the energy of the house to get more information. And I was starting to get suspicious that there was a spirit that was trying to keep me away by just telling me that none of the houses was the right house.

In the first week of the Earth Tenders Academy, we work on clearing and protecting not only your personal energy, but the energy of your home.

Everyone had been calling in Guardian spirits to clear out earthbound spirits and protect the places they live and I was just slightly concerned that there was some energy that was trying to be clever, leaving one person's house and going to bug someone else, and I wanted to nip that in the bud if that was the case.

So I sat down with a piece of paper, applied some essential oils, put my protective bubble around my energy and specifically asked for a spirit connected to source energy who could speak with me about this house.

A bear showed up.

And the bear confirmed what we had suspected.

It WAS Christine's house.

And there was some crazy stuff going on there.

In fact, it was kind of like something you'd see on TV. The house itself looked like a ghost. Kind of wavy and transparent.

I was told that the house was actually in another dimension and no longer existing on this plane.

There was a network of tunnels under this house (it's an old mining community in the Sierra foothills of California) and there was a dark energy hiding down there.

At first, I was told that we just had to let the energy of the area swallow the house up. It was almost gone already and had been nearly consumed (there was that word again…) by the energy.

“Just let it go…” I was told.

Now, this was a great lesson for me. I typically do what spirit tells me. Especially when it comes to doing healing work or not doing healing work.

But I could see this thing.

It was a giant, dark worm weaving its way through a huge network of tunnels beneath thousands and thousands of homes.

TOTALLY like Stranger Things.

And it did NOT sit well with me to just leave it and let it go.

So I kept asking the questions.

What should we do about this?
(no answer)
What kind of healing is needed?
(no answer)
Who needs to do this healing work?


That was the magic question.

Working in shamanic journey with spirits is often about getting the question correct, which is why I continued asking questions.

And the answer to my last question was…Christine.

Christine was the one who had to do the work.

And I think the spirits were nervous that if they told me what needed to be done, I would just do it myself.

But they wanted Christine to do it to help her understand her own abilities. And as soon as I wrote down that message, everything else very quickly tumbled out.

Spirit was happy to tell me what needed to be done. So long as I was going to pass it along to Christine.

But before we got into the details of how to clear this icky worm thing out, I stopped to ask why it had gone to visit someone else in their dreams.

As it turned out, that energy hadn't “gone” anywhere.

Spirit explained to me that the person who'd dreamed about the house was simply able to tap into the energy field where that house exists. And so it had happened somewhat spontaneously.

When I mentioned this to the person who'd had the dream, she kind of shrugged and said….that makes sense.

So before I tell you the rest of the story with the Stranger Things house, I want to talk about this because I so often hear from people who are feeling called to do this work that they have some kind of fear or have had a scary experience in spirit that is keeping them from doing more.

The reason it “made sense” for this other person that she was able to tap into this energy is that she has a complete lack of fear of the spirit world.

In fact, I joked with her that her energy feels to me like she battled something big and ugly in some past life and now is like….Come at me, bro!

Now, not everyone is going to have this attitude (me included).

I prefer to think of myself as wearing a cloak of invisibility when doing this kind of work, but regardless, what the two of us have in common is that we aren't fearful of what we might see or interact with in spirit.

And as a result, we don't tend to attract scary experiences.

Do we see things not connected to source energy? Yes.

Do some of those things look strange or creepy or dark? Yes.

Do we worry about them coming to get us in our sleep? No.

And so they don't.

It's the difference between seeing or being aware of the dark worm-like thing and being afraid of it.

So, if you are feeling some fear around having these kinds of experiences, remember that there are, in fact, negative type beings who have been in control of much of the Earth plane for thousands of years.

They are losing their grip on the Earth and all of humanity as we collectively ascend into higher dimensions of consciousness.

The longer they can keep us plugged into this matrix of fear, the more power they have.

Because our fear is what they feed off of.

They are not connected to source energy like we are, but they need us to believe that they are more powerful than we are.

The more fear you have, the more of them you attract into your awareness to feed off your fear, and the more you believe that you have good reason to be scared.

It's a vicious cycle that keeps you right where they want you.

And I notice that it seems to come from one of two places: growing up in a religion or belief system that tells you to be fearful of working in the spirit realms (because sadly, many of our religious institutions have been controlled by these negative forces and that serves their agenda), or the lack of understanding of an interaction or experience with spirit.

So, if you have experimented at all with working in spirit and saw something you didn't understand, it's likely that it scared you and you shut everything down.

But it might have just been a frightened earthbound spirit who needed some help.

Or it might have been a spirit guide that wasn't the beautiful angelic light being you expected to be your spirit guide.

I mean….when a Bigfoot showed up as a guide for me, I was like WTH are you?! And my guide admitted that she was worried she would scare me and took a long time to show herself as she really is.

Because there used to be things that scared me too. And its been part of my journey to learn that the fear itself is far more frightening than anything you'll actually see or experience.

So if you have fear around working in spirit, I would encourage you to look back at any scary experiences you've had and try to pick apart your fear just a little bit.

Were you scared because you didn't expect to see something and you did?

Were you scared because someone else in your life told you that it was dangerous to interact with spirits and you were suddenly worried that they might be right?

Or did you see something that was genuinely frightening? If so, I encourage you to challenge those spirits in the future to take their masks off and show you who they really are.

They'll probably disappear immediately and go find someone else to scare when they realize it's not working on you.

And I'll take one more sentence to say that if it seems like you have a specific spirit attached to you or a family member that makes itself known again and again, it's likely an attachment spirit that's feeding off your energy and you're going to want to remove it.

It's not healthy for you and is draining your energy for its own purposes.

You don't need to be scared of it, but you do need to remove it.

Okay, back to our Stranger Things house…

Once I agreed to pass along the details to Christine to do the work, spirit showed her to me like Nancy on the show. She looked small, but had the ability to kick some serious butt.

And Nancy is not afraid.

They wanted Christine to imagine herself on the street facing the house, and hold her personal space and boundaries, knowing that she is safe to do this work.

She was to call in the Guardians and send them into the tunnels to find this worm-like thing. The bear explained to me that when she sent them on a cleanup mission the first time, they knew to scoop up all the earthbound spirits, but weren't aware of this other entity so they didn't look for it.

Once they found it, they were to hand it over to Archangel Michael to deal with. Because frankly, it's not our job to decide what is to be done with these kinds of energies.

Once the worm was gone, she could blast the tunnels with light, filling up every nook and cranny and sealing the entrance points between the tunnels and this plane.

Then, she was to talk with the older lady “caretaker” of the home. The bear told me that she had been doing her best trying to control the energy flow into the house, but wasn't really doing a good job. And it was time for her to go.

In fact, the Guardians were to do another sweep of the house and land and EVERYBODY had to go so that the energy of the home could be restored.

And finally, she was to ask what she could specifically do to hold the energy of this place moving forward since she was moving out.

When I relayed this information to Christine, she was a little bit nervous. But she was also anxious to help clean things up for this home.

She said that, in fact, part of why they were moving out was because of how challenging the energy felt to live there. She did feel like she was in another dimension every time she came back home.

Things didn't make sense.

She was often confused.

And there were a ton of spirits coming and going through the house.

So, that evening, she went back over to the house and began receiving messages before she even arrived.

There were some specific and unusual stones that she was aware of on the property and her guides asked her to place them in particular locations to help close the portals and seal the energy.

She did some physical cleanup of the property and made an offering and then began to follow the instructions the bear had given me.

The two large Guardian spirits went to work locating the worm, who (as you might imagine) did not want to be dislodged. She said that it kind of kept going slime like and liquid when the Guardians tried to grab it. Ultimately, they got a handle on it and sent it to AA Michael.

She and her guides filled all of the tunnels and portals with light, kind of like the foam insulation that expands to fill all of the spaces, then the Guardians did another sweep to make sure it was all clear.

The caretaker lady really didn't want to leave.

She felt responsible for this place, but Christine was able to counsel her a bit and ultimately call forward her family, at which point she easily chose to transition back to source.

Fairies appeared to double check every little spot in the home and everyone worked together to restore the energy of the home.

Because the Guardian spirits are specific to you at the home you live in, they informed Christine that they would leave as soon as all of her possessions were removed from the home, but they were able to call in replacements who immediately arrived, but are standing in the shadows until it's time for them to take over.

That night, she and her husband stayed in the house and both slept well the entire night, for the first time in a very long time.

As we were discussing the details the next day, she admitted that she had been a little nervous about doing this work, but that she now sees that she completely has the ability to do it.

And that furthermore, it was fun.

Yep, not scary. Fun.

Because each and every one of us are connected to source energy which is far more vast and powerful than any other force in the universe.

We've done this work before in past or other lives. We know how to do it. We're strong enough to do it. And it desperately needs to be done.

That worm thing spanned tunnels over hundreds of miles in every direction.

And now it's gone.

Every single time one of us faces our fears and does this work in service of the earth and humanity, our collective vibration and the vibration of the Earth raises a little bit more.

So, face your fears. You're a powerful being of light who is being tapped on the shoulder to help do this work.

And I have no doubt you can do it.


Fear is a very real issue for many people beginning their spiritual journey. But fear only brings more scary things to you. Click through to read my story about a dark spirit controlling a home and how we removed it.