Energy Healing for Natural Disasters

The southeastern United States is currently bracing for a Category 5 hurricane. And yes, it's a real, literal hurricane in weather terms. But there is a another hurricane gaining traction right along with it.

A hurricane of information, misinformation, and 24-hour news coverage certain to keep millions of people on edge for days, if not weeks, before and after the actual storm.

And right along with the anticipated flood waters, our social media feeds are also about to be flooded with images and videos and stories meant to capture and hold our attention. By us, by our family members and our friends.

It just happened a week or so ago with the fires in the Amazon.

And now that story has disappeared from my feeds just as quickly as it blazed in, to be replaced by the next natural disaster shouting for our attention.

Each one meant to squeeze more emotion out of our ever-hardening hearts. Our hearts that ache and break from the sights and sounds of the earth and it's creatures (including humans) in agonizing pain. But we can't endure the constant assault on our emotions, so we make one small gesture, share an article on social media maybe, and then tune back out.

The media shouts louder, we feel guiltier, we tune back in, and then back out again in a constant cycle.

We feel helpless.

We pray for rain. Or we pray for the rain to stop or the winds to blow in another direction. Maybe we donate a few dollars or host a fundraiser for a worthy organization.

But to what end?

Do we ever stop to tune into the energy of the elements themselves?

Should we be offering energy healing for natural disasters?

This question is more complex (and in some ways more simple) to answer than we might think. I shared some of the messages I received when I tuned into the energy of wildfire a few years back on my Instagram Stories last week (you can find it in my highlights).

But before we can get to that, we need to take one giant step back.

You've likely heard people in spiritual circles talk about the separation of worlds in the past few years. Basically, what many predicted to be the end of the world on 12/12/12 was in some ways exactly that.

Our reality here on earth split into two separate dimensions on that date.

The “old” 3D version of earth continued as it has for centuries, but a new version became available to those who wish to live and experience 5D (and higher) reality. Tons of energies and light codes and ascension codes have been streaming into earth since then and humanity and earth itself has been shifting to this new dynamic.

The earth's grids have become crystalline and our “junk” DNA has been coming online to match with these newer, higher frequencies. You may or may not be aware of it and depending on your specific role on the earth as a lightworker at this point in history, you may be assisting others with these shifts, it may just happen automatically for you, or the younger generations may just be born with this upgraded crystalline DNA.

However, there is a portion of the population who is choosing to stay in the lower 3D reality.

(and I promise this is all going to relate to the impending hurricane, just hang in there with me….)

As much as we all want to live in this place of love and light, the reality is that there are darker energies that have controlled many of our institutions and lives for centuries, but they are quickly losing their grip as the earth and humanity ascends.

Their only hope is to keep as many of us as possible focused on the old, denser earth realities where they are in control.

Some people intend to stay in the old earth reality to specifically experience chaos, restricted freedom, and negativity, some people really don't like it there, but choose not to ascend and leave the earth plane at this time (or rather, die), and many are waking up now to experience the new earth. And the more people that wake up, the more codes and frequencies that will activate and come online for us to access.

We each have the free will to choose which reality we want to embody.

And if you're worried that you somehow missed the memo and are accidentally on the wrong earth plane, there's no need to lose any sleep over it. Your higher self has most likely already chosen to ascend, or you wouldn't be here, reading this blog post.

For an in-depth explanation of the separate worlds, how they work, and how this is all getting sorted out on an energetic level, Denise LeFay has a great explanation on a recent blog post here.

But if you've been doing spiritual work for awhile now, you're probably conscious of how differently these two worlds feel, even if you haven't overtly noticed it.

You may have to deliberately lower your own vibration just to interact with these people and places. It could be the doctor's office or your kid's school or even the grocery store.

Once I'm conscious of these places, I try to steer clear, although it's not always possible. But once I notice it, I do my best to get in and get out, and not stay in that lower vibe energy any longer than necessary.

Because it feels like crap, and it's easier for me to get tripped up into some low vibe drama or trauma when I've lowered my vibration to interact on this plane.

But let me tell you the number one place I consistently notice this lower, 3D reality.

24-hour news.

And to only a slightly lesser extent, Facebook.

Unless there's some kind of disaster currently underway in the world, then the difference is barely perceptible.

I quit watching any kind of national news over a decade ago and the local news not too long after that. Because if there's something that's critical for me to know, someone will certainly tell me.

But all the rest of it literally has no bearing on my day to day life. And I feel so much better, energetically, without it.

And yes, I used to believe it was important to be informed. To be a good citizen of the world.

But I've come to realize that there's a whole lot more getting beamed over the airwaves than just light and sound. There's an energetic resonance that's pulling us in every time we give it our attention.

And that resonance is (usually) not coming from a high vibe state.

There are certainly exceptions, and I have not cut TV from my life altogether, but I tend to be super picky about what I give my attention to.

If I can feel it pulling my vibration down, I turn it off.

Same with social media. I see it as a tool and do the work to curate my feeds as consciously as possible. And then try to keep the scrolling to a minimum.

When disaster strikes and we all suddenly tune in, our entire collective vibration lowers to receive this information and we're all susceptible to whatever other energies are getting beamed to us simultaneously with what may or may not be useful details about this particular event.

So what should we do when disaster strikes? And what's the meaning of it all???

First of all, remember that the earth itself is an incredibly powerful sentient being who is also ascending and existing in multiple realities at the moment.

We humans, living here in the middle world, are collectively dreaming and manifesting our world each and every day.

Which reality would you like to experience?

We are being given the opportunity to release the idea that we are separate from the earth and nature itself and these large natural events are literally a shout to us to pay attention to what we have created.

We have dreamed this into reality.

So what would we like to do next? See it happen, watch the tragedy unfold on tv or online for five straight days, feel helpless, do nothing, and then return to our comfortable lives just as soon as it feels acceptable to do so?

Or do we want to create another reality?

We need to stop waiting for “someone else” to fix what we've dreamed into being. It's clear that our government (also our collective manifestation) isn't going to do anything about it.

It's up to each one of us to do this work.

What you see happening at the moment is lightning fast transformation by the nature spirits to clear out areas dying a slow death. Whether at the mercy of climate change, corporate interests or unconscious mass consumption of resources, many of the species currently present on this earth plane won't last much longer, so they've agreed to leave now.

To make room for what is better suited to our current climate.

Just like a lot of human souls are choosing to do.

That shouldn't make us feel particularly good about what we, as a species, have done to get us to this point on earth, but it is the current reality.

But doesn't have to be all doom and gloom.

The world is NOT ending. It's evolving.


And we can help to clear and raise the vibration to make it easier for us and the earth.

To let the older, denser reality go and help bring the new earth online now.

So, what do you do when a natural disaster captures the world's attention?

First of all, turn off the tv and be selective about the amount of social media you're consuming.

If you'd like to share, take even 10-15 minutes to research what's actually happening from sources and organizations currently working in the area.

Take a few minutes more to share your personal, unique message rather than just blindly sharing the posts everyone else is sharing.

One of the images that was shared millions of times of the Amazon burning last week was not actually from the Amazon. It was from a wildfire in California. At the time it was shared, the only images available of the Amazon burning was from satellite images.

So just remember that before you click the “Share” button when the hysteria predictably breaks out online.

Do your own research and share your own voice. It will have far more impact and reach than simply reposting a news article that your friends have already seen in their feed many times that day.

When you're ready to do some energy work, get into a meditative state and bring the area into your awareness. Then, hold that area in the vibration of love.

Imagine this area of the earth in its most perfect incarnation, as it already exists somewhere in the universe.

Hold it in its highest vibration with the intention that the storm, fire, earthquake, etc. can express itself in perfect service to the earth and all of humanity.

A hurricane is a sentient being. Wildfire is a sentient being. Tornados are sentient beings.

There is much intelligence present in these storms.

Weather is the earth's circulation, elimination and immune system.

Although it may not always feel like it, storms are bringing the balance needed for life on earth to exist.

Do not wish the disaster away.

Don't pray for rain, or pray for the rain to stop.

And whatever you do, don't attempt to energetically control the weather. Because yes, it's possible to do, but it could have dire consequences somewhere else on earth that we can't begin to understand when we put this energy into motion.

If you feel called to work with the weather, pickup the book Weather Shamanism to understand how to responsibly do this work.

I understand that if you're in the literal path of a powerful storm, meditating with the vibration of love and not watching the news might feel like a bit of a tone deaf suggestion.

In that case, I do have a few “real world” suggestions to keep yourself safe.

And know that I live in the middle of a forest and with the very real threat of wildfire every summer so these are the steps I've taken myself, including the acceptance that it could happen to me.

First, do your absolute best to reduce the amount of information you're letting in. Pick one or two trusted sources (like the National Weather Service and Office of Emergency Services) to listen to. The most important details you need to know in an emergency situation are whether or not you need to evacuate and which route(s) are open and safe.

But also, go with your gut.

Don't wait to leave if you're feeling nervous just because there hasn't been a mandatory evacuation. That nervous feeling could be spirit trying to get your attention because it's no longer safe for you to physically be there (or will be much more difficult for you to wait and evacuate later).

Know that you're going to feel anxious and it will be difficult not to tune into the collective anxiety of your community and it will feel painful and oppressive, so just be prepared that not all of the feelings you'll feel will be your own.

I've felt this collective energy when we've had significant wildfires nearby. In my case, I just kept spontaneously crying. For weeks. And nothing had happened to me or my immediate community.

Clear your energy body and cut cords as many times as necessary each day.

If you have not yet done the meditation to call in guardians to protect your home and property, do that now (and I mean everyone….do that now).

The earth is full of collective trauma embedded in the soil and earthbound spirits that lower the vibration of our environment. The more we help to release those energies, the higher the vibration will be at the place you live.

I created this meditation to walk you through calling in these protective spirits to remove the low vibe energies and then protect your home.

And it works.

I asked my guides if doing this process to protect your home was somehow counter to the idea of just letting a storm take its proper course and was assured that it wasn't. It will actually help to raise your property up to a different plane of energy.

It's no guarantee that your home or property won't be affected by a natural disaster.

But it sure helps.

Ask your guardian spirits to keep watch and protect your home through the storm.

As the storm takes hold this week (or anytime in the future), do your best to come into your own heart energy and go or do what you are called to do.

We each have a unique gift to share with this world. Yours might be to assist in humanitarian efforts related to storms like this. Or it might be to share a beautiful piece of writing or music that will resonate with the people who need to hear it.

Or responding publicly in times like these might not be part of your calling at all.

Your gift may be expressed in ceremony with the earth.

Or in sharing energy healing with those affected by natural disasters.

You will know where your heart is pulled.

And you won't ever be steered wrong by your heart.

Know that I will be with you in spirit in these times, holding the vibration of love for the people and places in the path of these storms.

What is the spiritual meaning of a hurricane, tornado, wildfire or earthquake? And what can we do to send healing energy to help ease the pain? The answer might surprise you. Click through to read about what you should (and should not) be doing when a natural disaster strikes.