Does Nature Turn You On?

Look, there’s no delicate way to start this discussion. Or probably there is, but that’s just not my style. So here’s my question…

Does nature turn you on?

Or rather, do you ever get turned on while in nature? 

Or had a specific experience with a nature spirit, star being, or planet that you would consider sensual? Sexual, even? 

It may have been in a waking state, while dreaming or even meditating.

If so, you’re not alone.

And if not, you’re not alone either! In my super informal and highly unscientific poll on my Instagram Stories last weekend, about 70% of people said they hadn’t experienced anything like this.

But 30% said they had.

Honestly, I didn’t plan on ever writing a blog post about this. 

Or talking about it to anyone. Ever.

I used all kinds of different search terms online to see if I could find anything about it, but the only thing I learned is that there is apparently a segment of the population who is very much into Bigfoot erotica. Don’t say I didn’t warn you if you decide to look it up.

Lord help me if I ever have to explain my browser search history…

But then someone asked me last week if you could have a sexual encounter with a planet and I was like okayyyyyyyy. I guess I DO need to write about it so there’s something to be found online when you type into your search bar:

Getting turned on by nature. Or the planets.

Or something like that.

Because believe it or not, when you have these experiences, there’s a whole lot more going on with your physical and energetic body than you might have realized. And it’s super cool!

First though, let’s cover what I’m NOT talking about when I’m talking about sensual experiences with unseen energies of any kind.

I’m not talking about sex with ghosts. 

Although according to yet another embarrassing internet search, that is also a thing some people are into. 

And a very real thing that I suppose it makes sense you can do by inviting a disembodied spirit into your bedroom. If you do this, I highly suggest being clear that you only want to connect with energies who are connected with the light. Don’t say I didn’t warn you about this either.

Or you’ll end up needing some spiritual surgery to have an attachment removed.

I’m also not talking about any kind of encounter with any energy that you don’t like, doesn’t feel safe, or feels forced upon you in any way. Just because something exists in a different dimension than we do doesn’t mean it’s smarter, stronger, or knows better than us. 

YOU are always in charge of your physical and energy body. You have free will. You can always command an energy to leave and they must listen. Boundaries are just as important in energy work as they are in our daily lives, so do the work to be comfortable with your own energy field and what is acceptable to you.

Side note: We spend the whole first module of the Earth Tenders Academy working with our energy bodies and setting boundaries for ourselves and our homes if you’d like to learn these skills.

Okay, now back to the fun stuff.

When I asked people to share anything they wanted about their “sensual” experiences with nature, there were a variety of responses. Most encounters seem to happen near the ocean or in the woods.

The way the breeze or the water touched their skin felt different somehow.

A few people have had arousing interactions with planetary energies.

Some experiences happened in dreamtime, some were during solo pleasure sessions, and some were spontaneous.

Personally, I’ve noticed over the years that my body sometimes responds to certain deep meditations or shamanic journeys. But it was only more recently that I had a much more direct experience when I was visiting a sacred spot and was given a vision of a cedar tree branch touching me gently.

At first I was like, oh, isn’t that nice…

But as I sat there with my eyes closed in meditation, the Bigfoot elder stood nearby and said…cedar is sensual.

And I was still not getting it.

Mmhmm….I said, very nice. I do like cedar…

Wait, what?!

I suddenly came back to this reality. 

What is happening right now?? Is this Bigfoot foreplay? Is that even a thing?! 

And if it is a thing, I’m not really sure it’s my thing….

So I hopped up from my spot on the soft forest floor and took a walk around the trail. Bigfoot was still with me, quietly walking alongside while I asked a bunch of questions. Mostly to myself.

Then I settled back down under the canopy of trees and did some toning which also felt deeply sensual.

Then I closed my eyes again and asked for more information.

As it turned out, it wasn’t sex, per se, that was being suggested. It was more of a merging of energy. That my body happened to find alluring.

Pleasure opens doors, Bigfoot said.

Relax, let your guard down…

And as I relaxed deeper into the journey, I began to see images I was already familiar with. Things I’ve seen before in other journeys and in my akashic records. Stories of other lives I’ve lived.

But this time, they were all tied together in a new way. I suddenly understood that I am the Bigfoot and the Bigfoot is me.

I received a message that I have reached a level of maturity to begin consciously sharing in partnership with this part of me. That my light body could now work with theirs.

This was an experience of remembering. 

And the act of remembering our other dimensional selves is deeply pleasurable.

Honestly, I thought that’s as far as this journey was going to go. But a few weeks later I was flipping through the book Earth, Pleiadian Keys to the Living Library, looking for something else. And, as this book does to me all the time, it flipped open to a very specific page.

The first sentence of Chapter 8 says: The Living Library’s doorway in your body is your genitals, and if you learn to use this doorway, it serves as an opening into the records of time.

Umm, what?!

Is this what Bigfoot meant by…pleasure opens doors?

I’ve read and referred to this book a zillion times.

The living library is accessed through our genitals?! I seriously don’t remember reading that before. Or most likely I did and my brain did not compute and just kept on going.

But it was computing now!

So here’s the deal – the Earth’s Living Library (there are more libraries in other locations) is basically a giant cosmic potluck of knowledge. Different energies from all over the universe contributed information to this library and individual energies can visit to explore and learn what they need for their own personal development. 

Except that Earth has been locked to most off-planet exploration for a very long time. 

But in 2020, we have anchored in a new timeline and things are opening back up. More energies can get in now (very selectively) to collect useful and valuable information.

Because humans are the stewards of the Earth, you can think of our bodies like the library card. We each hold the access to all of the information in the entire library. If you’re an energy not embodied on the Earth, you need someone with a body on the Earth to help you get what you need.

How do they do that?

By merging with your energy.

And who are they really? 

Other versions of you for the most part.

But you have to be a match to their frequency, as Bigfoot said that I now was.

You also have to be a match to the frequency of love to act as a library card. In this merging of consciousness, like I experienced with Bigfoot, information can flow in both directions. 

From Bigfoot into this reality and from this reality to Bigfoot’s.

And again, I thought THAT was all I needed to know on the subject.

But as I sat down to channel and ask a few more questions before writing this blog post, I was sent even deeper into my understanding. After a bit of channeled information came through about using our creative life force to experience being creators in this universe, I was directed to refer back to another Pleiadian channeling from Barbara Marciniak called Bringers of the Dawn that includes an entire chapter on exploring our sexuality in this way.

As most of us have experienced, merging frequencies with others (human or otherwise) on the vibration of love is deeply sensual.

When we relax into our sexuality, it is a frequency we can ride through our nervous system that allows our spiritual self to leave the body and connect with other dimensions and energies in space and time. 

Our sexual vibration is our link with our cosmic identity.

The book explains that for many generations, before our DNA was rearranged, the way many people reached the higher realms and off-planet frequencies was through the electromagnetic bonding of love. Through that experience, they basically created a rocket ship-like experience to propel them into other systems of reality.

Cool, huh?

Looks like maybe we get to have that experience in this timeline too. And I’m totally down for that.

I shouldn’t have been surprised that this chapter pretty much confirmed everything I have experienced or learned from Bigfoot. 

Including the fact that the orgasmic experience helps us to remember our higher identity. And that through this experience of remembering, we begin to unite many of our multidimensional selves in our physical body.

You know, embodiment.

Basically the point of this grand ascension journey we’re all on.

But what does this all have to do with nature??

Ultimately, the Pleiadians repeat multiple times in both Earth and Bringers of the Dawn that there are two important keys to merging consciousnesses. 

Love and value both yourself and the Earth.

We don’t get to do this without Gaia. The Earth itself is also participating in these experiences right along with us.

Also, these experiences occur when we are the right frequency match for other energies to merge with us. And the fastest, easiest way to do that is by being in nature.

The baseline frequency of a plant or tree is much higher than our typical human frequency. When we’re in nature, our body seeks to find resonance with it, thereby immediately raising our vibration. So the more time you spend in nature, the easier it is for other energies to connect with our energy.

It’s also easier during times when we’re literally IN nature because we’re vibrating at nature’s frequency at that exact moment. So yeah, if you start feeling a little frisky in the woods or at the beach, it’s most likely another energy (probably another version of you) knocking on the door and asking to come in.

To help you remember.

And to collect some useful information from the Living Library to take back home.

So while I guess nature itself may not be the one turning us on, we can certainly get turned on in nature much easier than in our bedrooms.

Just maybe relax and enjoy the vibration while you’re in a public place and wait until you get home to act on it. I’m not bailing you out if you get arrested for indecent exposure.