The Universe

What Is a Stargate Portal?

A few months ago I was repeatedly nudged awake overnight so that something could be explained to me. 

This was a bit odd. 

An energy was coming through to talk to me about stargate portals.

Typically I’m either shown something within the dream state or in a waking state so being pestered to kind of wake up in the middle of the night to grasp a complicated topic was a little out of the ordinary.

When I finally gave up fighting the gentle shaking of my shoulder and focused on the information coming through, I was shown three multidimensional sacred geometry symbols floating over different parts of the land here where I live.


One was over a spot where two very unusual flowers had just appeared a few days before, one was over my garden and the third one was over the Purple Portal.

The beings showing them to me said they were stargate portals.

I was then told to open my heart center and connect with one.

Think of yourself in a multidimensional way, they said.

Maybe this is why they wanted to catch me in a groggy state. I couldn’t overthink the instructions or question them.

Instinctively, I kind of merged myself into this stargate portal.

Now that I was a bit more awake, I started asking questions.

How are these stargates different from the portals? I asked.

The stargates appeared to me as a tube of energy connected directly to other planets. They can also connect to specific energies, like the energy of abundance.

Just step into the energy and let it flow to you, they said.

At this point, the energy of a bee fairy I’d been seeing lately showed up so I asked him what he knew about these stargate portals.

He just kind of shrugged (can bees shrug??) and said…

I don’t know. You’re the one who put them there.

Wait, what? 

I tuned into the energy a bit deeper trying to understand how that could be possible and then I got what he meant. It wasn’t me me. But it was another version of me. One who apparently knows all the things about these stargates.

Coincidentally (?!) ascension guide Sandra Walter announced that she would be teaching a class on the new stargate system a few days later and so I signed up, figuring it was the other me trying to teach this me what I needed to know.

To begin with, these stargates opened all over the world in January 2020 as the new primary timeline anchored in. 

They have been opening to assist us in aligning with the new energies.

As the ascension process has continued, the Earth’s old grid system including its chakras, ley lines and grids have fallen away and been replaced by the new Crystalline Grid. The crystal core of the earth has been activated by the influx of light and codes and it has emanated that light out to activate this new grid system.

Sound familiar? Through ascension, our crystalline light bodies are also activating. The Earth is literally having the same ascension experience we are. 

I mean, of course it is. We are reflections of each other and we’re all doing this together!

But guess what else is becoming crystalline??

All of the planets in the solar system, galaxy, and universe too.

The elementals and plant, animal and fungi kingdoms are also reconnected to this grid. As are the old Atlantean and Lemurian grids.

The crystal beds and aquifers have connected as well.

It’s all merged. There’s no more separation and we’re all working together with the same energy.

And now that we’re all functioning on this crystalline system, the stargates have opened to reconnect us to each other and all that is directly. No middle men needed.

The multiverse is quickly becoming our new default reality.

But this is where things get confusing for those of us accustomed to duality consciousness (you know, all of us incarnated here on Earth). The stargates are quantum so there’s no such thing as good/bad or open/closed. There are many things happening simultaneously.

Like I’m asleep in my bed and I’m also opening stargates apparently.

All of these DNA activations that we’ve been experiencing for years are now allowing us to align with all of the other versions of ourselves. Which means you’re going to be bumping into yourself a whole lot more often from here on out. 

When I asked my guides (or rather, myself) about these stargates specifically opening here where I live I was told that they’ve been opened in locations around the world. They’re a new network for on and off-Earth travel.

It takes beings on the land here holding the energy and vibration necessary – not just myself but all of the energies involved with the portals to open the door to this version of the Earth plane. And now the stargates are opening the door to a much wider population to come in and have a look around.

But it’s still not open to just any old energy hanging around in the universe.

Sandra said in her workshop that “only those in service to the pure and true ascension are allowed in”.

I was shown how that actually works here on the land when I seemed a bit nervous about my property being a waystation in the middle of time and space with a flashing neon light saying: Earth Entrance Here!

I mean….there’s already little green men wandering around the front yard sometimes, now who was going to be showing up? 

But I didn’t need to worry.

As usual, Bigfoot has my back. 

Or rather, Bigfoot has Earth’s back.

I’m not sure about other stargates, but at least here, there’s a Bigfoot immigration desk sitting right on the trail in front of one of the stargates. The energies coming in have to go through Bigfoot customs and get their passport stamped.

The visitors must declare the intention of their visit and Bigfoot feels their vibration to know if that is true. So thank your local Bigfoot for taking on this job.

I have to be honest, tt was a really funny image to see. 

All these different creatures lined up waiting to sit at Bigfoot’s desk and get the stamp of approval.

So anyway, these stargates are merging what we consider to be the past, present and future into one. A “zero point”. All of our energy, our knowing, and all versions of ourselves are being returned to us through these new stargates.

We’re releasing old stories and timelines that we no longer need.

Almost as soon as 2020 began, I started working with some other versions of myself called the 9th Collective through the Red Portal who showed me how to consciously remove old timelines

In fact, if you’d like to do this work yourself, I’ve added an entire module to the Earth Tenders Academy on exactly how to do this and many people have shared their experiences with me after doing the work themselves of being able to simply let go of old traumas and stories from their lives. 

Because the energies, our DNA, and all of the other versions of ourselves are supporting us in doing that!

What we are shifting into is the remembrance that we are creators living in a creative universe. We don’t need all that old, dense energy weighing us down anymore.

The Schumann Resonance (also sometimes called the Earth’s heartbeat) is the Earth quite literally broadcasting out to all of us, the crystalline grid, other planets and the entire universe…

Hey! We’re awake! Let’s co-create something!

And when you start layering in all of these other versions of yourself into your reality, you can get REALLY creative. 

Believe it or not, we’re not actually here to fix the things that are being dismantled in our current reality, we’re here to create something new. And when we do that, we’re bringing that new reality forward for everyone even faster.

So start playing with some new ideas.

What could be possible when you’re working in the quantum field?

For the past few years, I’ve heard many lightworkers say that it’s no longer necessary to physically visit sacred sites. You can simply tune into their energy from wherever you are. And this is true.

But I’ve also found that if there is a place you want to visit or work with, you’ll find things that you left for yourself when you visit those places. And those things may not have been there on your last visit, or even yesterday.

Simply by setting your intention to co-create with that place, other pieces of you are able to drop in and leave a little code, a bit of light, or the answer you were looking for. It wasn’t there before, but it is there now.

Because it’s all happening in this now moment. You follow?

Okay, let’s get back to the stargates.

Would you like to find, see, connect with or open one? 

Let’s start with the basics. 

Get your hands onto the Earth. That will recalibrate your magnetic system. Ground your energy into the earth, connect your crown chakra to the pillar of light, and open your heart. Feel into your connectedness to all that is. 

Merge with the earth, expand your merged energy out to the crystalline grids and to the human heart grid. Ask permission from the Earth to open new stargates and connect them to the land.

Because this is quantum, remember that you may receive information or visions in meditations or dreams (or a kind of in-between space like I did).

But you can also get out on the land. What do you see in the physical? Animal activity? Large circles of trees, junction points? These are all clues and good practice for beginning to perceive the non-physical.

Then, find a friendly tree to lean against and merge your field with the tree’s field. Ask if the tree can show you a stargate.

Again, be creative.

How do you like to express yourself? 

Use your favorite tools to connect with the Earth and other dimensions – sound, sacred geometry, toning, light language, etc. You can lay your artwork on the ground as a gift, draw symbols in the dirt, set out your crystals, flowers or herbs. Share water or soil from sacred sites, drum or sing as offerings.

Let the new Earth be expressed through you.

When you do connect with stargates, plug into the other planets, the sun, the galaxy… whatever you’d like. You’re helping to rewire the connections that have been down for a very, very long time. 

When you are aligned with these energies, you become the open door.

You become the stargate portal.

And when you let your love and light flow easily into the grids, you have the opportunity to create the new Earth now.

Activate the stargate flow wherever you go.

Light up the grid.

Release the old and create the new.

And so it is.