The Universe

Can multiple truths be true?

A few months ago, I woke up in the middle of the night and couldn’t fall back asleep.

That’s pretty unusual for me – I tend to sleep pretty soundly and really work at getting back to sleep if I wake up.

But this particular night I was totally awake.

So while I laid there, I started thinking some deep thoughts. Nature of the universe stuff. I don’t remember what now, but it was more specific and detailed than I could do in a groggy, sleepy state.

While laying there, eyes open, doing my contemplating, my husband rolled over, bumped me, and told me to stop snoring.

Umm….definitely not snoring. I said. Totally awake over here.

No you’re not, you’re snoring REALLY loud! He said.


Now I was getting annoyed.

We went back and forth like this for another minute before he got annoyed that I was now keeping him awake by arguing with him about something he was so certain was true.

But I was also certain what I was saying was true.

It was impossible that I could be snoring when I was so obviously already awake.


But now that I was so completely awake, I laid there asking myself exactly that question.

What if we were both right?

Can multiple truths be true??

I was snoring. And I was also awake.

The more I felt into it, the more “true” it felt to me.

And if those two opposing truths could be true at the same time, how can we ever be certain what even is true?

What if we can’t?

What if we’re not supposed to?

I realized the next day that I had this experience so I could see how our reality on Earth is shifting. We’re being shown what it means to shift from duality consciousness to unity consciousness.

Duality consciousness is the paradigm or “primary timeline” that has governed our existence on earth for a very long time. We have been conditioned to believe that this truth is the only truth or reality.

That the basic elements of creation are all defined by having an opposite. And then assigning qualities of good or bad to each element. True or false. Right or wrong.

Our entire lives are built around learning what the truth is. Go to school, learn the answers, then build your life around what you’re certain is true.

If others don’t hold the same truths as us, we’re told that it’s because they must be uneducated. They just haven’t read the right books or had the right teachers or studied the right religion. Because if they did, certainly they would know what we know.

The truth.

Right and wrong. Black and white. No gray areas allowed.

But in unity (or christ) consciousness, it can all be true.

When we talk about source energy, we’re talking about the source of all that is, has been, or ever will be. 

Literally every single thing in the universe is a fractal of source experiencing some reality in order to learn and grow.

It is the eternal “I” in “I AM” in everything that “is”.

It can also be called….GOD.

A (G)enerating, (O)rganizing, (D)estroying force.

Still with me??

Every single one of us is God. Source energy expressing itself.

You are God, I am God, cats are definitely God (but they already knew that). And yes, Donald Trump is God too.

Actually, I’m pretty sure he also knows that.

But hang in there with me as we take the scenic route back to the point of this post.

Want to know a fun game I play with my brain to help me remember this idea that we’re all God? Every time I see one of those church letterboard message signs, I replace the word God with “You, Me, or I” and almost every time, it totally makes sense.

“You made the world, you get to make the rules”. TOTALLY!

We live in an infinitely creative universe that is ever expanding. What do you want to create? 

Okay, here’s a fun one:

“You created sex. Aren’t you great?!”

I mean, I have no idea the purpose of this sign for a church. But it’s still not wrong. You incarnated into a human body to experience what it’s like to be human. Including the physical benefits not available to you as a non-incarnated being.

So yes Trinity Christian Reformed Church, you got it right. The fractals of source in human form are pretty great!

So anyway, unity consciousness says that we’re all one.

Every single person, animal, rock, tree, and even the Earth itself.

We’re all just pieces of the same whole with our own unique frequency, choosing to experience the universe in a variety of different ways.

We each have many different versions of ourselves in many different dimensions and realities playing out different experiences.

Spoiler alert, you’re not always the “good” guy. And good is subjective anyway.

But all of your experiences lead you back to the truth. That we are all one.

Wait, what if that’s not the truth either?? Damn, I tripped myself up there. 

I mean, the truth could also be that we live one life, die, and it’s all over.

Oh yes. That’s right.

I’m back on track.

That could for sure be the truth. One truth out of many.

But the fun part is that all of the different versions of yourself get to decide what your truth is.

But guess what the not so fun part of this game is…

Letting other people have their own truths.

I know.

It’s hard.

Because you know the truth!!

And you just want everyone else to be as happy and content as you are in the perfect bubble of knowledge and truth that you live in.

Maybe one day they will wake up and see the error in their ways and come join you in your truth utopia.

And if you just want to see this duality consciousness experiment play out in live time, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, there’s one place you’ll be sure to find it.


You know, that place we go to all feel so connected to our friends and family and a bunch of people we’re friends with but can’t remember who they are? 

Yeah, there.

Facebook is damn good at stoking duality consciousness.

Your friend posts: Here’s an article with quotes from an expert to prove my truth is correct!

79 of their friends in the comments: Here are all of the reasons your truth isn’t true, can’t possibly be true, will never be true and links to articles from other experts that prove it!!

Times infinity.

But if we can really, truly grasp unity consciousness, then we know that every single person in our feed is just another little piece of ourselves as source. A piece that’s chosen to have a different set of experiences. And experience being source in another way.

In fact, what if the algorithm IS you? You creating the experience you want to have? You seeing all of the different truths that exist in the world? You co-creating the universe into existence??

Insert head exploding emoji here.

This is how we can begin to grasp that absolutely every truth is true. And we’re creating our truth as we go, one choice at a time.

And just as firm as you are in your truth, other people are in theirs.

I know.

It’s hard.

We don’t want to believe it.

We’ve spent so much time and money to be sure that our truth is the real truth.

But dang. 2020 is breaking our truths in half and then stomping on them.

I know you’re desperate to know who’s right and who’s wrong in the great mask debate, but the energies of 2020 are saying to us….maybe all of the truths are true.

That ultimately, we have to come back to ourselves and decide what we want to experience in this moment. Nobody is going to tell us for sure what is right and what is wrong.

Or actually EVERYONE is going to tell us what is right and what is wrong and they will have the data and the science to back it up! It doesn’t even matter what “side” they’re on, but their science is the right science!

See how this works?

All truths are true.

You just have to decide which ones are true for you. And then be okay with letting others have theirs, even if they’re different from yours.

When we can each do that, we shift from fear to love.

To compassion.

To understanding.

And in that place, we suddenly find the unity we’re all searching for.