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What is a Vortex?

I did a property reading last week and saw something I hadn't seen before while energetically scanning the property lines. It looked like a large glowing star and when I asked my guides what I was seeing, they explained that it was a vortex. So, what is a vortex?

In the reading, I asked if there was anything the homeowner needed to be aware of or do as a result of having this vortex on their property and was told that it was really no big deal.

The vortex was functioning just fine and was allowing the energy to flow as it should.

After a few days, I was still thinking about the vortex and how little I know about them. Many of us have probably visited some kind of tourist attraction with a mysterious house built on top of it where the laws of physics seem to change when you step inside. In fact, there's one right here in my town and I've visited it on a few occasions.

I decided to journey to ask my guides what I need to know about vortexes. My dragon guide stepped forward immediately and was insistent that this information was very important.

She said that vortexes are located all around the globe, where energy lines in the earth cross. She showed me the earth with a giant bubble surrounding it and the energy from each vortex extended from within the earth, up to this energetic barrier.

They are part of the earth's energy grid.

One purpose of a vortex is to provide transport between dimensions – we can travel energetically, like we do in astral travel. Our body remains here, but a portion of our energy (spirit?) can travel through the vortex.

The dragon showed me that she is actually in the 4th dimension, and I had traveled there to have this conversation with her. She wanted me to understand that there is inter-dimensional travel happening all the time.

Side note: Is this why we can't find a Bigfoot? Because they're moving back and forth between dimensions? I totally should have thought to ask that question!

So I asked more about how we should “behave” around a vortex, especially if there is one on your property.

She made it clear that you don't want to intentionally cover a vortex with anything. The swirling energy makes trees grow crooked and can cause the ground to shift or slightly sink.

If you've been on a mystery house tour that's built on a vortex, it's pretty clear why you wouldn't want a building on top of one! When I asked what someone could do if they did have a structure on top of a vortex and my guide said…move it!

And then laughed. (very funny….)

But you would need a very complex crystal grid to attempt to counteract that energy (and I am not a crystal grid expert). The house may also feel very BUSY energetically. I saw it a bit like the “waiting room” in Beetlejuice (and no, I'm definitely not going to say his name three times).

It also occurred to me that I didn't understand the difference between a vortex and a portal and it was explained that if a portal is a door, then a vortex is the highway.

Ultimately, we would use them for the same purpose to journey and communicate with our unseen helpers just like I was doing.

We don't need to physically be at a vortex in order to use them to travel – we can do it energetically, although I'm sure proximity helps. Isn't that the allure of places like Sedona?

In the meanwhile, the energy flowing through a vortex is helping to tune the earth's energy frequency.

Strangely, my energy was extremely sapped as soon as I started the journey and I struggled to get through it awake, which is very unusual. When I finished the journey, I immediately laid down for a nap and was very groggy afterwards. I'm not sure if this is related to the information at all, but I did find it very odd.

So, what has your experience been with vortexes? Leave me a comment and let me know!

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