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What is a Property Reading & Why Would I Want One?

I write quite a bit about the spirits of the land.

Here, here, and here for example.

The further into this journey I go, the more I feel the pull to work with them. I use the term “spirits of the land” in kind of a general way to describe any number of spirits that may be present on a particular piece of property – the keeper of the land, ancestors on the land, animal spirits, tree spirits, fairies and probably a whole bunch more I haven't encountered but most certainly exist.

I've been learning as I go – mainly from my guides, as the information available in books and online seems to be limited on this subject. And recently, they gave me some specific instructions – I should be offering readings to people with the messages from the land they live on.

Uhh, really?? Do I know how to do that?

Apparently so. And when I asked for more details – boy, did they give them to me! Two full pages of notes on the subject, including showing me what the report should look like to give to clients after a reading. It seems that my guides are also micromanagers – ha!

So, what is a property reading?

It's an opportunity for you to learn about who shares the land with you. And “land” can mean wherever you live at the moment. It could mean a large piece of property that you own, but it could also be a place in town that you rent, or an apartment on the 10th floor in a big city. No matter where we live, there is land under our feet.

The spirits don't care if you “own” the property. You are a steward of whatever land you live on, whether you can see it or not.

A property reading is very similar to one for yourself. In this case, I will ask to meet the keeper of the land, any ancestors present, grandmother or grandfather trees, and ask what messages they have for you.

I'll also do an energetic scan of the property, looking for any issues that may have occurred in that location at some point in the past. Hurt, pain, or trauma that is lingering on the land can stick to the area energetically, and gunk it up, interrupting the natural flow of energy.

Eventually, you may have areas where plants or trees will struggle to grow, property for sale that just won't sell, and just a general feeling of a void in the landscape.

Once these areas are identified, the spirits will help to provide any necessary energetic healing.

Even if you aren't experiencing any issues, spirit tells me that all land needs some energetic help that will improve life there. Just like each of us needs energetic healing for any number of issues in our current or past lives.

Your land spirits will also provide homework for you to keep your property in harmony and energetically balanced going forward – it might be a crystal grid, a ceremony, or a specific offering.

The messages from the land spirits really are amazing and supportive. They are very aware of us and how we're interacting with the land and are eager for the opportunity to co-create with us, or at the very least, for us to be conscious of them as we share the same little patch of earth.

If you'd like a Property Reading with the Spirits of Your Land, you can book an appointment here.

Wherever you live, there is land beneath you and spirits around you whose job it is to help care for it. A property reading will introduce you to them.