Talking With Nature

Whispering Pine Trees

On the road I live on, there is a grove of pine and fir trees. This is not unusual – I live in a forest filled with fir, pine and cedar trees – but from the first time I drove down this road to see this house, I felt like this grove was different…special.

Every time I walk through this grove I am escorted by ravens.

They stay in this section of trees for the most part and always chat with me as I walk through.

After about a year of living on this road and walking it on a regular basis, I one day asked the ravens to tell me about the stand of trees.

They said that they were sacred, although they didn’t tell me why or any other details.

As I walked back toward my house that day, I was marveling at the trees and enjoying their presence, when a squirrel hopped out of one of the trees next to me.  I said hello and she walked with me, up tree trunks, onto stumps and over pine needles all the way until I reached the end of this group of trees and then she disappeared into the forest.

According to Ted Andrews’ book Nature Speak: “Pine trees are very personable and very communicative.

You must be careful what you say around a pine tree or you will hear it softly whisper it to other trees.

If you hear pines whispering (the sound of the breeze rustling through them), others would soon know your secret. And because they are a taller tree, they easily pass those whispered secrets on.”

As for the squirrel: “It is often a message for us to have more fun. Most likely we’ve been so busy taking life so seriously that we have forgotten that play is important too.

On another note squirrel can also be signaling that we have to take a look at practical matters such as retirement, insurance, or even simple repairs. Are we adequately prepared?

A visit from Squirrel could also indicate that you need lighten your load of things that are unnecessary.

Things that you have gathered in the past and may be cluttering your life such as thoughts, worries, and stresses.”

So I can imagine that the trees must have been whispering about me as I walked through and sent the squirrel to amuse me and remind me lighten up and enjoy myself.

Can you hear the pine trees whisper?