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Lessons From the Trees at Muir Woods

The woods have been calling me for the past month. I didn’t know what they wanted to tell me, only that I needed to come visit. Alone. I finally made the trip yesterday and was not disappointed.

The giant redwoods are thousands of years old and have survived fire, flood and more and I knew they would have something to teach me.

As I entered the woods I focused on moving very slowly as they’ve been telling me.

I realized how most people enter beautiful natural places just the same as they would enter the grocery store. In a rush and continuing to chat away with family and friends about the same daily drama as always.

Ah. That's why it was important to come alone. No pressure to make conversation or move at someone else’s pace.

On the busy trail I was still able to interact with a few birds that didn’t mind coming close to me even while throngs of noisy people rattled by. I finally veered off to a less traveled path and was blissfully alone for a few hours of hiking.

The energy of these giant trees is very gentle. I did realize that in the first hour, my head was buzzing and filled with pressure while I was in their presence. My nose and lungs felt like I was hiking at a very high altitude with less oxygen (though I was at sea level).

During this time I could hear almost every tree gleefully shouting “Touch Me! Touch Me!” They seemed so happy I was there and interacting with them.

The trees told me that they wanted me to practice holding my vibration such that I could communicate with them. After awhile the feeling in my head subsided and I thought I was having trouble staying at the right vibration. They finally told me though that it took me a bit to get used to that vibration and now I had assimilated with it so I just felt “normal”.

They were pretty clear with me that I need to be practicing this kind of communication. I need to be out in nature every day possible and nature will support me and teach me. I also noticed that the energy with these trees was different for me than the trees in my neighborhood at home.

The trees at home are definitely MY trees and the ones I feel closest to.

I also need time alone. These messages all came over a four hour time period that I was alone in nature. A quick 20 minute walk is nice but it takes more time to really hear and absorb the messages.

Thanks to the trees, plants, birds and all of Mother Nature for supporting me in this journey.

If you're interested in talking with the trees, I have written my Five Simple Steps for Communicating With Nature. It's my gift to you for signing up for my email list.

If you listen carefully, they have plenty to say.