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Chats with Spiders

This is exactly how conversations with spiders (or anything else) goes in my head. You really can talk with any animal or bug or tree or plant just like this. While you just think you’re making up a funny conversation in your head, it’s likely the actual response that you’re hearing. It just sounds the …

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Connecting and talking with a lavender plant.

Plant Totem: Lavender

The largest lavender plant I’ve ever seen spoke quietly to me today. I was happy to see it and asked its permission to touch it. I quickly handled it and briefly enjoyed its intoxicating scent before hustling into the crosswalk while the light was still green. And now I just remembered this encounter and realized …

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My first dream about a mountain lion.

Mountain Lion Dream

I dream about mountain lion a few times a year. This time, I dreamt I was in a parking garage and looked into the bed of a pickup truck.  When I did, I saw a mountain lion that appeared to be dead.  It immediately jumped up and looked back at me.  I was frightened and …

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What do nuthatches symbolize?

Bird Totem: Pygmy Nuthatch

While working in the office today, a friend came running in the door and shouted “Who wants to see pygmy nuthatches right now?!” The answer was apparently all of us and we all ran outside with our binoculars to look. There they were in a stand of Ponderosa Pines in the park across the street. Pygmy Nuthatches …

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