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Dream: Mountain Lion (again)

*I always dream in italics. 

I'm working at a bank, helping out at another branch in another city. Mostly I work during the day but sometimes they need me to work overnight doing security for the building.

One night I'm there alone and am watching the local news and it shows a mountain lion caught on security camera footage stalking around a building. However, it gets too close to a security sensor of some kind and an alarm goes off, scaring it away. I realize that the building looks familiar. It's the same bank building that I'm working in.

A couple of hours pass and it's time to do a check outside the building. I need to be careful but what are the odds the cougar is still prowling around this night? I walk around outside and spot my (in real life) cat who waits for me outside while I work each day. I warn her about the mountain lion but she doesn't seem especially concerned (isn't that just like a cat…) and as I come around back to the front of the building, there it is. The mountain lion. Very close by. And it immediately spots me.

I turn to run but realize that's not a good idea so I turn to face it and it stops. I try to organize all of the keys I'm holding in my hands so I can quickly get back into the building. I shout at the cat GO AWAY KITTY! but my voice is very hoarse and has no power to really shout. I keep slowly backing away and hoarsely shouting and the cat keeps moving closer. I finally dive for the front of the building and hit the button on a remote to bring down a big metal gate. Somehow it works and the cat can't reach me.

Back inside other employees have since arrived to work although it's the middle of the night. I tell them what's happening but nobody seems worried. I'm now worried about MY cat that's outside and try to peek out the front doors but can't see anything. That's when I realize that I don't have my phone. I must have dropped it outside and I really need to get it back. I convince a coworker to look out for me as I sneak back outside.

I look around the building to where my cat was waiting for me. I can't see her but I realize there is a big smear of blood on the ground. I shout and cry for her and walk closer, but realize something doesn't look quite right. It's not my cat that's been attacked by the mountain lion, it's a skunk. And it's definitely dead. I find my cat sitting right there waiting for me and no sign of the cougar. 

I woke up and quickly wrote everything down.

I've been having lots of dreams I can't remember for weeks now I had finally had one I remembered! I thought perhaps a book I've been reading might have seeped into my subconscious. One of the main characters was chased by a cougar in a dream as well.

However, this isn't the first time I've had a dream with a mountain lion pursuing me.

I knew there was something else important from the dream but I couldn't recall what it was. I got up, made some tea and sat down with my Sacred World oracle cards.

I asked my guides to help me remember what I was forgetting in the dream. As I slowly shuffled the cards, OWL popped up right on top.

OH YEAH! Owl. I had dreamed there was a Great Horned Owl in the trees above my head at some point in the dream. It flew back and forth between the trees. Thanks guides….you guys are the best!

I looked both totems up: Cougar is a sign that you have come into your own power and it's time to take charge and be strong. Owl says to listen to your inner voice and watch for signs that will guide you forward.

I texted a quick synopsis of the dream to a friend who simply said: Power is chasing you. Why are you running?

Good point. And what about MY CAT?! I've had quite a few dreams lately where we're together. Could we be dreaming together? She only shows up in the dreams I can pinpoint as feeling like I've traveled to another dimension. She's beginning to be a marker to let me know in the dream that's what's happening.

Anyone else have a pet that comes along for the ride in the dreamtime?

Mountain Lion keeps popping up in my dreams. What does it mean?