Dreams In Other Dimensions: Medicine Room


*I always dream in italics.

I was traveling with my disabled sister. We were from a very large family who had moved to Canada at some point. Most of the children in the family had been adopted and many had disabilities. Our parents decided it was time to move back to the US but we could only go a few at a time and had to travel by bicycle. It was going to be a long journey.

My sister and I were some of the older siblings so we were the second group to go and were catching up with our older brothers. After the first day of travel we had hotel reservations. She was in a normal hotel room and I was in Room 12. I tucked her in and then headed to my room.

I went down the hallway and found that my room had a very small door with a strange lock. I was carrying my (in real life) cat with me. When we went through the door, there was a landing with a flight of wooden stairs and many of them were broken. At the bottom was a large fenced in outdoor area. I had to crawl backwards on my hands and feet to get down the stairs and lower my items on a dumbwaiter to the bottom.

I walked around and found a guy tending a car wash. He had shooed the cat away so I had to find her and pick her up. I asked where my hotel room was and he said there was a little medicine room there that he rented out. I told him the stairs were broken and he said he'd give me a discount. I told him that was not acceptable since my sister might need to reach me in the middle of the night and decided I would go back to the front desk to see if they had another room.

As the cat and I headed back to the stairs, I worried that the hotel might not have another room and maybe I should just stay. I wanted to stay because there were beautiful gardens everywhere. There were pear trees growing along a fence that the cat kept reaching for as we walked but I never did ask to see the room.

It took some effort to get back up the broken stairs and when I reached the landing, the man's son was in some kind of control booth. He was trying to help me collect my belongings but they had gotten mixed up with his things and we had a hard time sorting it out as we had very similar items. As I was trying to put everything back into the box I had I woke up.

As I woke up I heard two times: YOUR BIAS IS EVIDENT

So….what do we think? Was I visiting another dimension? Should I have asked to see the medicine room? I'm SO sorry I didn't see what was inside. Can I go back and visit again? Do I let my “responsibilities” keep me from what I really want to do? What does the phrase I heard in my head mean?

Dreams in Other Dimensions