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Receiving Guidance in a Dream


*I always dream in italics.

I dreamt of a bookstore / spiritual store with lots of people milling around. As I was looking at some Native American items someone behind me said “What happened to you?”

I said “nothing big, just lots of little things” She asked me to sit down and said that someone is energetically connected to me from my past that needs to be released. Years ago, over drinks, they connected to me in a way that they shouldn’t have and they have followed me into my new life and don’t belong.

I immediately thought I knew who it was but she was hesitant that it was a man so I wasn’t sure any longer. She said I needed to burn a campfire, add some sage and command the energy to be released.

This was a very unique dream for me – it's not often I am given direct advice or instructions from my guides in a dream.

Although the directions were quite clear, I wasn't sure where I should do the ceremony or even believe that I had the ability to release the energy. In fact, my initial feeling was that it was a living person who had connected to me energetically and I needed to cut cords with them.

It didn't occur to me initially that it would be someone in spirit but I have since learned that attachment spirits are quite common.

After a week or two of discussion with two of my intuitive friends, we made a plan.

The three of us gathered and did as instructed – with the power of three rather than just one. I had never done anything like this before and was nervous to do it alone. Or at all.

This all sounds like an episode of Charmed. I know.

We held hands and repeated out loud a short message asking the spirit to leave. During this time, I had my eyes closed to focus and repeatedly saw big flashes of light. I thought perhaps it was headlights from the neighborhood, but my friends didn't see the same. I later learned that this was a message from my protector spirit, Archangel Michael.

She was reluctant to go but ultimately left. Attachment spirits are spirits that have not crossed over and need energy from humans to continue on since they are not in contact with source energy.

If you'd like to learn more about attachment spirits, Sarah Petruno Shamanism's blog is a great resource.

What do you do if your guides tell you there is a spirit attached to you?

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