Talking With Nature

Plant Totem: Lavender

The largest lavender plant I’ve ever seen spoke quietly to me today.

I was happy to see it and asked its permission to touch it. I quickly handled it and briefly enjoyed its intoxicating scent before hustling into the crosswalk while the light was still green.

And now I just remembered this encounter and realized that I hurried yet again. I did not slow down.

That plant wanted to speak to me. Perhaps just to reminisce about all of the time I’d spent nurturing a lavender farm in the past.

I went back to the lavender plant later in the week and spent a bit more time with it. That always seems weird when you're in the middle of a city block. How often do you actually see people stop and interact with plants?

It seemed happy to see me and I began to walk away but it called to me to come back. I enjoyed handling it and releasing the oils to enjoy the soothing scent.

Then, it very firmly said…take some with you.

I asked if it was sure and it told me that the flowers would bloom and fade anyway so it would be happy if I could take a piece to enjoy with me. I picked a bloom and was happy to have it in my hands as I walked.

Soon after, I understood that it wanted me to feel the connection to my family farm and enjoy the memories I have from tending the lavender there.

Connecting and talking with a lavender plant.