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Messages from Nature

Slow down.

This is a message I’ve been getting for months. I recently associated it with connecting with nature. That I need to slow down in order to vibrate on the same level and hear the messages. But now I just realized its a much bigger message for me.

I need to move at a slower speed overall in my life.

I cannot work at the speed that I have worked my entire adult life anymore. I need to slow down in order to move forward.

My current “work” is not as important as I give it credit for. It sustains me financially. But I cannot allow it to drain me.

I will have more energy and attention for more important things if I allow myself to slow down and move at a more deliberate pace.

I have known this in a subtle way since last fall but I think it is finally time to embrace it and put it into practice.

Slow down your pace, slow down your speech, just slow down.

What does nature have to say to us?