Talking With Nature

Moving at the Speed of Nature

Today I talked with an old pine tree in my backyard.

I knew there was a tree out there that wanted to talk to me, but I didn’t know which one until I walked outside.  After confirming that it wanted to share with me, it asked me to sit at its base and lean against it. I told him that I couldn’t feel him as much that way and he said it was easier if my bare skin was touching so I placed my hand on his trunk as we sat together.

He told me that my true home is here, among the trees and not on the road traveling as I have been spending much of my time.  I knew that to be true already, but it was nice to have the tree confirm it.  He wanted me to go for a walk down to a sacred grove of trees that were recently thinned out and visit with them.

I asked if there was a specific message, but there didn’t seem to be.

As I walked, the trees pointed out some garbage that needed picking up.  They always do this and I try to remember to bring a bag to collect trash but I had forgotten.  I told them I’d forgotten and apologized.

As I walked down the hill and around the corner, I spotted an empty trash bag stuck on a tree along the side of the road and laughed.  Okay, okay….I’ll pick up the trash.

I climbed up the small hill and retrieved the bag and then walked back to the piece of garbage I had already passed up to put it in the bag.

As I resumed my walk, I had a squirrel shout at me (they do a lot of that) and quite a few nuthatches chirp and coo as I passed.  Over and over again, I was reminded to slow down my pace.

When I reached the sacred grove, there was more than one tree that wanted my attention.  Three of them asked me to visit with them.  They all told me that they were okay with the thinning of the trees for the good of the forest.  I told them that it looked like the method was a bit rougher than it had to be and they did agree with that.

We exchanged some feel good vibes and then I headed back (picking up more trash as I went).

As I returned, I was told why I need to slow down.

The rest of nature vibrates at a slower speed than we do.  If we move too fast, we can’t see or hear it and we miss the message.  Slow down and listen.  That IS the message.  Nature is talking to us.

Nature vibrates at a slower speed than we do.