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How We Manifested Our New Home

This isn't going to be what you think. Five steps to manifesting your new home. If it were that easy, it would already have been done. For some people it IS easy. But they likely have something else in their life that they really want that seems to be just out of reach.

For me? Manifesting rental homes, easy. Manifesting jobs, easy. Manifesting a permanent home I really really want? Not so much.

When I really think about it, this story goes back to sometime shortly after we were married. It's been so long, I'm not even sure now…2005? 2006? When I met my husband he owned his own home that he had proudly purchased himself at age 21. That's another story for another day. It was a cute little house on a big lot in an older subdivision. Operative term: little. 850 square feet to be exact. By the time we got married, he had lived there 12 years and together we made cozy and comfortable.

But really, we wanted a place in the country. Perhaps I wanted a place in the country initially, but my husband didn't need much convincing.

We started looking. Prices had already started coming down from the peak. The house we were in was worth WAY more than it should have been. If we did it right, we could get out of that one and into something else at a better price than it had been a few years before. We looked, and we looked and we looked some more.

Two years passed. The only things in our price range either needed to be torn down or were built alongside a freeway or railroad tracks. It wasn't the right time.

And then I stopped into an open house one afternoon on the way home from shopping. It was in a subdivision (ugh) but otherwise fit all of our needs, including our budget. We decided that perhaps it was too much to try to go from the tiny little starter house to a home in the country. We needed to trade up into a better neighborhood (ours was getting sketchier by the day) that would hold its value and in five years, we could afford to move to the country. It was decided and we moved in the spring of 2007.

And then the market crashed.

Fast forward to the end of 2013 and our decision to move to Montana. Surely, our money would go further there. There were so many more rural properties available. We would find our country home in no time.

After a major move, we weren't in a hurry to do it again anytime soon. We were in a lovely rental in a lakeside community and wanted to take our time getting to know the area and where we wanted to live. But a year and a half in, we were given notice that our rental was going on the market. It was time to get serious.

From April until December 2015, we looked in earnest. Houses too close to the highway, houses that needed too much work, properties with giant transformers on them.

We were like Goldilocks: too big, too small, too shady, no room for a garden, no garage for my husband's business, too close to town, too far from town, sketchy wells, suspect septic systems, and a whole lot of WHAT THE HELL WERE THEY THINKING WHEN THEY BUILT THIS?!

At some point during this year I thought…we're trying to hard. We need to let it come to us. I tried EVERYTHING about the Laws of Attraction. I visualized that we already had our perfect place.

I stuffed my pockets full of crystals before property visits, I meditated, I journaled, I asked friends and I even took out a Craigslist ad for the type of place we were looking for. This was a surprisingly good idea.

Some of the most interesting options came from people responding to my ad. But still, not the right thing.

Just before Christmas 2015, our rental sold and we had 30 days to move. It was a mess, really. The rental market here is tight on a good day but trying to find something during the holidays that allows pets, has a garage and room to park our trailer? Nearly impossible.

But we found a house…two blocks from my office and through a strange series of lucky events, our rental company paid for movers to get us out of the house earlier than we were scheduled to leave.

After the shock of a sudden move wore off, we slowly ventured back into the real estate market. Over time, there were two properties we were interested in, but in both cases, they were taken off the market when they learned we wanted to put in an offer. Foiled again! And clearly, a message that they were not the right places.

During this long period of time, people kept saying to me….perhaps it's just a timing thing!

That may have been true, but it is hands-down the most frustrating thing to hear. So….in theory I can manifest anything that I am a match to energetically. But after doing everything I've been told to do to line up with that vibration and it's not happening….it's just a TIMING thing?!? Really?!

It was very difficult to remain optimistic at this point. We would give up and then find something that we would get excited about only to have our hopes dashed again. It was exhausting. The low point was seeing a house that we knew had foundation issues but were hopeful they could be resolved only to find upon closer inspection that the house had been built on top of a natural spring. Umm, no.

In the meanwhile, our best friends (and, like, everyone else in the world) had found a new home after only a few weeks of searching. It was in an area we had always liked and had a five acre lot for sale right around the corner. Every time we would drive by we would say…..darn, that is a nice piece of property.

BUT….it was too expensive, we couldn't afford to build….blah, blah, blah, blah.

And then the price was reduced over the summer. Twice.

Finally, in the fall, I remembered one of the calls I got on my Craigslist ad. It was from a local builder who wanted to know if we were interested in building. I looked at their website up again. They build on spec: buy the land for you and build your home and you just have to take the loan out from them at the end. Seemed like perhaps a good option. And their prices were affordable.

I called them back up, reminded them that we had talked in January (it was now October) and told them about the land. The salesperson was lovely but gave me all of the warnings: that's more than they typically spend for a piece of land, the location is further away than they normally build, the land out there is rocky….they really couldn't be sure if they could build there until the owner went out and took a look and he was out on his annual elk hunt indefinitely.


An hour after I spoke with them, an hour after I thought…perfect, we can ride the winter out at this rental and then move into a brand new house next spring, AN HOUR LATER….our landlord called. And said we had to move out.

She wanted to move back in and was sorry, we were THE BEST renters but…..yeah, yeah, yeah. Shit.

So we went back into moving mode and in less than 24 hours found another place that would work for us (this is literally unheard of around here….it was clearly meant to be and comforted me some) and by the end of the week, we were moving for the second time in eight months. This time without movers.

Another month passed, the contractor got back from his elk hunt and looked at the property and we got the green light. Was this really happening?! After all of the looking, could we REALLY buy a piece of property and build something?

The month of November flew right by – we drew up a floor plan, and then waited anxiously for the pricing. It was a bit more than we had hoped, but still within our price range. We could do this. And everything about it had been easy so far. We made an offer on the land and it was accepted just a couple days before Thanksgiving.

After quite a few meetings, emails and phone calls, the final deal was made Christmas week and the scheduled completion date is June 13, 2017.

It so happens that I did an incredible amount of personal work in 2016. I can't say for sure that it helped shift the energy around us finding a house, but it seems likely. I'll save that for a separate post but as per usual, things happen in exactly the right timing. Whether we want it to or not.

Looking back, I've tried to decide if I should have handled it differently. What if I wasn't so dogged in my pursuit? Would it have been an easier process? But if I hadn't been so exasperated, would I have taken out a Craigslist ad and found this builder? Who knows. I'm sure it has all happened the way it was intended, including my frustration.

We still need to get through the construction and final loan process, but at this point, I'm feeling pretty good. The pieces have fallen into place, exactly as they were supposed to all along.

So, what is it that always seems just out of reach for you? Tell me I'm not the only one….

How we manifested our new home. It wasn't as easy as you might think.