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Shamanic Journeying In Your Dreams

If you've read any of my back posts, you know I have some crazy dreams. And crazy may not be the best word. Wild or perhaps insightful, but often I go on quite the adventure. Since the first of the year I've been in a shamanic healing training course and man, have they gone from a little wacky to off the charts! And then I learned that shamanic journeying in your dreams is very possible!

Traveling in your dreams is often a precursor to shamanic journeying.

Like – your subconscious is already doing the work you're being called to do whether you realize it in your waking state or not. I have “regular” dreams but they look and feel very different from my journeying dreams. What's different lately is that I'm starting to weave my dreams and my journeying together so that I can try to grasp information that I'm not able to get in the dream.

I know that lots of people can control their dreams when they're having them, but I still haven't figured out how to do that. In the meanwhile, I've decided to start asking my guides to help me put the pieces together after an unusual dream.

A few weeks ago, I had something happen to me that's never happened before.

I woke up sometime after 2 AM in the middle of a dream. Except it was more like a vision because I realized that I was awake but still experiencing the dream.

I could see layers of images in front of me. The base layer was the piece of property that we're in the middle of purchasing. On top of that was a series of paragraphs or phrases that I had written – all related to a water bottling plant that is trying to open in our community (side note: I have been volunteering for the group opposed to this plant helping them with media relations).

My body was the third layer on top of the other two but I was completely ungrounded or untethered and spinning, head over foot, above the top two layers. I was awake while this was happening and it was making me incredibly nauseous.

While in this odd waking vision state, I started worrying.

Maybe we shouldn't buy this property. Maybe we didn't belong there. I kept reaching out and trying the erase the words that were written all around me, but couldn't do it. So I abandoned that plan and shifted to trying to make the dizzying spinning stop.

I focused on trying to attach a grounding cord to plug into the earth but that didn't work either. I was feeling incredibly ill and sat up and drank the bottle of water next to my bed. Nothing was helping.

I finally managed to fall back asleep.

When I woke back up I tried to figure out if it was really a dream or a vision. I was very confused and still felt a bit of vertigo.

So I tried something new.

I got out of bed and did a shamanic journey with the intention of meeting a guide that could explain what had happened. I asked if we belonged at the property and he told me that wasn't the issue at all. As it turns out, I haven't fully, energetically, connected to the property.

He told me it was time to connect and ground to this place because it was where I was going to do my work. It needs my medicine. He instructed me to spend time connecting and grounding to the land there at least once a week until we move there.

Oh, okay. I can handle that. Although the answer seemed a bit anticlimactic compared to the drama of the night before. I actually have a feeling there is still more to this story that I haven't uncovered yet.

In the meanwhile, I have been doing as instructed and working on connecting with the spirits of the land there. It's very quiet at the moment. Not like there's any kind of an issue or wound but just very quiet. It seems the spirits need to be invited back to that piece of property.

I'm hoping that by weaving together my dreams and deliberate journeys, they each start becoming more clear in their guidance.

So, I'm curious to know….do you have experience shamanic journeying in your dreams?

Do you have a technique for getting additional information from a confusing dream? Share with me in the comments.

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  • GreyHawk Sutter
    March 5, 2017 at 4:12 am

    I have had a few Vision-like Dreams of Great Power I guess you might call it. These were some years ago. I worked with some and sat with one for , hmmmm 30+ years (?) and it has Never even occurred to me to Ask my Guides. ~she chuckles softly~ My experiences on this EarthWalk have lent Many Lessons and Understanding of some of these Dreams.
    Of course I DO Listen WithIn and quite probably was “asking” But not “formally”
    Note: one involved being Blessed by the Council of the GrandFathers (after getting the “nod” from the GrandMothers) and I was given some Serious Healing including being tattooed.
    Ah HO!
    Mitakuye Oyasin
    Great site btw!!


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