Talking With Nature

Bird Totem: Pygmy Nuthatch

While working in the office today, a friend came running in the door and shouted

“Who wants to see pygmy nuthatches right now?!”

The answer was apparently all of us and we all ran outside with our binoculars to look. There they were in a stand of Ponderosa Pines in the park across the street.

Pygmy Nuthatches aren't unusual in our neck of the woods but they can be hard to spot high in the pines, especially with their quick movement.

A few hours later, I saw an image of the same bird in my Facebook feed.

That's just unusual enough to let me know there is a message for me.

Nuthatch medicine, as explained by A Rainbow of Spirituality, shows us how to move in many directions in search of spiritual and mental “food”, sometimes head first is needed but nuthatch will also show you how to hang on with amazing agility.

It’s also a bird with great ingenuity so perhaps it is time to be creative and find new solutions in new areas.

He will bring attention to details in moving from one phase to another. It is time to be sharp and aware.

What do nuthatches symbolize?