I really do use essential oils for pretty much everything in my life – health, beauty, cleaning, and ALL of my spiritual work. Because harsh chemicals damage our sensitive energy (and physical) bodies and plants lift our vibes higher!

There are a few ways you can start working with oils:

Get a Premium Starter Kit with 12 amazing oils and a diffuser.

Build your own DIY spiritual oil collection.

Order safe, high-quality CBD infused with essential oils for even more therapeutic benefits.

Keep reading to learn more about why I use Young Living and for step-by-step instructions to order a Premium Starter Kit.


Essential oils are the life blood of the plant. The term ‘essential oil’ refers to a highly concentrated oil that is extracted from a variety of plants. 

Essential oils have been used to support healing for centuries. People have been using plants as medicine since the beginning of time!

These plant fluids are the regenerating, oxygenating, and immune-strengthening properties of plants. They are necessary for the plant to live and contain vibrational energy that helps to give them therapeutic properties. When these fluids are distilled and extracted using a highly regulated, low-heat, slow-steam process and then used topically, aromatically or internally, they can help bring that vibrational energetic level that is lacking in our bodies back into balance.



They are the only company to own their own farms and distill their own oils. They use non-GMO seeds, sustainable growing practices, higher than organic growing standards, and they cultivate each plant from start to finish with high standards, high vibrations, and loving intentions. This is their Seed to Seal® Process.

And if you’ve followed me here online at all, you’ll know that I believe in working with the plant and land spirits to improve our lives while not harming environment. When plants choose to work together with us, they share their highest vibration so that we can realize the highest potential of their healing medicine.

Plants view the distillation of their oils as an opportunity to offer us another gift and another use of their life force. It’s a way for them to live on in another form.

Learn more about Seed to Seal here. 


To get started using Young Living Essential Oils I recommend starting with the Premium Starter Kit.

In this kit, you get 12 Everyday Essential Oils, a diffuser of your choice, a sample of Thieves Household Cleaner (enough for two 16oz bottles), a bottle of Thieves Waterless Hand Purifier, samples of Ningxia Red, a super-high antioxidant juice supplement, and one roller bottle top. Included with your kit is a Young Living membership which offers a 24% discount off retail pricing for all of your future purchases. 

Once you use and love the oils, you can share them with friends and family to earn back your investment, and potentially earn much more. There’s never a requirement to sell in order to be a member, but the option is always available if you choose to share your love of oils in the future!

Have questions? I’m here to help! Send me a note.


Ready to get started? Here are the step-by-step instructions to get your kit:

Signing up for Young Living takes only a few minutes. Follow the steps below and your kit will arrive to your doorstep in a few days!


Click Here to go to the signup page.


You’re now on the Young Living sign up page. Choose “Member” with the 24% discount. You’ll get discounts on your oils and products!


Select your Starter Kit. There are different types of Starter Kits depending on what you are seeking. I’d recommend the Premium Starter Kit with your chosen diffuser, unless you have something else specific in mind.


There is a checkbox where you can choose to join Essential Rewards and use your Starter Kit as your first Essential Rewards order. If you choose to check this box, you will enroll in the Essential Rewards (ER) program and automatically get a bonus FREE oil added to your order. This is a HUGE perk of being a member (see more info below), but it is optional. This is also a place where if you have extra oils and products outside of the kit that you’ve had your eye on, add here with a custom ER order and you’ll get points back for free stuff. You can either choose another kit that you’d like to add, or customize your kit by clicking Add More Products. Even if you don’t add additional items to your order today, your kit purchase will qualify you to get this month’s free oil! 
The perks of being on the ER subscription is:

  • It’s free to you! There’s no commitment or requirements, and you can unsubscribe at any time.
  • Essential Rewards (ER) gives you 10-25% PV (point value) back as credit that you can use for future purchases! The longer you’re enrolled in ER, the higher percentage back you receive. Currently, the first 3 months are 10% back, the next 2 years following is 20%, and thereafter is 25%. It’s basically like free oils. Plus you get reduced shipping and other free promo bonuses each month when you’re enrolled in ER. 


Customize your first monthly order that will be shipped (and charged) next month. I suggest Release Essential Oil (essential for energy work!) and the Thieves Household Cleaner. Save your monthly order and you’ll be returned to the original page.


Click Next under Continue Enrollment and enter in your information, create a username and password, agree to the terms and conditions. (Commission Processing information is only needed if you plan to do the business side of Young Living, otherwise no SSN is needed).


Continue to billing, shipping and payment. There might be a box that will pop up to ask you if you want to join YLGo or YLGo+. This is an optional shipping where you pay a set price for the year and you get priority shipping and flat rate shipping regardless of how big your packages are! Again, this is optional and you can join at anytime later if you don’t want to decide at the moment.

After you have checked out, I will receive a notification and I will add you to our education group on Facebook and you are all set! Let me know if you have any questions or need assistance with this process. I’m here to help!