Removing Spirits from a House

Okay, look…

I know there are people that book haunted Airbnb's on purpose.

They have no interest in removing spirits from a house.

And in the right setting, it might even be a little fun.

But when you're hoping for a warm, welcoming, relaxing retreat environment for a group of people to enjoy as a break from energy work with other “haunted” buildings, that's not the vibe you're excited about when you check into a place.

But let me back up.

Last weekend, I hosted a retreat here in Montana for the Earth Tenders Academy.

Towards the end of the summer, I'd been looking and looking online for just the right place for everyone to stay and couldn't quite find what I was looking for.

One evening, while standing outside alone under our impossibly dark skies, looking up at the stars, I heard a very specific message. The retreat needed to be at our home.


Why hadn't that occurred to me before?!

I started putting the details together but ultimately felt like it would be difficult to have everyone fit into our house so I started looking around for a rental in my immediate neighborhood. There were a few that were available, had enough beds, and were within my price range.

Ultimately, I picked one that looked beautiful and comfortable for our group. I looked at the photos many times and never picked up any kind of odd vibe (which I can usually detect in an image).

Strangely, I didn't pay attention to the check in time and realized later that most everyone would arrive before we could check in, but since dinner and a bonfire with the portals was planned at my house that first evening, I wasn't too worried about it.

We would just all go check in together.

Before dinner, we piled into my car and headed towards the house – only a mile away. I had driven past it once before and knew where it was, so I didn't punch the details into my GPS.

I pulled into the driveway and was immediately confused.

There was a large plaque affixed to the front of the house with the address. A very different address than we were given. And I didn't remember it being there when I drove past a month or so ago. So I thought maybe I had the wrong house.

So I turned around and went further down the road.

Cell service is sketchy in this neighborhood so none of us were able to pull up the address or a map on our phones. I drove around in a big loop until we ended up back at the same house with the wrong address.

It did have a lockbox attached to the door, so we decided to see if the code I was given worked.

It did, and we went inside.

But we all still had a strange feeling about the situation.

We even called out HELLLLLOOOOO?! as we walked up the stairs, just in case we had somehow accidentally let ourselves into the wrong house.

Which was highly unlikely, but still….that's how weird the whole thing felt.

As soon as we reached the living room, we could see that we were in the right house, but it immediately felt very wrong. We split up and began looking around.

I went upstairs to the loft bedroom and had my telltale “ghosty” vibe in my stomach.


I went back down to the living room where everyone else had returned from looking around and we all kind of stared at each other for a minute before we collectively said….”What's going on here?! Do you all feel that??”

Yeah. We all felt it.

But we weren't immediately sure what was up. So we decided to go back down to my car and unload all of the groceries. As I was carrying an armload of boxes back upstairs, I completely lost my balance and tipped over into the wall.

The whole place felt wavy and unstable. Kind of like a funhouse.

But definitely not fun.

We decided to step outside onto the deck to get some perspective and get out of the super intense energy we were all feeling. We spent a minute or two tuning in and a few details started coming through.

The house really did not like being a nightly rental – we were getting visions of children playing, like it wanted a family.

It also felt like it was somehow disconnected from the land, giving it that floating, wavy feeling.

And the land itself felt like there was a major energy blockage under the house.

We spent a few moments acknowledging the house and letting it know we would help however we could, and then went inside. The vibe already felt a little bit better. So we decided to go back to my place for dinner and to make a plan for cleaning it up.

When we got back to my house, everyone else looked at the listing online. It was very strange that none of the reviews had mentioned the address mismatch. And everyone else agreed – you couldn't sense the energy of the place through the images. It had been concealed somehow.

After dinner, we gathered up everything we felt called to bring back to the house. Essential oils, a singing bowl, salt, sage and candles. Before we left my house, I led everyone in a guided meditation to create a bubble of protection for our personal energy and also for our group.

We got back to the house after dark and walked through it again in detail.

A few spots in particular were grabbing our attention – a closet on the ground floor, a closet on the main floor that was oddly painted red and had a baseball for a door handle, and pretty much everything about the loft.

Our group was all experienced energy workers and interestingly, not really the “only love and light” kind of group. Each of us have had our own personal experiences working with the shadow or darker side of energy work. Which would explain why we were called together to help this house.

And even with all of our experience, we were collectively spooked.

Like….nobody wanted to go up to that loft alone kind of spooked.

It was seriously creepy.

Before we sat down to begin our work, two spirits had been identified. An older man and a woman in a white dress.

We gathered around on the large sectional sofa in the living room, set our candles in a circle on the coffee table and I began adding the salt, which was literally bouncing up and down when I sprinkled it on the table.

We used some oils for protection (White Angelica is the BEST for this kind of work) and I picked up my little brass singing bowl to begin clearing the energy.

I hit the side of the bowl with the wooden mallet and started moving it around the edge of the bowl and everyone stared at it.

The sound was completely muffled.

The energy in the room was super dense.

A few more times I struck the bowl harder and played with more intensity and the energy slowly began to shift.

The woman in the white dress came forward and stood just outside our circle. We began to tune into her energy and she shared her story.

She'd lived in the house with her husband and it was part of their dream to have a family there, which is what we'd sensed when we first got to the house.

But that never happened. She didn't have a baby after a handful of years and the dream slowly faded away until they sold the house and moved on.

But a fragment of her energy remained stuck there.

Her pain and sadness was palpable throughout the house. Most of us also felt energy in our throat chakras – she felt silenced or like she'd had to suffer in silence.

The red door with the baseball for a handle had some especially sad energy stuck to it.

We all sensed that she was still alive and well and so offered her some healing energy and sent the fragment back to her for her own healing.

But the older man spirit had started to become more clear to us as we were working with the woman. He'd been in the house much longer and had clearly had an effect on the prior residents. He was even taking credit for instigating arguments and making people fight.

I've actually felt this in other houses before.

It does NOT feel good and is a significant reason why houses like this shouldn't just be left to their own devices.

In this case, that upstairs loft was the dominion of this spirit. We had all seen or sensed him while walking through the house. He didn't feel particularly human (even though he was showing himself that way) and would very quickly zip from place to place around the house. Almost like a ping pong ball.

On one of my trips up to the loft, I saw very bright flashes right in my face as I walked up the stairs, with a blue dot inside. It was incredibly disorienting.

Once we got the woman's energy cleared from the space, we strengthened our energetic boundaries and turned our attention to him. He immediately came into our personal space and Chynna was able to channel him.

He was icky and sticky and very aggressive.

We asked who he worked for and he shouted MYSELF!

He took credit for pretty much everything strange in the house – the confusing address plaque, concealing the energy on the listing, drawing certain people to the house, and more.

When a spirit is this negative and hostile, I immediately call in Archangel Michael to quarantine them, which we did with him. He was kind of sitting inside a jail cell in the middle of the room while we shared what information we were receiving. Normally in my own work, I would just send him off, but since we were working together as a group, learning how to do work like this, I let him sit there in jail for a minute as we collected more information.

As an aside, although we as humans tend to categorize things as inherently “good” or “bad”, even spirits like this are a fragment of source energy having an experience on Earth. It's not up to us to judge them, blast them away, or decide their fate.

They have the ability to learn, grow and change as well.

But if they're wreaking havoc like this guy, you can send them to Archangel Michael to decide how to handle them. The archangels are always willing and ready to help!

He weaseled his way out of jail once and got back into our space, so Adam lit some sage and started cleansing our circle, at which point I directed AA Michael to scoop him up and take him away because there's no need for chit chat with a spirit like this.

But before he did, he laughed to my husband that he had a ticket to get back in and showed him a glowing blue ticket.

My husband energetically snatched it from his hand, and off he went to be handled by the Archangels.

The space immediately felt lighter and brighter.

We did a collective check on our own energy bodies, calling in our personal guides to give us a once over and make sure he didn't leave anything behind or damage our protective bubbles in any way.

When working with a complicated property like this, I like to work in layers, peeling them back one by one from lightest to heaviest. It helps me stay focused on one issue at a time.

To me, the spirits always feel the lightest and the earth energies the heaviest.

So once we'd removed the soul fragment and the icky “freelancer” spirit causing trouble, we moved onto the house and the land itself. It took us a little time to figure out exactly what was going on and how the energy was flowing.

Ultimately, we realized that there was a vortex or portal energy coming straight up through the middle of the house and then another kind of river of energy deep in the ground flowing from front to back.

We tuned into the vortex energy and determined that it was doing important work and needed to remain open, but it agreed that it could go around the house. Adam saw it as kind of a honeycomb or netting we could put outside of the house for the energy to flow through before reconnecting above the house.

So we moved the energy into this web and worked at making sure it was moving correctly and was okay with this solution (sometimes energies like this are fine to make adjustments, sometimes they're not…you have to ask them).

And then put a little kind of light barrier around the house just to keep them separate.

Once that was complete, we began tuning into the energy flowing in the earth from front to back. As a group, we didn't completely agree on what was needed. Some people were getting the message that there was a dam restricting energy flow that needed to be opened and others felt like opening it all the way was too much.

But we agreed that there was a small portal attached to the dam that had let the freelancer spirit in and that he had taken over and kicked the ancestor spirits out who'd been tending it.

As a result, the energy under the house was very stagnant.

And Tracey felt like there was some energy that had receded with the glaciers through this area that could be helpful.

So we asked if there was a spirit who was the guardian of this portal.

A native man with a very long headdress appeared and greeted us. He was grateful to return to his post and we gave him permission to call any other spirits needed to tend the portal going forward, which he did.

And we could immediately feel the energy shifting and calibrating as he began fixing things up. A perfect example of how it's not always up to us to figure out or resolve an issue on the land – there are plenty of spirits who will step in and know what needs to happen.

So we shifted our attention to the glacial energy.

I led us all through a guided journey where we returned to the time of the glaciers and then moved forward in time to know, except this time, the energy and magic and information stored in the glacier seeped into the earth, sharing its knowledge.

We imagined how different the area would be if this had happened thousands of years ago.

And as we were enjoying the beautiful images of flowers blooming and animals grazing, I heard in my head “And that's how you change timelines!”


I've been asking my guides this question for the past few months. They've been teaching me about shifting timelines and working in other dimensions and I've been saying to them….BUT HOW?!?!

And then they showed me. We imagine and project ourselves onto a new timeline.

Easy peasy!

Okay, maybe I don't have it all figured out yet, but it did feel like we had shifted to another timeline through the course of the evening.

We did another walk through the house and things were feeling much better. Although we collectively felt like the work we did and the spirits we'd called in needed time to calibrate and settle in and it would be better if we weren't sleeping there.

So we all went back to my house for one big slumber party.

We stopped back by the house late the next afternoon and it was feeling SO much quieter, but the spirits were clearly still working, so we left them alone for another night.

The next evening, we went back to the house for a group yoga class and I couldn't believe the difference in 48 hours. The house felt GOOOOOOOOD. And it felt like it gave me a giant hug.

We made one more trip back to the house the next morning as the retreat was wrapping up to let it and the spirits of the land know we were leaving and set some intentions for the types of guests that would visit in the future.

It definitely felt like we left it better than we found it for the next guests.

And it felt like the kind of place we'd wanted to check into a few days before.

This house is a great example of why this work is so important. So many people are living in homes or on land that is not supportive or downright destructive in one way or another.

But we don't just have to live with it.

Source energy is more powerful than any other energy in the universe. And we are connected to source.

Removing spirits from a house isn't all that difficult.

When we have the tools and knowledge to clean and clear lower vibe or unwanted energy from our spaces, it can completely change our own day to day experiences in these places.

If you'd like to learn how to do this work yourself, I teach students how to do it in the Earth Tenders Academy. Click here to learn more and join!

Sometimes people book a haunted AirBnB on purpose and want to experience ghosts. But when I booked a house for a retreat, the last thing I wanted was pesky spirits. But that's what we got. Click through to read about our experience and how we cleared them out. #ghosts #energywork