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Spiritual Protection for You and Your Home

Spiritual protection is one of the most important skills you can learn. When I first started communicating with nature spirits, my interactions were pretty much always positive. Most of the spirits of the land are super high vibe. And honestly, I was cool with that.

I didn't have any interest or desire to do any kind of “cleanup” or psychopomp work with ghosts or any other icky energies that might be hanging around. But as it turns out, if you're going to do this work, it's going to happen. You're eventually going to start interacting with lower vibe entities.

Because they're there.

And you'd better know a thing or two about spiritual protection for both yourself and your home when that happens.

When we were at our desert retreat last month, one of the attendees mentioned that his house was FULL of spirits.

Don't worry, he gave me permission to tell this story, but I did change his name for privacy. We'll just call him John and his wife Jane so the spirits can't track them down later.

I'm kidding about that part.

I'm pretty sure you can't change your name to hide from a spirit. But who knows….nothing really surprises me these days!

Anyhow, he felt like his living room was a waiting room for spirits who hadn't transitioned. He tried his best to ignore them but frankly, he and his wife (and kids, who could also see them) were kind of exhausted with how busy the house was.

We discussed it a bit on the first evening, but since it wasn't the focus of our work, we didn't get into any specifics.

The next morning, we were comparing notes and we'd each had a bit of a restless night. It was a full moon, and it had rained off and on, but it seemed like maybe there was more to it.

John finally told us that he had been attacked by a spirit in his tent overnight.

He woke up feeling like he was being choked. He struggled to free himself and tried to call for help, but couldn't.

After a minute or two (that I'm sure felt like an eternity), he managed to get rid of the spirit and call in his protectors. But he was feeling understandably unsettled the next morning.

When he spoke with his wife later, she hadn't been able to sleep either, which was unusual for her. It definitely felt related.

Later, as we all sat down to journey together, we went through a very specific spiritual protection protocol that I use each and every time I interact in spirit, or anytime I feel like there might be something strange happening energy-wise in my day to day life.

The entire protocol only takes a minute or two, once you're familiar with the process.

I start with essential oils: White Angelica is my #1 BFF for spiritual protection. It calls in the angels and they will wrap their wings around your body and protect you. I'm not even kidding.

I didn't believe it when other people told me that until I tried it for myself.

Now I have bottles of it in my bedroom, my office, my car, my coat pocket. I literally don't go anywhere without it.

If you do energy work of any kind, you need this oil.

So that day, we all put a drop of White Angelica in our hands, rubbed them together and inhaled deeply, asking the angels for protection. Then, we rubbed it onto our neck, shoulders and chest for our first layer of protection.

After that, we closed our eyes and envisioned our bodies energetically rooting and grounding into the core of the earth and then pulled that earth energy back up and through our bodies and out the tops of our heads. Once grounded, we pulled a column of source energy from above down into our crown chakras and pushed it down through our bodies and back to the earth.

After grounding and connecting to source, we envisioned that column of light coming down and surrounding us with a bubble of protective light around our bodies. And then…and this might be the most important part…we set an intention that nothing is allowed inside our protective bubbles of light that's not also connected to source energy.

When inside that protective bubble, it's much easier to discern between different entities and spirits you might see.

Inside your bubble? Should be safe (double check with your guides).

Outside your bubble? They may still be visible to you, but they have to stay outside and you get to decide whether or not you interact with them. You never HAVE to interact with them.

By the way…this is usually when I call my guides into the bubble with me and I will typically ask them for information about anything I sense outside of the bubble. That way, I don't have to interact with that spirit outside the bubble unless I choose to.

Once we'd completed the spiritual protection protocol, we continued with our journey, which turned out to be incredibly intense for each of us in different ways.

Before bed that night, we decided that we should re-establish and enlarge our bubbles of protection, just in case.

We each repeated the process…oils, grounding, source, bubble, guides, intentions. And then we put a giant bubble over the entire property where we were staying.

And kicked out any spirits not connected to source energy.

You don't have to go home, but you can't stay here…


That last part turned out to be a mistake.

Sometimes I have to learn the hard way how spirits can skirt my rules.

As it turned out, the ones who weren't very happy about that bubble used the energetic cord between John and his family to just go to his place instead. It was already a busy spirit portal and an easy place for them to go hang out.

We all slept a bit better that night, but his wife sure didn't.

When Jane first reported what had happened at her house to John the next morning, we didn't initially realize it was related to the bubble. We just thought things were getting energetically stirred up by the work he was doing.

She spent some time later in the day checking in with her guides though and got a huge download about the situation and called later in the evening asking for some extra assistance. Things were getting awfully uncomfortable at the house and she wanted to know what she should do.

And I heard that we could do something that I'd only ever done for my property before.

Because I'm dense sometimes, it never occurred to me to do this anywhere else. I just thought it was something specific the spirits of the land had requested that I do where I live.

Apparently it's more universal than that, so I'm sharing it here in case you want some extra protection where you live.

So, we all gathered around the phone that evening and tuned into their property. Because Jane was the one present on the property and one of the people that lives there, I explained each step to her, but had her make the actual requests to the spirits.

The permission for these spirits to work on the property should come from the people who live there.

We called out for Guardian spirits to come protect the property and to station themselves on either side of the driveway. These spirits are huge, by the way, but they are very respectful of your permission and boundaries.

And they mean business.

Once they arrived (almost instantly), she gave them permission to protect the property from any entity or energy not connected to source.

Then, we asked what additional resources the Guardians needed to carry out that protection and gave them permission to call in as many reinforcements as necessary.

A literal army of protectors showed up very quickly and linked arms all the way around the boundary of the property.

We then gave them permission again to continue calling in whatever else they might need that night, or any time in the future for additional protection.

At that point, the Guardians assumed their duties and started handling spirit clean up so we could get some sleep.

But first, my husband heard that she was going to need to clear the house with a whole lot of sage.

He was shown a giant bundle of sage in a large copper bowl, which they so happened to have. He suggested she open every window in the house and burn the sage for as long as she could handle it.

We backed that up with some commandments to clear the house and the land, along with a pretty powerful symbol that Amar had channeled before our visit.

Within a few minutes, she was already feeling the energy lighten. She could see the Guardians outside and felt more at ease.

Later she told us that one of their kids (who's very clairvoyant) woke up, walked into her bedroom, looked out the window and said…


She told him they were good spirits and there for protection and he immediately went back to bed. So yeah, the Guardians are a real thing and people who are sensitive to energy will definitely see or feel them once you post them at the entrance to your home or property.

My guess is that they'll probably protect your property from physical people who don't belong there too. And do everything in their power to protect your place in an emergency or natural disaster.

They're pretty powerful dudes.

Although the energy was already feeling much better, John was still feeling a bit antsy about how he would sleep that night.

Earlier in the day, one of the other attendees had shared with us her connection with the archangels and her own bedtime protection routine. When I heard the message that we could call in the archangels for extra support, I asked her if she would lead us in doing that.

We all gathered in John's tent, burned some sage of our own and she called each archangel in to a specific location and asked them to perform a specific task. It was the most beautiful ceremony and we all headed off to our own tents feeling the loving protection of the angels.

And we all got a good night's sleep, including Jane.

The next morning, she reported that the Guardians were still doing their thing and the house was as quiet as it had been in a long time.

After we completed our other energy work that day, we had her join us on the phone again and we did a bit more clearing and healing work on their property, just to ensure everything was tightened up.

Honestly, it felt like more of a triage situation and I was sorry that I didn't have the time to work on it more methodically as I typically would.

But as it turned out, it seems the Guardians (and their army of protectors) was the trick for this property.

After getting back home, John said the house was so quiet and calm.

Not a ghost to be found.


Insert all the praise hands emojis here. Which was probably my reply to his text.

I will add a disclaimer here that while calling in Guardians shouldn't hurt a situation, they aren't necessarily going to resolve every situation either.

John and Jane's place was getting overrun by ghosts, possibly leaking in from a problematic property next door, and clearing the property then adding high-level protection solved a big chunk of the issues they were experiencing.

But many of those spirits have probably returned to the house next door. I would typically work at crossing them over if I was doing a property reading and healing.

Also, if you have other things going on (like angry ancestors, trauma stored in the land, problematic portals and the like), those each need specific healing work. And be aware that there are entities that can sometimes feel like they're related to the land, but are really an attachment spirit that needs to be cleared from your personal energy field.

So yeah, the Guardians are kick-ass protectors. But they may not be a magic wand, depending on what energies are present on your property, so just be aware of that.

And don't be afraid to reach out if you need some assistance. I ask other people for help all the time, even if it's just to confirm or double check information that I'm receiving.

Ultimately, spiritual protection is critical to keep our energy bodies clear and learn how to discern between the variety of spirits (or just other people's energy) that you come into contact with day to day. And when we do the work to clear and heal the land where we live, we don't just enjoy the benefit of a happier place to live, we're doing our part to lift the vibration of the earth.

And that's pretty awesome if you ask me!

Spiritual protection is a critical skill to learn if you work with energy. Click through to read about how I protect myself and my home and some surprising things I've learned along the way. #spirit #protection #energy #ghosts