Ancestral Connection to the Earth.

Season 3 of The Earth Keepers Podcast

Who were these ancestors of ours who left their homeland – the only places their families had known for hundreds or thousands of years – and climbed aboard boats to sail for North America?

What made them leave the places they were indigenous to in order to colonize a land indigenous to someone else?

You might think you already know the answer.

I know I did.

But those answers, the ones we can recite by heart – religious persecution, the Irish potato famine, the thrill of striking it rich and the promise of free land to anyone who could farm it – are really easy answers to a far more complicated question.

Season 3 Trailer – When Geology Becomes Genealogy

In this episode, I'm taking us on a journey to explore what happens when an entire society of people lose their connection to the only land they’ve ever known.

Excommunication from the Mormon Church

In this first episode, I set the stage for our journey and share my family's more recent personal connection to the Mormon church, which includes an excommunication.

Utah Ley Lines & Visions of Utopia

In this episode, I share what I've learned about working with the grids and ley lines in Utah including the intersection of the Corridor of Light and the Empire Ley line in Salt Lake City.

Mormons, Magic & Drugs

In this episode we're diving into the childhood of Mormonism's founder, Joseph Smith Jr to learn more about his background with the occult, treasure digging, and his run-ins with the law.

Goddess Worship in the Ancient Temples

In this episode, we're exploring religious precursors to Christianity in Greek and Roman culture where goddess worship in the ancient temples was common.

Vortexes, Earth Energies & Healing with the Elementals: BONUS Interview with Peter Champoux

In this mid-season bonus episode, you'll hear the full-length interview with spiritual geographer Peter Champoux as we talk about vortexes, earth energies and healing with the elementals.

Sun, Moon & Venus vs. Father, Son & Holy Ghost

This episode features clips of a 2014 discussion with Richard Merrick from the YouTube channel Foks0904.

From Heathens to Christians: Visiting Ancient Scandinavia

In this episode, we discuss the landscape and initial settlements in ancient Scandinavia, the Swedish peasant and bondsman, how Christianity came to the area, Viking religion, and the Norse Volur.

Swedish Witch Trials & My Ancestors' Religious Conversions

In this episode, I discuss what happened in the Swedish witch trials and how my ancestors were likely affected, how the rural farm villages were broken up, completely changing the Swedish way of life, and the reason that 1.2 million Swedes ended up leaving their country to immigrate to America.

How the Pioneers Lived Off the Land

In this episode I share about the Word of Wisdom and how it applied to the pioneer's diets, the importance of fermented beverages in indigenous diets around the world, and the different obstacles the pioneers faced as they lived off the land in the late 1800s.

The One Where I Meet My Past Self

In this episode, I share the unexpected way I found myself in my past life, the similarities between his life and mine, what happened after our lives collided, and how I helped him to move on.

The Honeybee as Shaman with Ariella Daly

In this final episode for Season 3, The Honeybee as Shaman, I talk with beekeeper Ariella Daly to explore the cultural and historical practices, myths, and beliefs around bees and parallel stories related to the serpent.

Ariella is devoted to natural, bee-centric bee tending and has spent the past decade studying under The Path of Pollen, a shamanic honey bee tradition based in the British isles.