Reclaiming Our Sacred Plant Partnerships

Season 2 of The Earth Keepers Podcast

Deep down in your bones, do you hold an ancient memory of a time when humanity was in sacred communion with the plant realm? I believe that we all do and that in recent years our ancestors have been stepping forward to not only help us remember, but to help heal our hearts and souls from that disconnection.

In this podcast season, we’re exploring a time when plants were our allies, how we lost our connection and what we can do to reclaim it in our modern society.

Season 2 Trailer – Reclaiming Our Sacred Plant Partnerships

In this episode, I share how a plant medicine journey with my ancient Scandinavian ancestors inspired this season and what to expect in the coming episodes.

Remembering When Plants Were Our Allies

We dive deep into the ancient history of human communion with plants in this episode, talk about how the Rig Veda inspired civilizations from around the world to sing in sync with the stars, and the long tradition of entheogens as an integral part of experiencing nature and religion for thousands of years.

Hidden Plant Practices of Ancient Witches & Pagans with Max Dashu

Today, I have an amazing guest who’s dedicated her life to researching and sharing the hidden, and largely suppressed stories about women’s spiritual lives in ancient times.

Author and researcher, Max Dashu, founded the Suppressed Histories Archives in 1970 to research and document global women's history. I recently read her book called witches and pagans, women in European folk culture 700 to 1100.

How We Traded Nature Spirits for Religious Gods in Ancient Europe

In this episode of The Earth Keepers Podcast, we'll go back to that transitional time in history and see how people were living before, during and after the Romans and the early Christian church imposed their way of life on hundreds of thousands of people with earth-honoring traditions.

Releasing Plant Prejudices & Creating Your Own Materia Medica

In this episode, we'll be talking about how to begin releasing plant prejudices and how to start getting to know new plant allies to begin creating your own materia medica.

Listening to the Healing Wisdom of Plants with Marci Moberg

In this episode, I speak with intuitive soul guide, shadow worker, and plant spirit teacher Marci Moberg. Marci shares how she began hearing the wisdom of plants in her childhood.

The Powerful Act of Slowing Down to Connect with Nature with Becca Piastrelli

In this episode with writer Becca Piastrelli, we talk all about the powerful act of slowing down to connect with nature.

Becca is a writer, mother and host of the Belonging podcast.

Restoring Plant Communities with the Spirits of the Land

In this episode, we talk about working with plants in their natural environment and restoring plant communities with the spirits of the land.

Creating Practices & Rituals for Healing the Land with Dana O'Driscoll

In this episode, I'm sharing an interview with druid and blogger Dana O'Driscoll who shares all about how she has created practices and rituals for land healing.

Dana writes weekly posts on her blog, The Druid’s Garden.

Living in Harmony with Nature with David Trood of The Weedy Garden

In this episode I interview David Trood from The Weedy Garden all about his experience starting a garden from scratch and living in harmony with nature.

Guided Shamanic Sound Journey with Your Plant Ally

In this episode, I’m sharing a guided shamanic sound journey to help you connect with a personal plant ally.

Earth Tending: Healing with the Spirits of the Land

In this episode, I share an in-depth discussion about what the Earth Tenders Academy is and what you'll find inside. There's also a special invitation to a FREE live event on May 18, 2022 called Earth Tending: Healing with the Spirits of the Land.

Awaken Your Inner Knowing: Earth Tenders Academy Level 1

In this episode, I share an in-depth discussion about what's inside the Earth Tenders Academy Level 1.

You'll learn why Earth Tenders Academy is so much more than just an online course and I'll explain why having a solid foundation in energy hygiene is so important to have before working with the Spirits of the Land in the Middle World.

Let’s Get Esoteric: Earth Tenders Academy Level 2

In this episode, I share an in-depth discussion about what's inside the Earth Tenders Academy Level 2.

While Level 1 is building a foundation for doing energy work with the Spirits of the Land, Level 2 is where things get a bit more esoteric.

The Ancient Wisdom of Amanita Muscaria with Amanita Dreamer

In this episode I interview Amanita Dreamer to talk all about the magical Amanita Muscaria mushroom, how she started working with it, and why it wants us to be in ceremony with it.