09. Earth’s Living Library & Golden Solar Discs

This week, we’re actually diving deep into some more esoteric topics that I’ve actually never shared about on my blog or this podcast. The reason I’ve decided to do this is because, while I do spend a lot of time working directly with the different spirits and energies present on the land itself, sometimes we need to zoom way out to have more context about the greater landscape and understand how things function on a multidimensional level.

That’s exactly why we’re going to talk about the Earth’s living library and the golden solar discs.

In this episode, I share why you shouldn’t worry about not fully understanding these ideas at first, what the living library is, why Earth’s living library has been locked away for thousands of years, how we’re working to access Earth’s living library once again, why various versions of ourselves are waiting to see if we’re able to unlock Earth’s living library, the role frequencies and love play in accessing the living library, what the golden solar discs are, my personal experience with these golden discs earlier this year, and more.

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