07. Haunted Houses & Problematic Properties

I couldn’t let October escape without just a bit more haunted content here on the podcast.

In actuality, dealing with haunted houses is a minor part of my work. However, if you live in a house that has some kind of energetic issue, it’s obviously more than just a minor inconvenience for you.

In this episode, I share the difference between the three worlds that exist around us, why you don’t want to just call out to a spirit and start chatting away, how I helped my friend avoid renting a house that would’ve left her feeling constantly uneasy due to all the energy flowing through it, how we tried to warn the woman who wanted to buy the first place we rented in Montana that it wasn’t the right property for her and how we were proven right less than three years later, why I knowingly moved into a very haunted house, how moving out of that house convinced a child’s spirit to cross over, the first thing you should do if you suspect your potential new house is haunted, a breakdown of the more common energetic issues you might experience in your home and what you can and can’t do about them, and more.

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