23. How to Energetically Work with Mountain Spirits

Earth Keepers Podcast Amy Dempster

Since it’s the first episode of the month, it’s time for me to energetically share the essence of another place in nature with you. The place I’m featuring in this episode is an energetically potent mountain that is one of my very favorite places and has taught me so much on this journey of working with the land.

And, since I’m already speaking about mountains, I thought this would be the perfect episode to discuss how to energetically work with mountain spirits.

In this episode, I share a story about a trip my husband and I took a few years ago where I connected with Chief Mountain, the first thing you need to know when connecting with mountain spirits, why you should always ask permission before stepping a physical or energetic foot on a mountain and how you can do that, why you should share an offering when attempting to connect with a mountain, examples of offerings you can make to a mountain, the type of work you can expect to do with a mountain, how Columbia Mountain taught me to unlock ascension codes, and more.

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