Spirits in Your House? Watch This Before Calling for Help

Do you have spirits in your house?

They might be “friendly” spirits that don't cause you any trouble or you may have a super low vibe entity causing chaos.

But either way, you don't want them hanging around your house.

In this video I share:

  • Who the different spirits are that might be in your house
  • The ways low vibe spirits can access your house
  • What you need to know about negative entities
  • The first thing you should do if you're dealing with spirits in your house
  • What you should do if you feel scared by the spirits
  • How to set boundaries with spirits
  • A good way to know if you're being called to psychopomp work
  • Clearing the energy from your house
  • Working with your spirit team to remove spirits
  • How to raise the frequency of your home

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Spirits in your house Watch this before calling for help.