30. Is Your Reality True or Just a Projection with Kristine Madera

Earth Keepers Podcast Amy Dempster

Week after week, I’ve been sharing my personal thoughts and stories with you here on the podcast. And, while haven’t had a guest on the show yet, I do often guest on other podcasts. These conversations are always a lot of fun and I would like to share one of them with you today.

Kristine Madera is a modern mystic in pursuit of expanded consciousness and the host of the CONVERSATIONS from the EDGE podcast. Her search has led her to a career as a clinical hypnotherapist, author, yoga and meditation instructor, speaker, coach, and many other things; all with the intention of diving deeper into the mystery of existence and expansion of consciousness.

Kristine and I met a few months ago and have had such a great time during our conversations on her podcast that we’ve now recorded six episodes together. It’s one of those that I’m sharing with you now.

In this conversation with Kristine, she and I wander through discussions about what reality even is, what we think happens when we die, and how important our beliefs are in coloring our experiences.

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Kristine Madera's Conversations from the Edge Podcast

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  • rodney d miller
    April 20, 2021 at 12:55 pm

    I woke up about 4 months ago when I realized I was a slave to humanity and quit my job and woke up to Consciousness and I’ve learned more in the last 4 months I have to study almost 15 hours a day I can’t stop

  • Mandy
    April 26, 2021 at 2:57 am

    What a great “chat” ….yes, good confirmation that its OK to change your “mind/beliefs” as you put it too, Amy, as new information comes in and different perspectives open up. (Always been different in that!! but now feel- well this is why!) Certainly learning to let things be – it is as it is…. where we all come from and our influences. Wonderful to hear you both and makes sense…. the good thing about internet!! So many influences and finding like minded people, who may say the same thing as others, but in a different way that resinates with you.
    So much to “re-learn” as human bodies….so thank you for sharing and taking us on a new journey – awakening that consciousness x


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