55. Reclaiming Our Sacred Plant Partnerships: Season 2 Trailer

In this trailer for season two, Reclaiming Our Sacred Plant Partnerships, I share all about why I took a break from creating weekly podcasts and how the new show format was inspired by a plant medicine ceremony with mushrooms. Hear a bit about my experience in the metaverse during that ceremony and why my ancient ancestors are asking me to “hold the vision” in my work going forward.

The first episode of Season 2, Reclaiming our Sacred Plant Partnerships will be released on February 22nd, 2022.

The upcoming season will be dedicated to reclaiming our sacred plant partnerships.

We’ll talk about the times when plants used to be our everyday allies, how that connection was lost and how we can get it back.

We’ll talk about how to energetically work with plants, how to communicate with plants, how to help regenerate plant communities through wildtending and refugia gardens, what our human role in tending the land is and what we can do about the large-scale destruction to our ecosystems.

And I’m even recording a guided shamanic sound journey to help you reclaim your connection to the plant kingdom.

If you’re a shamanic practitioner, herbalist, gardener, energy healer, lightworker, or houseplant enthusiast, you’re going to love this season of The Earth Keepers Podcast.

Watch the replay of The Earth Keepers Podcast Season 2 Kickoff Party on YouTube Live.

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Here's what I share in this episode:

  • Why constant content creation for social media isn’t sustainable

  • What happened when I gave myself permission to stop creating for over a month

  • How my most recent plant medicine ceremony with mushrooms wasn’t as spontaneous as I thought it was

  • How tools from my ancient Scandinavian shamanic lineage were returned to me in this lifetime

  • About the shamanic dismemberment experience I had in my plant medicine ceremony

  • What the metaverse looks like and an unsettling vision I was shown

  • What vision my ancestors are asking me to hold for the future

  • How we can begin to return to nature in our modern world

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