58. How We Traded Nature Spirits for Religious Gods in Ancient Europe

How we traded nature spirits for religious gods in ancient Europe. The Earth Keepers Podcast with Amy Dempster

The early Christian church had a deep desire to disconnect people from their ceremonies and rituals that, until that time, honored nature spirits.

It was the only way to get them to convert to the new religion and accept their God and their traditions as the one and only truth. An effort that took them hundreds of years to complete.

Generation after generation of religious dogma that became increasingly violent in order to carry out its doctrine.

But…how DID the church get the idea that humans had dominion OVER nature rather than stewardship FOR nature?

Was it just one big misunderstanding and mistranslation?

And how did shamans of a tribe start to become the priests and scientists of more modern times?

In this episode of The Earth Keepers Podcast, we'll go back to that transitional time in history and see how people were living before, during and after the Romans and the early Christian church imposed their way of life on hundreds of thousands of people with earth-honoring traditions.

And how it shaped our lives today.

If you’re a shamanic practitioner, herbalist, gardener, energy healer, lightworker, psychonaut, or houseplant enthusiast, you’re going to love this season of The Earth Keepers Podcast.

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Here's what I share in this episode:

  • The early Christian church's desire to separate people from their nature-based ceremonies and traditions where they honored nature spirits
  • What the bible and torah both say about man's responsibility for the earth
  • The definition of the Hebrew word radah
  • What it means to steward creation in the image of God
  • The “religion” of early humans
  • How the shaman in ancient tribes would have been the mediator between the human and nature planes
  • The ways that a shaman would teach reverence for nature to their people
  • How the early priesthoods and brotherhoods were established and why their knowledge was kept secret
  • When the church and state became one and how that affected common people
  • The attitude that God gave the strongest people the right to rule others
  • How the translation of dominion over nature created the world we still live in today
  • That these institutions are not as solid as we believe them to be in our lifetimes
  • How the “little people” retreated to the forest and became part of fairy tale and myth

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