75. Vortexes, Earth Energies & Healing with the Elementals: BONUS Interview with Peter Champoux

Vortexes, Earth Energies & Healing with the Elementals The Earth Keepers Podcast with Amy Dempster from Following HawksIn this mid-season bonus episode, you'll hear the full-length interview with spiritual geographer Peter Champoux as we talk about vortexes, earth energies and healing with the elementals.

Peter Champoux is a spiritual geographer who started noticing some interesting things about the patterns and reactions of stones of the northeastern part of the United States when he was working as a classically trained stonemason that ultimately led to decades of research and work as a geomancer learning to read the patterns of memory lines and earth energies.

His unique vision of the world has evolved into mapping of the Unified Field as embodied geometrically in the natural and cultural landscape which provides a two-dimensional perspective on inter-dimensional reality. This window into a higher perspective integrates an awareness of place into new coherent patterns of community consciousness.

You heard just a snippet of our discussion about the 42nd parallel that the Mormons were following across America and Peter’s thoughts about what the Masons were building in this country using the grid lines and power spots in episode 72, Utah’s Ley Lines and Visions of Utopia.

But there were so many other topics we discussed about working with earth energies that I wasn’t sure would make it into the podcast that I know you’ll be fascinated by, so I decided to share our entire discussion on a special bonus episode.

If you've done any genealogy research into your own family origins, want to know more about how organized religion influenced your ancestor's beliefs, are curious about how plant medicine and shamanic ritual was integrated into early religion, and want some ideas about how you can reconnect with the land in a place and time your ancestors wouldn't recognize, you're going to love this season of The Earth Keepers podcast.

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Here's what I share in this episode:

  • Where the term “ley line” comes from
  • How ley lines intersect with vortexes
  • The different kinds of grid line systems
  • The toroidal field created by vortexes often found at sacred sites
  • How to know if an energy vortex is functioning properly
  • The correlation between energy grids and mineral deposits
  • How medicine wheels work to harmonize earth energies
  • The Moors' knowledge of navigation by the stars to map the earth
  • The Mason's use of Templar knowledge to lay out cities in the United States to concentrate power for government and business instead of churches
  • How the founding fathers used the Earth's energy to usurp power from the native tribes
  • The powerful energies present in the area where Joseph Smith grew up and how that may have influenced his founding of the church
  • The importance of the 42nd parallel in founding empires around the world
  • The entrainment of ley lines by the energy present in the area
  • Low vibration energies coming out of the pyramids that are affecting areas around the world that have linked their locations to the pyramid energy
  • What we can do to assist with energy healing in areas with dense or painful energy
  • The importance of a town fountain in doing healing with with a community
  • The energy created by pyramid and obelisk structures
  • How to find grid or ley lines in your own neighborhood or community
  • The importance of elementals in healing work with the land
  • What is being created with the large ceremonial gathering of Burning Man every year

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