72. Utah Ley Lines & Visions of Utopia

Utah Ley Lines & Visions of Utopia The Earth Keepers Podcast with Amy Dempster from Following HawksSeason 3 of The Earth Keepers Podcast continues with an in-depth discussion of the Utah ley lines and the visions of utopia brought to the area by the early Mormon settlers.

In this season, I'm taking us on a journey to explore what happens when an entire society of people lose their connection to the only land they’ve ever known.

And I'll be exploring this question by following just one branch of my family tree back through the Mormon Pioneer days in Utah and Idaho and then back to my ancestors who left Sweden for America.

In this episode, I share what I've learned about working with the grids and ley lines in Utah including the intersection of the Corridor of Light and the Empire Ley line in Salt Lake City.

You'll hear about my experiences in a past life as a member of the Mormon church, the energetics around the founding of the church, and my insight on snake symbolism during a past life reading I had with psychic Carey Kaas.

I also spoke with Spiritual Geographer Peter Champoux about how the early Mormons followed the 42nd Parallel in the United States, what that grid line represents around the world, and Joseph Smith's interest in the Masonic knowledge and traditions.

If you've done any genealogy research into your own family origins, want to know more about how organized religion influenced your ancestor's beliefs, are curious about how plant medicine and shamanic ritual was integrated into early religion, and want some ideas about how you can reconnect with the land in a place and time your ancestors wouldn't recognize, you're going to love this season of The Earth Keepers podcast.

If you want to hear my entire past life reading with Carey, you can find it on my YouTube channel.

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Here's what I share in this episode:

  • All about my past life in the Mormon church
  • How the land in Utah has absorbed the programming of the church
  • What are ley lines?
  • The original symbology behind the Goddess Medusa
  • What symbol represents the healing energy of the earth
  • A vision I had of snakes in tunnels beneath Salt Lake City
  • The grid of snakes I saw in a journey surrounding the earth
  • How religions have tied their temples to the earth's grids
  • Joseph Smith's Pleiadian heritage and what he was shown in his early visions
  • How his vision was distorted as the church was built
  • The legacy of abuse against women and the sacred feminine within the church
  • What is the Corridor of Light grid in Utah?
  • A large beacon of light that surrounds the Salt Lake City area
  • How it appears that the Mormons chose to build cities and temples along this ley line
  • The different places the Mormons chose to live along with Empire Ley Line (42nd parallel)
  • Cities around the world that are also on the Empire Ley Line
  • How grid lines can be entrained by the energy in a certain area
  • How navigation and way-finding was passed down from the Moors to the Knights Templar to the Freemasons to the Mormons

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