38. SUMMER SCHOOL: How Water Acts as Your Body’s Operating System

Earth Keepers Podcast Amy Dempster

Eclipse season is behind us now. Mercury is stationing direct this week and it’s officially summer.

In honor of summer, I’m challenging you to get outside and find some new ways to interact with the elements in my Earth Keepers Summer School podcast series this month.

Last week, we talked all about the sun. This week, we’re talking all about water.

In this episode, I share why you’re likely not experiencing the true benefits of water if your home is the only place you’re accessing it, how water is a liquid crystal, how water makes up the cellular structure of bodies and is ever-changing, how more than ¾ of the population are chronically dehydrated and why consuming more water isn’t always the solution, the unexpected items that are destructuring our water, the two things I want you to try as part of your Earth Keeper Summer School homework this week, and more.

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