39. SUMMER SCHOOL: Let the Earth Work Magic on Your Body

Earth Keepers Podcast Amy Dempster

Welcome back to this week’s episode of The Earth Keepers!

We’ve reached the last week of June and the third, and final, episode of our Earth Keepers Summer School series where I’ve been challenging us all to get outside and immerse ourselves in the magic of nature this summer.

And, speaking of the magic of nature, this week we’re talking all about letting the Earth work magic on your body.

In this episode, I share the healing and anti-aging effects of trees, how being away from our natural habits is weakening our bodies, how nature can help you combat stress, how nature can help enhance our creativity, how the Earth’s natural frequencies help ground our bodies when we allow ourselves to physically connect with them, what airbathing is and why we should bring this once-vogue pastime back, the homework I want you to do this week that you might already be doing if you’ve been on top of your previous homework assignments, and more.

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